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5 Movie Sequels That Need to Happen

Have you ever watched a movie and wanted to know what they do after the credits roll? Sure you have; we all have, because some movies are just crying out for a continuation of their plot. Most movies are not, though; most movies are simply crying at the thought of getting a sequel, but that doesn’t eliminate those few that have more to offer. Of course, as we have chronicled before, not all sequels are created equal; in fact, some are just plain horrible, but that still doesn’t change the simple fact that sometimes sequels just need to be made. We’ve compiled this list of just those kinds of films; the films that we need to see.


5. True Lies 2

Ah, the good ole days when James Cameron could still make a movie that wasn’t merely a bombastic technological demonstration. It’s just a lot of good fun, you know? With Arnold Schwarzenegger basically parodying himself; it’s like Last Action Hero, except people actually watched it. Beyond that, the actors had chemistry, and that’s what made it fun. Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Arnold made a nice team, and you want to know how the team is doing. You want to see if they ever let Tom out of the van. You want to see if their daughter ever stopped being a whiny twat. You want to see all of these things. There has often been talk about a sequel; it’s mostly been from Tom Arnold, but can you blame him? This is the best movie he’s in. We got a bit of a “revisit” to this kind of comical spy movie with Mr. and Mrs. Smith; that was kind of like True Lies, except Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t steal Arnold Schwarzenegger away from his wife… or his nanny.


Not that she didn’t try to have that man’s baby.

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4. Beverly Hills Cop 4

Eddie Murphy used to be funny. Not just funny, though; Eddie Murphy used to be remarkably funny. You know how Louis C.K. is, right now? You know how Dave Chappelle was, 8 years ago? I know it’s hard to believe for some, today, but Eddie Murphy was that, in the 1980s. There were many peaks, but Beverly Hills Cop is arguably the highest one. Beverly Hills Cop II? It’s decent. Beverly Hills Cop III? Eh… did we mention Beverly Hills Cop? The series admittedly dropped in quality with each film, much like Murphy’s career, but the first film is filled with great comedy and exciting action. That’s what we need to see more of; nobody is advocating more of Judge Reinhold’s aloof bullshit. Throughout the years, Murphy has talked of wanting to do a fourth film, but he’s ultimately resigned to the idea of making a television series. While we think that could be interesting, we still see potential in a new, hard-R-rated Beverly Hills Cop. There just isn’t another character out there like Murphy’s Axel Foley, and we need to see him again. Are we supposed to just accept that 21 Jump Street is all there is for us?


Don’t be ridiculous, Ack-well

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3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2

Did you see the Super Bowl commercial Matthew Broderick did revisiting the Ferris Bueller character? We certainly did, and it was insane. The idea of continuing a John Hughes character without John Hughes seems almost criminal, we know, but we’re certain Hughes would appreciate the idea of Bueller escaping the day-to-day corporate doldrums he’s allowed his life to become. Maybe his son is failing high school, so Ferris takes the day off to help him out but instead finds that he is the one truly in need of help, because he has forgotten that, to avoid missing life, you must stop and look around every once and a while. How is this not already happening? There isn’t a single fan of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off who wouldn’t see that–cue those of you who believe you wouldn’t see it, but you so would. Alan Ruck, who plays Cameron in the film, has suggested a sequel that involves his character in a nursing home that he doesn’t really need to be in and which Ferris breaks him out of. That would also be great. Throw it all together, and maybe Ben Stein is teaching Bueller’s son; and Ferris’ sister has married Charlie Sheen.


Yeah, we’re sure he became great marriage material?

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2. Batman Beyond

Now that Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has ended masterfully and joined the ranks of the greatest trilogies of all time, there is already talk of where the Batman series should go next. Obviously, it will not simply be going away. In that respect, this entry differs from the others on this list; there will undoubtedly be another Batman sequel (several more, presumably), but this is our plea with the Batman gods–also known as DC and Warner Bros.–let the next Batman film be Batman Beyond. For the uninitiated, Batman Beyond is set in a future Gotham where Bruce Wayne has grown too old to play dress-up, so he has enlisted a replacement: Terry McGinnis. Already, you should have wet your pants. If you haven’t, go ahead; we’ll wait. Now, the likelihood is that a Justice League film will be forthcoming, and Batman will definitely be in that. The genius of Batman Beyond is that it can exist outside of almost any other Batman canon they may want to explore, because it’s in the future, Marty! On top of that, Batman Beyond is in the same “serious” vein as the Nolan trilogy, so DC and Warner Bros could continue in that tonal direction, and they can use Justice League to go in the more action-adventure, popcorn direction of The Avengers. It’s literally a win-win-win-win, etc, for absolutely everyone, which almost insures that it will never happen.

We hope we have this guy’s support.

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1. Back to the Future Part 4

Great Scott! You may have noticed a reference to this entry, earlier; that’s because we went back in time to insert that reference, so that you would notice it and, in turn, read this sentence in reference to that reference. It’s all very technical malarkey. Now, we at VaginaCon hold Back to the Future in pretty high regard, and we accept that it is already a completed trilogy; in fact, it’s one of the best. What makes this sequel a necessity is the unique set of circumstances we find ourselves in, and the sequel would have to meet certain criteria, if it is to be made. For one, it would need to be set and released in 2015; this is why they need to get started on this, right away, if it is going to happen. Second, all of the principle cast is still alive, and let’s hope it stays that way well beyond 2015, but at least through 2015; if it doesn’t, however, the sequel can’t happen. Third, they would have to be at least somewhat self-referential; they have to explain why it’s 2015, but it’s not the same 2015 we previously saw. Obviously, their previous actions have altered the future and kept us from having hoverboards. That would make us angry, but their actions also somehow kept us from having to endure 15 more Jaws sequels, so let’s just call it even.


This didn’t happen!

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19 Comments on 5 Movie Sequels That Need to Happen

  1. Your idea for the Ferris sequel is genius and I would totally see that!

    Basically I would watch any one of these sequels if only for nostalgic reasons 🙂

    Me & my BF were watching Zombieland last night and agreed that the movie NEEDS a sequel…but only if Woody Harrelson came back for it.

    • Thanks! I think that Ferris sequel would be awesome, and I had hoped the Super Bowl commercial would be a sign of what would come, but it doesn’t seem that Hollywood is interested in doing things that are awesome.

      I’d absolutely like to see a Zombieland sequel. There are plenty of great ways they could take it.

  2. The Justice League!

  3. I forgot how sick her body was in True Lies. That was a great movie!! Awesome list! If they start now, I bet they can bang out a killer BTTF Sequel for 2015…that would be awesome.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, she was in great shape in True Lies, and that movie is one of those that I can just watch whenever it’s on.

      I hope with all of my hopes that they do Back to the Future 4, but I won’t hold my breath. It would be so cool, though.

  4. I really enjoyed this John and I would LOVE a Ferris sequel set in corporate America. Batman Beyond – brilliant! And I appreciated what you said about Eddie Murphy. Raw remains one of the funniest stand up shows I have ever seen. “I got an ice cream and you don’t got one…” ha ha ha! great memories.

  5. Great sequels, I also agree @ Tom Arnold in True Lies, Luv that film, always watch it too. And if Russell Crowe hadn’t died at the end, I’d like to have seen a Gladiator sequel. Oh, & Avatar makes me wonder, what next?

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