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12 Monkeys – S1E10 – Divine Move

Previously on 12 Monkeys, ‘Tomorrow’

So last week, Cassie freakin’ died, and the plague still happened, and Ramse and Cole’s bromance broke up. I have no idea where and when we’re gonna get taken tonight, but let’s find out.

We start out in 2043 and with a bang. Ramse knocks out a scientist and sets the lab on fire. He is hellbent on stopping Operation Splinter and he means business.

ramse fire

In 2015, Cassie and Handsome Aaron are making dinner and talking about death-defying activities. He feeds her a spoonful of something and they start to get busy on the kitchen table when Cole waltzes in. Wow, talk about a cockblock. Cassie is glowing with her about-to-get-laid hair and flushed cheeks and Cole seems less than enthused to see her, but hey, in this time, she’s still alive, so he’ll take it. He tells them the virus is still alive and they realize Peters is behind it. Cole wants to find him, Aaron says he’s had enough. He’s tired of risking Cassie’s life, but Cole knows she’s dead unless he figures something out and he won’t give up. Oh, to be so loved by two men. Cassie has a hard life.

Cassie and Cole take a road trip to find Peters, but all they find is his dead husband and the tell-tale petals from Creepy Old Dude. Peters is gone and Old Dude’s got him. Cole is coughing and his nose is bleeding and he’s having visions – signs his time is nearly up and he’s only got a few jumps (if that) left. No pressure.

They hit a bar and sift through a book they found in Peters’ lab. Cassie realizes how she can find him, but isn’t even all that excited about it. She pounds back some booze and tells Cole he’s not even supposed to be there. Ouch. But true. He starts to splinter and she tosses him some attitude (tipsy Cassie is Sassy Cassie) before he disappears. Back in 2043, Jones shows Cole the destroyed lab and he collapses. Uh oh.

Ramse’s got Elena and Sam holed away in some wilderness camp and he returns to them with vials of the serum that allows Cole to time travel. Elena is worried for their safety but he assure her they’ll be fine. I’m not sure how he can be certain of that because their situation is pretty dire, but she seems sure of her man. A group called the Daughters set up camp nearby and Ramse spots the 12 Monkeys logo on the side of one of their caravans.

Jones wants to pop Cole into a molecular stabilization machine to correct some of the damage the time hopping has done but he just wants to get back to his mission. Which is just foolish of him, but he’s not known for his well-thought out decisions. He agrees to give up Ramse if Jones gives her word Ramse won’t be harmed. She gives it, but we all know it’s worth shit. Ramse is as good as dead if he’s standing in the way of what Jones wants. She sends Whitley to find him and the serum and at first keeps her word, then quickly goes against it: get the serum; Ramse is inconsequential.

old jennifer

Ramse heads over to the Daughters camp and tells them he knows what the symbol on their caravan means. They surround him with guns until their leader stalks out. Her face is mostly hidden by a giant, hideous hat, but once she speaks, despite the wrinkles, we know it’s Jennifer Goines. She speaks mostly gibberish but she mentions the Witness and says he’s the key to stopping the plague. She says he’s a good friend – but not yet. So, is that a hint that he’ll be time travelling at some point too? As she rambles on, Whitley and his men break into the wilderness camp and Elena get killed. Ramse returns to find the woman he loves dead – and her death is really on his hands for bringing her there, and his son is now his sole responsibility.

Cassie finds Peters locked up in a shipping crate but he tells her the virus is already gone. He gave it up in the hope of saving his husband. Once he realizes his husband is already dead, he begs Cassie to kill him because he’s “too dangerous alive.” She doesn’t, of course. She lets him go without demanding any further information. Really? She’s got the man who created the virus right in front of her and she doesn’t grill him for every bit of knowledge in his sick, twisted head? Come on, Cassie!

Ramse, on a mission to avenge his woman and protect his son, returns to Operation Splinter. He gives Whitley the serum in exchange for his son’s safety and demands to see Jones. He kills a couple of guards (but not Whitley since Whitley killed the guard who shot Elena) and makes his way to the room with the time machine. Jones is setting it up to send Cole back to 1987 when Ramse busts in. He’s got a bomb and he’s gonna blow up the machine. Max comes in and is able to distract Ramse but ends up getting herself shot in the process. Jones grabs the bomb and locks Ramse in the room. With no other real options, he injects himself with the serum and hops into the machine. Cole comes in as Max dies and Ramse sends himself back to 1987. Jones tells Cole that the treatment only allows him one last jump and this is a one way trip. His last chance to save humanity. While also trying to kill what was his best friend and brother just days prior. I mean, no big deal, right? Just another day in the life. Let’s do this.

I mean, damn. Considering that this show started out with 2015 being the pivotal aspect, suddenly the future is every.dang.thing! It is just so good. I can’t get enough. Though this does raise so many questions in my head about where things are going and what can possibly come of Cole, I will continue to just sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride. Because hot damn it is one hell of a ride.

Until next week…

“Ramse’s on a rampage where both his future – and his past – will never be the same.”

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