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12 Monkeys – S1E8 – Yesterday

Previously on 12 Monkeys, ‘The Keys’

This episode begins in 2043, where Jones and Ramse are trying to bring Cole back, but are unable to. The core can’t keep up with the power demands. But they have a lock on his location. So this must be taking place pre-bomb and there’s a chance they’re able to bring Cole back before he was actually killed. But then…if he was successful at stopping the virus, would there be that 2043 to bring him back to? One minute into the show and already my brain hurts.

Back to 2015, Cassie and Handsome Aaron are trying to move on with their lives. Well, Aaron is, Cassie is clearly still obsessed. But in the effort of getting her some closure (and getting himself some action, I’m sure), he offers to get some info on Chechnya.

In 2043, the only way to fix the core is to travel to the Spearhead camp to borrow their core. Jones used to work with Spearhead on trying to find a cure, but she thinks the virus is too smart and will mutate the way it’s done in the past when vaccines were created. So she left to work with Project Splinter. Methinks hitting up your adversary for a favor isn’t likely to go well, but she doesn’t have any other options, so she sends Ramse and Whitley head on out to fetch a core.

Back in Chechnya, Cole has miraculously survived the bombing. Uh…what? I’m excited, but how in the hell? But he is not unscathed. He does have a nasty gash in his leg and shrapnel embedded inside. Him surviving is far-fetched enough, so at least they gave him some sort of debilitating wound. But lucky for him (seriously, luckiest dude ever), he is seated right near some handy alcohol so he can cleanse it and remove the debris. Cole is nothing if not resourceful.

Cassie and Handsome Aaron storm into the Senator’s office demanding info on the bombing. He tells them they removed Wexler’s body and the bodies of the soldiers, but no Cole. Cassie asks to be brought to Chechnya to verify he’s not there and Handsome Aaron agrees it’s a good idea (you know, because the CIA isn’t nearly as thorough as Cassie).

In 2043, Ramse and Whitley roll up on Spearhead in a couple of tanks and they open the gates. Not a very secure operation they’re running there, but all right. They head to see Foster (and the Spearhead digs are really nice. A far cry from the dark, dank dungeons of Project Splinter) and ask to borrow the core. He politely declines and tells them to put their faith in God. None of what either team is doing is about having faith, it’s about playing God, but all right.

On his way out, Ramse bumps into Elena – the love of his life he’s spoken of previously. They share a heartbreaking conversation about her leaving and him wishing she’d never left. Turns out she was pregnant and she wanted to protect her unborn son. Well, Ramse’s son. Samuel. Oh, boy, things just got juicy.

Jones, even without the core, attempts to get Cole back again. But they fail miserably and only end up injuring Cole in 2015 who was about to be saved by some random Chechnyans who happened upon him. Oops.

Cassie is packing for her trip to Chechnya and asks Handsome Aaron to come with her. Even he knows that’s not a good idea – he’s a crap accomplice. But then they kiss a little and I feel bad for Cole who was so close.


Ramse and Samuel bond and Ramse is about as sexy as humanly possible. But he has to jet off when Jones arrives. This is sort of breaking my heart because if their mission is successful and the virus is eradiated, doesn’t that mean little Samuel will never come to be? How do you choose between your child and humanity? Sorry humanity, but I would sacrifice every last one of you for my little boy. This changes everything for Ramse and I love every second of it.

The random Chechnyan that comes to help Cole starts coughing violently. So that can only mean the virus wasn’t destroyed. Obviously, because if Cole survived, pretty sure the blast wasn’t as potent as it should’ve been.

ramse and jones and whitley

Jones tries to convince Foster that there is no cure, but he won’t be swayed. Even her dangling his lost wife in front of his face doesn’t change his mind.

Ramse bonds with Elena over Samuel and instantly becomes my favorite character and storyline on the show – Kirk Acevedo is glorious in this part. And his mind starts to sway towards team Spearhead. He wants to move forward and find a cure, not go back in time. See? Any good parent would sacrifice humanity for their baby. Damn, this man is sexy. Even Whitley seems to veer towards Spearhead. But Jones stays firm and instead plans to steal their core “by any means necessary.”

Cassie makes it to the blast site and with one quick glance determines what the CIA already did: no Cole. Well thank goodness they sent her out there. Without her once-over, we might never have known Cole wasn’t there (insert intensely sarcastic tone here). She believes he was erased and has saved the future.

Turns out Cole was being saved in 2017. He was somehow shot forward by the failed attempt to pull him back. And the virus wasn’t ever destroyed. There’s a worldwide plague and bodies littering the ground below him. Well, damn.

I swear, every week this show gets better and better. Every cliffhanger is more intense. The development of the characters (namely Jones and Ramse) is truly stellar and the cast is more phenomenal every week. I have no idea where this show is taking me, but I am loving the ride and I cannot wait until the next episode.

Until then…

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