Peggy & Don

Mad Men – S7E10 – The Forecast

by Jasmin George

April 21, 2015 in Featured, Mad Men - S7

Sally sees an old friend, Joan makes a new friend, and Don tries to envision the future of the agency.


Secrets and Lies – S1E8 – The Son

by Patti Matteucci

April 21, 2015 in Secrets and Lies - S1

Ben finds a tooth in his pocket and it miraculously removes the blackout from the night of the murder and he remembers everything.

Birthright #6 Cover

Review: Birthright #6

Profile photo of Michael James by Michael James

April 21, 2015 in Birthright

Detective Brooks brings in Wendy in an effort to get through to Aaron. Mikey teaches Brennan a life lesson.


BluTuesday – April 21, 2015

Profile photo of Joseph Seltzer by Joseph Seltzer

April 21, 2015 in BluTuesday

The new releases to this week in home media include Cake, Taken 3, and season two of The Musketeers.

FS Jones Cunningham Carter Roy

WonderCon 2015: Doug Jones Talks Falling Skies

Profile photo of Rexlor Graymond by Rexlor Graymond

April 20, 2015 in Conventions, Featured

At WonderCon, Doug Jones shares his thoughts on Falling Skies as it heads into its final season.

Superman #1 Convergence Cover

Review: Superman #1 (Convergence)

Profile photo of Nina Perez by Nina Perez

April 20, 2015 in Featured, Superman

When the dome lifts from around Gotham, Superman and Lois Lane believe that’s a good thing. They were wrong.

never say goodbye

Outlander – S1E11 – The Devil’s Mark

by Robyn Horton

April 20, 2015 in Featured, Outlander - S1

Claire and Geillis are on trial for witchcraft, but that’s not the only thing they have in common.

"Well, shit."

Game of Thrones – S5E2 – The House of Black and White

Profile photo of Nina Perez by Nina Perez

April 19, 2015 in Featured, Game of Thrones - S5

Arya arrives in Braavos, but doesn’t get the welcome she expected. Daenerys must decide what to do with a captured Sons of the Harpy. Stannis offers Jon something he has wanted his whole life.

The Messengers

The Messengers – S1E1 – Awakening

A mysterious object falls to Earth, bringing death and resurrection to five strangers and putting them on the same path.

Scandal S4E19

Podcast Fandom Episode 208: Scandal – S4E19 – I’m Just a Bill

Olivia helps a mayoral cadidate avoid a scandal, Papa Pope delivers another threat, VP Ross is no one’s fool, and ProFan Nina is starting to hate this show.