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10 Best Moments from The Day of the Doctor

Well, I’m still too emotionally drained to put together anything that would be as poignant as that bit of television deserves. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special perfectly captures why the series is so damn important to so many people. Everything about that imperfect, impossible, raggedy man, in all his forms, makes my heart sing.

10. I Spy With My Little Eye… Capaldi’s Eyes! 

Super brief. Blink and miss it. But they were there: the eyes of 12. Or is it 13?

Capaldi's Eyes

9. Tom Baker!

This was moment number 6 that made me break down into tears of joy.

The Day of the Doctor Tom Baker

8. John Hurt Regenerates Into Eccleston!

Yes, I’m using exclamation points like it’s my job. This episode was worth it.

John Hurt Regenerates

7. THIS!

Bad Wolf Girl I Could Kiss You

Yeah Thats Gonna HappenSorry Did You Just Say Bad WolfTennant

6. And This!

I don't want to go

5. Of course, this!

Great Men Are Forged In FireIt is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame

4. It’s like my dirtiest dream come true. Don’t judge!

Matt Smith and David Tennant

3. Lucky girl! 





2. So badass!

Three Doctors

1. And, of course, this… I cried. Hard.

All 13 Doctors

The Man Who Regrets and The Man Who Forgets

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2 Comments on 10 Best Moments from The Day of the Doctor

  1. Loved all of these moments; I loved the whole thing, but I do think my favorite moment was when David Tennant put on the fez like he knew it was his.

    Tennant fez

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