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6 Nerdy Proposals

Obi-Wan For Me


If you’re a nerd/geek who has managed to snag another nerd/geek, take advantage of that and totally nerd out your proposal! Geek love is so rare that we should be making it memorable. Don’t propose on the big screen at a hockey game. And don’t hide it in her fucking food, asshole. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, spell out your proposal in binary or get Ryan Seacrest to do it on his radio show while wearing a Darth Vader mask in a Darth Vader voice.

There are plenty of proposals posted online, but here are 6 awesome real-life proposals that make me want to marry these guys and I don’t even know them!


Ascension proposal


Ascension Proposal

Alan Gerding wanted to propose to his girlfriend during their favorite game, Ascension, so he had one of the game artists design a card for him. It’s awesome they were even willing to do that. I think I might buy myself this game. But anyway, the card was designed under Alan’s instructions, slipped into the deck, and when the card was drawn during a game…. well, watch the video.



Harry Potter proposal

Jon C. Hodgson wanted a unique proposal for his girlfriend who was a huge Harry Potter fan and very difficult to surprise, so he created an app. It was disguised as an official app promoting the movie.

HP Proposal


Super Mario Bros Proposal

This boy of an unknown name, decked out their apartment like a Super Mario Bros video game and hid the ring inside a coin box hanging from the ceiling that his girl had to jump up and pop with her head. There were also some fireworks at the end. This is just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.


Mindcraft proposal

I’m not sure what Mindcraft is, but this guy used it to create a virtual rollercoaster ride for his girlfriend with his proposal built into the landscape. I’m impressed even though, with all the search tools the internet has to offer, I’m still not sure what Mindcraft is. Watch the video to see exactly what she saw.


Star Trek proposal

There’s nothing special about this proposal to this Anne Hathaway looking girl. Ya know, except Patrick Stewart being there and saying “engage”.



I don’t even have words for this meme-filled proposal. It made my eyes a little wet.


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  1. I always been a fan of this proposal. The link to the video of the actual proposal being recorded is linked in that video.

    Also a fan of the Portal proposal.

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