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3 iPhone Games You Should Be Playing, But Probably Aren’t

I’m an iPhone addict and I need constant mental stimulation. I realize that one is the result of the other and that it’s just a vicious circle. But I like to feed it. I do that by playing games on my phone. While I’m cooking. While I’m watching TV. While I’m working. While I’m on the toilet. (Don’t judge me! You know you do it too!) I’m always searching for something new. I feel like it is my duty to help feed the addictions of others just like me, so I’m sharing some of my current favorite apps.


Puzzles and Dragons

This game is like Pokemon meets Bejeweled. Or Candy Crush, only not as infuriating. (I wasted so many hours of my life on you, you son of a bitch! May you repent on your death bed, Candy Crush!) You’re given a few monsters to start, each of different attributes, or colors. Blue, red, yellow, green, or red (water, fire, etc). You put together your team of up up 5 monsters. Each monster has different strengths and weaknesses and some have special powers. For example, one may have very low attack power and health, but have healing powers. Others may not have any special powers, but have high attack or health. You put your teams together however you want. You can actually have up to 6 different teams, each with different strengths, depending on what you need for the particular dungeon you’re up against and you can change them as the dungeons you’re up against change.

You go exploring dungeons and fight other monsters to clear the dungeon. All you have to do is line up at least 3 colored cubes and your monsters of that color will attack. More than 3, or more than 1 set of 3 and your attack is more powerful. You also get to choose another player’s monster as a helper. Every time you complete a dungeon, you get coins, points, and sometimes more monsters. You can take these new monsters and fuse them with your current monsters and evolve them to make them more powerful. The dungeons get harder and harder as you advance. There is more strategic depth to the game than I can even understand yet, let alone write a paragraph about. But the game is very addicting. The first day I started playing, I played ALL DAY. Same for the second day. And the third. I’m playing as I write this. I might have a problem.

The game is available in the Apple store for free. If you want to add me, my player ID is 361,761,239.


 Tapped Out


The Simpsons. Enough said, right? I mean, the show is beyond being saved. I haven’t even watched it in years. But you still gotta love the characters. You start out with one character. Either Homer or Lisa, I can’t remember. You give them jobs to complete which gains you money and with that money you build houses and buildings and complete missions to unlock other characters. They’re somewhat random so you can end up having a different set of characters than a friend. I currently have Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge, Grandma, Burns, Smithers, Ned Flanders, Rod, Todd, Krusty, Lenny, Carl, Groundskeeper Willie, Ralph, Martin, Skinner, Skinner’s Mom, Chalmers, Chief Wiggum, Nelson, and on and on and on. There’s several I have still not unlocked. This game is very addictive. I’ve been playing for months and months. It’s free. You can buy donuts, which are used to make in game purchases, but you don’t have to. Be warned, once you start this game, you won’t stop.




Cabals is a trading card/tower defense game. The cards are the same types you’d find in other trading card games, such as Magic the Gathering. Some are creatures, some are spells. Each turn you can play as many cards as you have resources for and each creature card can move one space in any direction around the board. As you capture more tiles with stars on them, you gain that many more resources to play every turn. More resources mean you can play more expensive cards or more cards per turn. If a creature tries to capture a tile with an opponent’s creature already on it, combat ensues. Damage is automatically dealt and if a creature is dealt enough to kill it, it dies and the other person captures that tile. Sometimes both creatures die. The first person to advance to the other side of the board and capture their opponent’s stronghold is the winner.

The game walks you through a tutorial first. Then you can play either against the computer or against other people. You gain XP every time you win and level up accordingly. It’s a game I enjoy.

If you’re into this game, roarimaraptor is my name. Look me up. I challenge you!

What iPhone apps are you currently addicted to?

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  1. I hate that we have to be available live to play Cabals. I play it on my MacBook and love it.

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