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Review: A-Force #2

Previously in A-Force #1

A-Force has easily become one of my favorite titles among those I’m currently reading. I am thrilled it will survive Secret Wars with its own standalone series.

A-Force #2 Cover

A-Force, led by She-Hulk, are waiting on the shore, hoping for news from the Sub-Mariners sent to investigate what might have caused the giant shark to arrive in Astoria. They finally radio in and they’re mesmerized by what’s before them: a big-ass portal. Before they can get closer (or enter it), the portal begins to close in on itself. Luckily, no one is hurt.

Nico has brought the mystery girl back to her house. This new character is very childlike and beautifully rendered. She looks like her body is made up of the universe. Loki arrives to check on Nico and finds she’s not alone. At first, she assumes Nico conjured the girl because she missed America. When Nico admits she found her, Loki insists they have to bring her before A-Force. Nico isn’t on board with that seeing as she now has trust issues with She-Hulk – she thinks She-Hulk didn’t do enough to stop America’s banishment.

New Girl at Nico's

When the rest of the team meet the newcomer, Medusa attempts to communication with her. The girl becomes frightened, and suddenly another portal opens in the sky and spits out a very large Iron Man android, which wants nothing more than to terminate everyone, but especially mutants.

The new girl helps in the fight – teleporting Dazzler and civilians to safety. The A-Force assembles, showing they’re a disciplined and well-trained team. A lot of their actions to bring down the giant are executed without having to speak – the team is just that good together.

When the dust settles, Medusa accuses the new girl of being the source of the threats against them and the portals. Without proof, She-Hulk isn’t willing to do what Medusa wants – which isn’t really that clear. Is Medusa proposing they kill her? Turn her over to Doom or the Thors?

She-Hulk believes the answers can be found on the other end of one of the portals. She proposes going through one, and she’s in luck since the portal the Iron Man android fell through is still open. Before she goes, the new girl takes a purple bow from her hair and ties it around She-Hulk’s wrist. She-Hulk thanks her as she floats to through the portal to find…

Other side of portal

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts & Questions: 
  • I’m loving this series for many reasons, one of which is the diversity in the cast of characters. It’s nice to see more WOC represented.
  • The cover of this issue is interesting: It feels appropriate that She-Hulk is in the scales of justice seeing as how her alter ego is an attorney in her universe. And the rest of the team being on the other side could represent more division as they work to solve this mystery. Of course, Doom looms over all, pulling the strings.
  • Is this mystery girl a character from a previous series? Just curious if her identity is one I should know.
  • Did anyone recognize the images swirling in the portal? I couldn’t make out a distinct character, but they all seemed to be of the super variety.
  • Where the hell has She-Hulk gone? It’s clearly a kingdom within Battleworld hence the Doom name on the sign, but why is it totally destroyed? Is this a failed attempt by him when he created Battlewold?
  • Could the portals be key in people returning to their rightful universes or old lives?
  • The shade is in this panel is EVERYTHING.
  • The art is GORGEOUS. I’m a fan of Wilson’s work on Ms. Marvel, and hope to see more of it in this series’ run.
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