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Review: Secret Wars 2099 #4

Previously in 2099 #3

This was my favorite issue of the series so far. Shit hit the fan, there were genuine laugh-out-loud moments, the action was top-notch, and it paid homage to another Marvel moment (much like Hulk punching out Thor in The Avengers was reenacted last issue).

2099 #4

Just as Hercules and The Sub-Mariner have settled onto booze-covered common ground, Alchemax guards come to arrest the visitor under Miguel’s orders. Hercules steps in on his new friend’s behalf. He’s not sure what’s going on, but he knows arresting them is no way to treat guests.

Captain America isn’t on board either. She promised The Defenders they’d be able to leave, and now Miguel is making her go back on her word. Since Miguel’s father has made an unexpected visit to the HQ and demands to see him, Miguel has no time to argue with Captain America and activates her transition into Roberta.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and her own free will overrides it.

Cap Wont Transition

Meanwhile, The Vision is losing it in her hot tub. Okay, am I the only one reminded of the Cylons which control their ships? Anyway, she’s thrashing about and when Sonny tries to calm her, she pulls him into the water. She screaming about the end of The Avengers and Roberta.

Black Widow and Hawkeye are sent to deal with Hercules, and it almost works until Captain America arrives. She orders Hercules to take them down and the two race to free the other Defenders.

Miguel’s father arrived to basically tell his son he wants more involvement in the company he founded. He also drops a joke about killing Miguel’s mother. Classy!

With help from Hercules and Captain America, the other Defenders escape while Cap stays behind to fight Sonny (Iron Man). He thinks she’s insane for turning on them, but she thinks it’s insane to turn heroes into criminals simply because they won’t work for them. Hmmm. Sound familiar? 

All of this was just buying time until Roberta’s husband, Bobbie, could arrive and sing a song meant to be a fail-safe in case they’re unable to turn Captain America “off.” It works, but it does so just as Doctor Strange creates a portal in the room and pulls Cap through it.

She thinks she’s rescued the woman who just saved her friends, but what she finds is a very confused Roberta with no idea who they are and how she got there.

Cap Taken By Strange

Overall Thoughts: 
  • So much goodness in this issue, starting with Hercules’ willingness to follow Captain America without question.
  • This moment was hilarious. He says he was kidding. I don’t know that I believe him!

Miguels WTF Face

  • I am dying to see how Roberta reacts to the news that she’s been living a double life and unaware of it. And not just any life. She’s Captain America.


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