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Camp Midnight is Going to Be Your New Favorite Bedtime Story


Steven T. Seagle has a diverse catalogue of work, which is another way of saying fans of one project are rarely fans of his next project. But Camp Midnight, his latest comics with Image, is sure to be a favorite of fans of all ages. The 256-page, full color comic is a collaboration between Seagle (Big Hero 6) and new artist Jason Adam Katzenstein, whom Seagle met during a writing group he hosts. After churning out 7 pages a week, Seagle and Katzenstein have created a story children and adults can enjoy.

The main character is a reluctant camper named Skye, who ends up on the wrong bus headed to a camp for monster kids. She, along with her new friend Mia, are navigating the usual ups and downs of summer camp while Skye tries to keep her status as a human secret from the other monsters at camp. The art is expressive and fun, and Skye’s occasionally overwrought tween-ness is brilliantly depicted in the exaggerated hand of Katzenstein.


The complete graphic novel is slated to be released in October of 2015 just in time for Halloween. It will definitely be a story for parents to read to kids with its balance of monsters, themes of growing up and life lessons. At the Expo, Seagle gave out copies of a Camp Midnight story that captured the irreverence and sweetness of the comic. I’m already planning on getting a few copies for some of the kids and the young at heart in my life.

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