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13 Reasons Why: S1E9/S1E10

Previously on 13 Reasons Why

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Images: Netflix

where did you learn this, to want what does not want you?

What do you do when you’re not the hero of your own story? The story was simple up until now. They were wrong and Hannah was right. Right? Justin lied about her. Jessica left her. Alex used her. And on and on down the line. They killed Hannah with betrayals big and small. But what did Hannah do?

Clay has finally worked up the courage to start the tapes again. It’s a brand new day and like Hannah cutting her hair, Clay dives back into the tapes ready to face whatever’s next. They’re both ready to know what they might be missing out on.

13 Reasons Why - Hannah

The fifth tape brings us back to Justin. Something happened at Jessica’s party that Justin doesn’t want Jessica to know. And it’s pretty obvious that even if she doesn’t know, Jessica’s body knows. Her heart knows. It’s just her mind that struggles to get there. But her body doesn’t feel safe, so she’s drinking too much. And her heart feels bruised so she’s reaching out to Justin even though she doesn’t trust him. It’s ironic that the only person who wants to help her is Clay. He’s the only one with no attachment to Jessica, but everyone’s so invested in covering their own asses that they would rather believe Hannah is lying. Justin knows the truth, but he’s trying to protect Jessica. It’s too bad that Justin is just as broken as Hannah was watching from inside that closet.

where did you learn this, to leave those that want to stay?

Did you get it? Did you figure it out before it happened? Did that sick taste of bile come up into your throat when you realized he was gone?

Jeff was always there in the background. He was there for Clay and Hannah’s dance. And he was the reason Clay asked Hannah to come to Jessica’s party. How didn’t we know? How didn’t we notice that he was gone? Hannah made a lot of mistakes, but she did try. She wanted to call the night of the accident and she wanted to tell Jeff’s parents what happened. She just couldn’t. It was too many secrets between Jessica and Jeff. It was too much to know and live with.

For Clay, Hannah’s confession puts everything into place. He’d been holding on to his own secret about that night, what he saw and how angry he felt, and Hannah’s confession forces him to deal with his judgements. Clay may be a good guy but he’s a judgmental guy. He judged Hannah after Justin sent out that picture, he judges Tyler and decides to send out that picture, and he even judged Jeff and assumed he was a liar. It says a lot about Clay that he often assumes the worst of people but he also gives them a chance to do the right thing. Maybe Sheri will.

13 Reasons Why - Sherri

13 Little Moments

  1. It’s fitting that tape five brings us back to Justin. Even though Hannah’s trying to change and start the year fresh, she finds herself back in the same place. Also, Hannah met Justin at a party at the beginning of sophomore year. It’s a nice parallel.
  2. Clay has already heard Justin’s tape at the beginning of the episode. Is he listening to it twice?
  3. Hannah said that she wanted to spend the summer with Clay but he was out of town.
  4. Alex is spiraling out of control. He says to Justin, “if I kill myself do you die too?”
  5. Courtney is really committed to the idea of Hannah lying so she doesn’t have to admit she’s gay. It’s really sad.
  6. Before she ends up in Jessica’s closet, the scenes of Hannah at the party are nice. It seemed like she got her wish to start fresh.
  7. When Mr. Porter tells Ryan he has to stop publishing his magazine because of Hannah’s poem, Ryan makes a pointed comment about accountability.
  8. Every time Clay seems like he’s about to tell, someone tells him that his tape is worse. I don’t know if I trust them since these are the same kids that planted weed on Clay.
  9. As Jessica starts to fall apart, she wants to spend more time around Bryce. It’s terrifying.
  10. Clay’s mother is one of the more frustrating adults on the show. She clearly wants Clay to open up to her but she doesn’t give him the space to do so.
  11. The guy at the convenience store is an asshole.
  12. Clay has been holding on to a secret as big as Hannah’s.
  13. Did Clay kill Hannah Baker? According to Tony the answer is yes. What did Clay do?

Considering that there are three more to go, these episodes have really set up where the story will go. Clay was right that Justin had to tell Jessica because she can’t move on without knowing what she’s moving on from. It’s also weird to me that all the listeners believed Hannah enough to throw rocks at Tyler’s window, but when it comes to Bryce half of them are in denial and think Hannah lied. I enjoyed that Hannah made these two big mistakes. Even though she tells everyone on the tapes that they are the reasons she killed herself, these two events and her guilt seem to be the real impetus. I think everyone put her in a position where having that guilt coupled with her own insecurities was too much to bear.

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