dean and hot num

Supernatural – S10E16 – Paint it Black

by Juan Vargas

March 27, 2015 in Supernatural - S10

Dean and Sam investigate grisly, identical suicides by various people with little in common; the brothers begin to suspect that a priest is involved.

John & Danny on Dock

Bloodline – S1E2 – Part Two

In this episode, we travel further down the rabbit hole of the Rayburn’s dark past and a family member experiences a serious medical issue.

Spider-Woman #4 Cover

Review: Spider-Woman #4

Jessica Drew has bad news for Steve Rogers, but first she and Ms. Marvel need to take care of this pesky alien creature trying to kill them all.

Liv and Ravi Over Body With Paintbrush Sticking Out

iZombie – S1E2 – Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

by Heather Whitfield

March 26, 2015 in Featured, iZombie - S1

Liv gets a lesson in art. Zombie #2 makes an appearance. Major takes a ride on an emotional roller coaster.

The Flash S1E16

Podcast Fandom Episode 201: The Flash – S1E16 – Rogue Time

Barry goes back in time and tries to do the right thing (catch the Weather Wizard), but ends up making some things worse (alienates Iris).

Dream Police #6 | Cover

Review: Dream Police #6

Profile photo of John Elrod II by John Elrod II

March 26, 2015 in Dream Police, Featured

After a 5-month hiatus, J. Michael Straczynski’s Dream Police returns… kind of…

Rowan and Simon

The Returned (US) – S1E3 – Julie

In this episode, a Rocky Mountain Redneck returns from the dead, Rowan finds out Simon is not a ghost, and Julie sics Victor on Annie.

bcs investigatin

Better Call Saul – S1E8 – Rico

With an assist from his brother, Jimmy investigates the questionable operations of a shady company.

Frank & Claire

House of Cards – S3E8 – Chapter 34

When a hurricane threatens to cause severe damage to several states, Frank is faced with a tough choice.

The Flash - S1E16 - Rogue Time

The Flash – S1E16 – Rogue Time

Profile photo of Nina Perez by Nina Perez

March 25, 2015 in Featured, The Flash - S1

Having gone back in time, Barry can’t resist changing the future. Captain Cold and Heat Wave return to Central City.