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12 Monkeys – S1E7 – The Keys

Previously on 12 Monkeys, ‘The Red Forest’

Every week, this show gets better and better, adding new twists and turns and dynamics to keep us guessing and on our toes. So I have no idea what to expect this week, other than that it’s gonna be good. So let’s get this show on the road.

We open up with some flashes of distorted and random images with a feeling of sadness and chaos. Which, I think, is a direct look into the state of Cole’s mind as he makes more and more jumps. (Check me out: still looking for symbolism even after I aced AP Advanced Composition in junior year). It’s 2015 and the CIA is having a meeting about the lovely half corpse origin in a jar. They’ve got the virus for Operation Troy and plan to drop it on Chechnya. They believe it’s controllable (ha! Okay science) and that it is lethal within hours. Yet, no big, cause they’re gonna control it, right? Riiiiiight.

Cassie is making herself some tea despite being hypnotized and mind-fucked by some tea last week. Cause girl is part crazy and part fearless. Cole comes in to save her from burning herself and they talk about a scientist named Edward Garret who might be connected to the Monkeys. Who happens to have a speaking engagement right up the street. Ah, how convenient. Must be fate.


So Cassie and Cole go and are somehow on the list. Cole marvels at some artwork and eats an entire tray of hors d’oeuvres – they’re very good at reminding us that Cole is “not from around here.” Cassie wants to get right down to business but Cole wants to party. So they slow dance and flirt, but Cassie ditches him just as it was getting steamy to talk to Dr. Garret. She gets some info out of him, but once she mentions the Monkeys he’s out of there. So Cole tries to beat him up but is still unsuccessful.


Back at the book store, handsome Aaron arrives (awkward!) and they talk about Chechnya and Wexler – the former CIA analyst that the CIA wants to kill for leaking information. Then Cole starts to disappear, but tells them he will be back in a week, so they have to find out all that they can before he returns.

Aaron heads to the office for his “forgotten phone” and he has the world’s most impeccable timing because he spies not only the senator’s hidden safe but the thumb drive he not at all covertly retrieved from it and tucked into his pocket. Aaron, who was a crap accomplice last week, manages to lift it off the senator like a pro and then prints out all the info he can. Then kicks it under the senator’s desk so it seems like it just fell there somehow. Which is pretty genius. Handsome and savvy. Me likey.

Cole calls Cassie saying he has the virus and needs help. Operation Troy is happening right now.

Flash back to two hours before the phone call and Cole is stealing purses and phone and strolling through Chechnya trying to find bleach. He’s got some writing on his forearm and finds the sign to match it. His impeccable timing kicks in because he spots “the case” about 5 seconds later. He hops into an empty and waiting taxi (gotta love those convenient coincidences) and they chase down the man with the case containing the virus. The guy hops out into the woods and Cole follows him. It’s a pretty open expanse of trees and it’s broad daylight, so if this was a covert operation they should’ve chosen a different place and time, but who am I to judge?

A sniper shoots down the man with the case and Cole swoops in to grab it and avoids getting shot – despite running right in the open and the guy being a sniper. He hides behind a rock and calls Cassie and the sniper still tries to shoot from a distance – even though he’s a professional shot and Cole is unarmed. And carrying a deadly virus that can wipe out the entire country.

Aaron (and his impeccable timing) goes into the senator’s office just as he’s searching for the missing thumb drive. He finds it under his own desk and seems relieved. Ah, yes, crucial government information about a weaponized virus laying under a desk is just as secure as can be.

Back in Chechnya the sniper finally goes after Cole, but Cole has managed to rig a booby trap and the sniper dies and Cole gets away with the virus. This guy – baffled by Chinese food but a whiz with ropes and pulleys. He calls Cassie and asks how to destroy the virus but some other fellas with guns come up on him as she’s starting to give some possible instructions. They take him back to Wexler and Cole begs him not to open the case. Wexler doesn’t listen and they get sprayed with the virus inside. Oops.

Cassie and Aaron stride into the CIA headquarters and demand to be let in. They know about Operation Troy and they say it’s been compromised. These magic words get them entrance but they’re locked in a cell. The senator comes in and tosses out some threats but Aaron is smart and knows he’s got the senator by the balls. Sexy.

Cassie is begging the CIA to let her talk to Cole. She warns them of the power of the virus and Mr. Big Bad CIA agent finally lets up. Dr. Peters – the monster who created the virus – says she knows what she’s talking about and they need to listen to her.

Wexler and his cronies are sweating and coughing and vomiting and dying slowly. So the cronies concoct a plan to give up Wexler in exchange for medical help. Cole tries to stop them and gunfire goes wild. Cole is shot, Wexler is shot, and Cole takes out the last living infected soldier, leaving just Wexler alive. Cole calls Cassie and says he can’t burn the place down. He wants them to bomb the castle before the Russians arrive and spread the virus and the CIA agrees.

Cole’s call goes dead and it gives him some time to get info out of Wexler about the 12 Monkeys. Though not much. Wexler dies before he can say anything important. Cassie calls Cole again and he says he can’t get out of there. He tells her that the Cole she meets in a week is the past Cole, and she can’t tell him anything or it will ruin what he’s already done. He tells her the place he’d always want to go is The Keys and says a heartfelt goodbye. Cassie sobs as the missile drops down on the castle, killing Cole and the virus inside. Ho. Ly. Crap. Did that just happen?

The CIA agrees to let Cassie and Aaron go so long as they keep quiet. So Aaron gathers up everything to do with the Operation and Cole and trashes it. Cassie says they could help Cole when they see him next week, try to warn him. Exactly what he told her not to do. Aaron says absolutely not; it’s not worth risking the outbreak.

A week later, Cole is with Cassie at the bookstore and comments on how they’d “tidied up.” Man, how heartbreaking to sit there with a man who has no idea he’s going to die and not being able to tell him, and not wanting him to die and oh God. This is killing me. As planned, Aaron provides the information “as scripted” while Cassie can barely speak. She asks him where his “place” is and he can’t tell her. Just before he splinters, Cassie gives him a simple, tearful, “goodbye.”

And my jaw is literally on the floor. What? Is that really where you’re going to leave me? Good God that was a good episode. Cole isn’t really dead, is he? That can’t really be it, can it? And where the hell is Jennifer? Man, I love this show. Can’t.freaking.wait until next week! Until then…

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