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12 Monkeys – S1E12 – Paradox

Previously on 12 Monkeys, ‘Shonin’

As always, last week’s episode left me reeling and wondering what in the ever loving hell was happening and what could possibly be coming. I’ve stopped trying to guess because even when I’m right, I later turn out to be wrong. It’s a beautiful torture watching this show and I can’t wait for this week’s mindfuck. So let’s get to it.

12 Monkeys S01E12

The episode starts in 2043 where they aren’t able to locate Cole. Jones seems confident he survived his final jump and has resigned to the fact that he will not return. We flash back to 2015 where Jones has a hairbrush and a makeup kit and looks fabulous. After dinner with her father, Cassie ambushes her – lliterally, from a bush, with a gun pointed to her head. In the middle of the street. Even though they’re in New York, a city full of people, nobody is around to see this amateur mugging. The gun turns out to be fake, and Jones knows it, but Cassie’s got some “impossible” documents from the future and Jones just can’t argue with that, so she goes with her. This explains why future Jones is so confident Cole is alive: she’s already lived to see it.
Cole has been left with Aaron, who proves yet again that he’s truly useless as he watches Cole seize and foam at the mouth and he does nothing. He calls Cassie and nearly ruins her kidnapping, but she’s able to direct him through saving Cole’s life. He comes to a few days later and he and Aaron have a bizzarre, awkward conversation. Suddenly Aaron is Cole’s biggest admirer and basically drooling over his bravery. Just as he’s about to totally fan-girl out on Cole, Jones and Cassie come in. Cole is thrown for a loop but Jones is as cold and calculating as ever. Though those curls and that lipstick are working wonders for her. She’s not a crude bitch in 2015. She’s a lovely one.
12 Monkeys S1E12
In 2015 at the Markridge group, Jennifer – looking unbelievably fabulous in her sexy business dress annd highlighted curls – stalks into a meeting and starts her “hostile takeover” of what should be her company. She walks across the table, growls, talks a whole lot of nonsense – and she is amazing for every second of it. I love this looney tunes. We really need more of her.
Cassie and Jones chat it up in the kitchen and Jones has an idea to take future Cole and get him in contact with present Cole – a paradox. I don’t quite understand how this will save his life, but they’re pretty excited about it, so I’m gonna go with it. As they hatch their plan, Aaron stomps out. Cassie chases after him and he declares his commitment to save Cassie. Oh sweetie, you’re handsome, but you’re not gonna save anyone. Have a glass of wine and just sit and be pretty. But he doesn’t. He has this genius idea to go to Olivia, offering to trade information in exchange for his and Cassie’s protection. Idiot.
Cassie and Jones go for a ride (This is the weirdest thing ever. They’re from different times and it just feels odd to have them side by side) and Jones ends up having some morning sickness. She alludes to a pending abortion, which we know never comes to be. I suspect that was because of Cassie. Man, I love when this show messes with your head like this. They find Cole’s father’s garage and we see where Cole gets his 90s grunge band hair. Apple didn’t fall far there. He claims not to be Mr. Cole but they see young James playing on the swing. Oh my Lord, how awkward. To set eyes on a child who is also the man you want to sleep with. Cassie smiles when she sees him, but inside her stomach has got to be turning. “Nice to meet you, little boy. I have some major sexual tension with future you.”
Anyway, so Cassie decides to tell Matt (Cole’s father) the truth, and he whips out a gun. Because hello, she sounds absolutely insane. Until she mentions the Army of the 12 Monkeys. He goes with her and we have another one of those “what in the hell” moments of the show. Constantly mixing up times and people and existences and criss crossing decades and storylines. As mixed up as it’s getting, it’s also all falllig into place. My God, I love this show. 
12 Monkeys S1E12 Cole
Cassie gets a call from Aaron and he tries to whisk her away in a car. But of course, he’s unsuccessful. Because he’s Aaron. And because his plan was stupid. So she heads back home just in time to get everyone (except grown up Cole) out of there before Creepy White Dude and crew show up. They shoot down Matt in the alley (and young Cole sees the whole thing from the car – poor kid, this helps explain the giant chip on grown up Cole’s shoulders) and as they try to get grown up Cole, he shoots himself up with young Cole’s blood causing a paradox. And then he explodes. But nobody comes to see what’s going on. Big ass city full of nosy folks and no one noticed this explosion? Okay.
But somehow, this actually saves Cole. I still don’t understand why, but I’m still gonna go with it because I have no real choice. Jones goes on her merry way, giving up her cigarettes (temporarily) because she’s going to keep her baby. Which she basically had to decide, because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have had the daughter that sent her on her future rampage. But what if she hadn’t? And there goes that 12 Monkeys headache I love so much. Young Cole is on the playground and makes a new friend – young Jose (a.k.a. Ramse). Oh, my heart aches knowing what’s in store for these two young pals. Ramse, I will never get over your betrayal. Never! Well, probably not. I mean, I don’t think so. Oh, who am I kidding? I know nothing with this show and I never will.
In 2043, Operation Splinter is attacked by some horrific looking dudes with painted faces and hoodies. They look like death and they’re lead by Deacon – the leader of West VII. Oh hell no. Now what?
I mean, seriously, this show cannot get any better. The way the story weaves is absolute genius and nothing less. I love how every episode wraps up one or two little things, but opens up a can of worms for ten others. I honestly cannot get enough. Just too much good stuff! Until the season finale next week…
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