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How to Get Away With Murder – S1E14 – The Night Lila Died

Annalise defends a priest accused of murder while the students try to piece together what really happened the night Lila died.


12 Monkeys – S1E7 – The Keys

Profile photo of Maya Maldonado by Maya Maldonado

March 1, 2015 in 12 Monkeys - S1

Cole, Railly, and Aaron race to stop the virus from being deployed as a bio-weapon in Chechnya.

The Slap S1E3 Jamie and Anouk On Set

The Slap – S1E3 – Anouk

by Patti Matteucci

February 28, 2015 in The Slap - S1

Anouk tries to convince Rosie that pursuing the case against Harry will cause more harm than good. She also confronts Hector about Connie.

Spider-Verse TeamUp #2 Cover

Review: Spider-Verse Team-Up #2

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February 28, 2015 in Featured, Spider-Verse Team Ups

Miles Morales and Ultimate Spider-Man (TV) recruit ’67 Spider-Man while Spider-Gwen visits Spider-Man from Earth-21205.

Longships with heads-still Vikings 3x02

Vikings – S3E2 – The Wanderer

by Sarah D Powers

February 28, 2015 in Featured, Vikings - S3

Revelations, a proposal, two amputations, impending death, dangerous flirtations, and disturbing prophetic visions mark the second episode of Vikings.


The Americans – S3E5 – Salang Pass

A conflicted Philip gets closer to his mark while Elizabeth plays the long con and the quick kill.


New to Netflix – March 2015

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February 28, 2015 in New to Netflix

New titles coming to Netflix streaming in March 2015 include several classic films and TV shows, plus two brand new Netflix original series.

Pop Vinyl Delorean

Geek Item of the Week: Pop! Vinyl DeLorean

by Patti Matteucci

February 28, 2015 in Geek Item of the Week

With this Pop! Vinyl DeLorean, you don’t need roads.

Frank Underwood Angry

House of Cards – S3E1 – Chapter 27

by Jasmin George

February 27, 2015 in Featured, House of Cards - S3

Things are off to a shaky start for the Underwood presidency, but Frank and Claire remain focused on their goals.

Carter - Valediction Peggy on Patrol

Agent Carter – S1E8 – Valediction

Profile photo of Rexlor Graymond by Rexlor Graymond

February 27, 2015 in Agent Carter - S1, Featured

Howard Stark returns to help Agent Carter right some wrongs and stop Leviathan. Peggy faces off against Dottie.