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12 Monkeys – S1E13 – Arms of Mine

Previously on 12 Monkeys, ‘Paradox’

So here we are. It’s the season finale. And I am not at all ready! There is no way, in this final hour of the season, they are going to un-cluster the cluster-fuck they’ve unleashed on us and settle my ridiculously rattled mind. My money is on them leaving me more open-mouthed, confused, and addicted than ever. So let’s get this show on the road. 

We start out in 2015 with Cole beating the crap out of Handsome Aaron – who is not looking handsome at all. A couple fists to the face and this guy loses all appeal. Poor guy. He’s had a rough go of it, being so useless and all. Cole and Cassie demand to know who he’s been talking to and he stupidly begs Cassie to choose him over Cole. Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen. Not after your drunk off of red wine antics and screwing up missions over the entire season. I will no longer be referring to him as Handsome Aaron. He’s just Aaron. And an idiot. 

dead aaron

He ends up telling them about Olivia, but he doesn’t have any useful information (being so useless and all) other than a plan in Colorado. As Cole and Cassie chat, Aaron manages to slice open his plastic shackles and runs off. He tries to set Cole on fire, but because Aaron is an idiot and ruins everything, he just sets the whole building on fire while getting himself trapped under a shelf. Cassie and Cole escape while Aaron is left to burn. That’s too bad. Except, not really. See ya, Aaron.

In 2043, some plants are growing on the time machine. No one knows where they’re coming from, but Jones rips them violently from the machine, so something tells me she has an idea and doesn’t like what it could be. Whitley asks to be injected so he can travel to 2015. So, like, anyone can time travel, I guess. The weird dead looking guys are scoping out the facility with Deacon. They break in through the underground tunnels (why has no one sealed these off?) but Jones gets her hands on a bomb and says she’ll blow up the machine unless they let everyone leave safely. This lady has some balls. She’s had her ups and downs, but I really like this chick. 

After leaving Aaron for dead, Cassie and Cole make their way to a press conference Jennifer is holding at Markridge. These two sure are resourceful. They can get into any event at a moment’s notice and, for a homeless time traveler, Cole has some fabulous suits. Jennifer babbles on about giving the world back to the animals, “the lions and tigers and bears” and something about a dodo bird and a unicorn. She looks lovely in her business attire, but I kinda miss her wild-eyed, wind blown hair look.

Cassie and Cole meet with Jennifer after the press conference and Jennifer makes it very clear she does not like Cassie. Cassie is not deterred and she gives Jennifer a nice slap across the face to get the girl to recognize who is in charge here. You go, Cassie. She’s been through hell and she is not gonna let some crazy pants get in her way. Jennifer gives up the information on Ramse and how Ramse is looking for Raritan Laboratory – the place where the time machine is held. Cassie and Cole leave and Jennifer gets a call. She says, “It’s done. He knows.” So this information is a plant and likely a trap to lure Cole to where Ramse wants him. I knew the showdown was inevitable, but I also really don’t want it to happen. They were like brothers, man.

Ramse looks fabulous all clean and tailored. But the cold, calculating look in his eyes takes away any real sexiness and warmth he once had. It’s hard to watch him now. I love him, but I hate him. I want Cole to kick his ass and I want them to make up and be besties again. Oh, this is too hard. He make his way to Raritan where Dr. Jones – not that one, her husband – is working on the machine.

cole and ramse faceoof

Cassie and Cole make their way into Raritan through the underground tunnels (which are basically like the dang front door of this place – in any point in time, folks can just wander right on into them) and split up. Cassie finds the room full of red plants (red forest anyone?) and Cole finds Ramse with Dr. Jones. They argue about the future, but they don’t fight just yet. My heart is racing and breaking at the same time. Ramse challenges Cole to shoot him, but he doesn’t.

cold and cassie goodbye

Then Cassie charges in with her gun raised, but she doesn’t heed Cole’s plea to put it down. She shoots at Rams,e but Cassie ends up getting herself shot in the scuffle. Yikes. No exit wound. She’s a goner. Ramse’s in a bad state too. They’re both gonna die and Cole can only try to save one of them. Bros before hoes? Nope, Cole will save his lady. He shoots her up and they have a dramatic and passionate goodbye (that Cole promises will not be goodbye) before he sends her to 2043. Without so much as a kiss! Damn it, the sexual tension was electric. He should’ve laid one on her! When these two finally get it on (they better), I will literally stand up and applaud. Cole leaves Ramse to die with a promise to find his son and protect him. Oh, my God. Too much sadness. Too much goodbyes. Too much feelings. I so love this show.

Back at the mansion, Olivia is taken to “the twelve.” The babies who will one day form the Army of the 12 Monkeys. The Army that is actually the dead-face people! What in the hell?

Cole runs back for Ramse, ruining the predetermination that Ramse was to be found dead that day – which should throw off the whole preordained future they’d planned on. Which means we have no damn clue where things will end up or what in the heck could possibly happen.

As the dead-face people clear out the facility, the machine comes to life and poof – there’s Cassie. Well, hello future. The past is paying an unexpected visit. Jones can believe it even less than I can.

On a plane taking a whirlwind tour around the globe is none other than Jennifer, equipped with the virus and free to roam about the country (well, the world actually) with it. Freakin’ awesome.

And then it’s over. I mean, that’s it. Until 2016! I am dying. That was so good! How can they leave us hanging like this? In literally every corner and aspect of the entire storyline, I am salivating for more. The way each fabric of the story unraveled and spun, the way each character evolved and developed, the way every relationship deepened and complicated across each and every episode – this was just some stellar work all around. I could repeat all the glowing praise I’ve given this show all season or I could just say this: it will be a damn long 9 months until this show comes back and it could not come soon enough. If you’re not watching this show, you should be. It’s fan-freakin-tastic. Well done, season one. That was truly top-notch.

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