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A Complete Look at Man of Steel Costumes

For months and months, everyone has been trying to figure out what the various costumes would look like in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel; now, thanks to the glorious world of merchandising, we have a fairly definitive look at the most important among the character designs. This look comes courtesy of Previews, a magazine which showcases upcoming comics, toys, and other merchandise; and Gentle Giant, Ltd. (the merchandise division of Gentle Giant Studios), which sculpted these scale-model figurines.

First, there’s Superman himself.

Man of Steel


This is the one character design we’ve already pretty much seen, but this is still a nicer, fuller look. The more I see this costume design, the more I’m more okay with him losing the red underoos (and I was pretty much completely okay with it, immediately).

Next, there’s Jor-El, Faora, and Zod.

Man of Steel costumes


We’ve also gotten glimpses of these guys in the past, but this is a nice complete look at the designs we’ll be seeing in the movie (unless you think Jor-El’s feet are going to be drastically different from the rest of his body). There has been some negative reaction to these suits, but they seem to represent a fairly consistent progression from the suits in titles such as Superman: Birthright and the Jor-El design in The New 52. Admittedly, that’s probably the problem some have, since The New 52 version of the Superman universe seemed to rub a lot of fans the wrong way, but this feels like, to me, a solid marriage between those designs and the “real-world” look and feel Snyder (and producer Christopher Nolan) are going for. I mean, Jor-El’s Krytonian gun basically looks like an assault rifle; that’s an interesting design choice that perhaps makes the Kryptonians feel more human than if the gun was completely unrecognizable.

Man of Steel releases June 14, and I look forward to seeing these characters on the big screen.


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