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Agent Carter – S2E5 – The Atomic Job

Previously on Agent Carter, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

Starring: Hayley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Enver Gjokaj, Reggie Austin, Wynn Everett, Currie Graham, Lesley Boone, Sarah Bolger, Ray Wise, Matt Braunger, Ken Marino | Director: Craig Zisk

Images: ABC

Images: ABC


Chief Sousa and Agent Carter race against time to prevent Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick from procuring atomic weapons to open another rift. The SSR’s B-Squad is finally given a chance to prove themselves, Dr. Wilkes continues to feel the lure of zero matter, and Violet learns about Daniel and Peggy’s past. Last but not least, Jarvis single-handedly saves Los Angeles. You’re welcome!


If anyone is having the most fun with her character on Carter, it’s Wynn Everett. Her portrayal of the increasingly unhinging Whitney Frost has been a guilty pleasure to watch. No longer concerned in playing the doting wife or Hollywood darling, Frost has fully embraced her violent streak – though it remains unclear whether it’s truly Whitney in control or the zero matter influencing the darkest recesses of her nature. One thing is for certain: the Council of Nine and her distressed husband Calvin (Currie Graham) are in for heaping spoonfuls of trouble.


Despite his protestations, Chadwick acquiesced to his wife’s demands mainly out of fear of being her next meal. She and Dr. Wilkes (Reggie Austin) discover their exposure to zero matter attracts whatever remnants remain in our dimension. So what does clear-headed super rational Whitney scheme? Let’s tear open another hole into that unknown reality with atomic weapons! Hey, why not! Makes sense to me! Just y’know don’t kill me, Ms. Frost…

The Council of Nine would never approve such an operation, so Frost resorts to old flame/screw-loose gangster Joseph Manfredi (Ken Marino) for support. It’s clear there’s no love lost between Manfredi and Chadwick, but Whitney’s charms divert Joseph’s simmering rage long enough to strike a deal. Given his hair trigger temper against his own men, Manfredi could become yet another dangerous obstacle in Agent Carter’s hunt for Frost and continued investigation on the Arena Club.


Desperate to prevent Whitney from acquiring a pair of atomic bombs, Peg infiltrates the Roxxon Corporation to learn where they’re storing their munitions. In the guise of a perky accounting assistant, Carter is eventually recognized by Roxxon President Hugh Jones (Ray Wise). Peggy had the wherewithal to use a memory inhibitor developed by SSR R&D (say that five times fast) and its results were quite effective. The window of the memory wipe was far too short and poor Mr. Jones had his brain melted for what felt like a kajillion times to keep Peggy’s identity a secret as she sifted through his ridiculously spacious office.


An infusion of humor has been much needed in Agent Carter and it delightedly sprung forth from Peg herself rather than Jarvis, who has dangerously approached an unacceptable level of buffoonery. Granted, he is typically written in amusing situations that call for his dry wit and a nervous smirk. Be that as it may, Edwin is more than capable of improving his skill set – as seen in the season premiere – and providing an unique expertise that Carter and Sousa lack. Coincidentally, a few of his contrastingly talented compatriots inside home office are finally sanctioned for field operations.


Strategic Scientific Reserve… assemble?

The task of fleshing out additional SSR agents has been a long time coming, as many of them have been nothing more than cannon fodder for Russian hitmen and mercenaries on retainer for the Council. Thankfully both Rose (Lesley Boone) and Dr. Samberly (Matt Braunger) were finally given their moment to shine and more or less excelled in their first operation.

Peg’s presence in Los Angeles the last few weeks have hastily influenced Sousa’s perspective on his agent pool. Even though he’s accepting of Carter and her talents, she’s the sole exception to his archaic mode of thinking. Daniel still suffers from the social constructs of the time, e.g. women should stick to desk work, tech guys should stay in the lab, etc. Rose easily proved herself to be the more polished of the two, more than capable of handling herself in a fight, and adept with her skill of persuasion, as attested by her smitten teammate Samberly. In the far too few minutes viewers watched Rose kick all sorts of ass, there’s no doubt many viewers were in deep smit too.


Speaking of love and all that junk, the romantic beat between Sousa and Carter has never felt natural yet the odd attraction that’s hinted between the two persists during this season. Daniel’s current paramour Violet (Sarah Bolger) displays all the signs of a be-all end-all girlfriend: confident, skillful, witty and definitely able to wield a baseball bat against burglars at a moment’s notice. Theirs is a relationship that appears as though it would last until death does them part… if only stupid Daniel didn’t have an inkling of affection for Peggy yet again.


In the chaos that unfolded after Peggy’s confrontation with Frost, Violet caught on to Daniel’s affinity for Carter faster than a knife fight in a phonebooth. The recent betrayal of trust aside, her reaction was telling about the stability of their relationship. It has been months since Sousa’s relocation and initial acquaintance with Violet, yet it appears they both shared a faint apprehension to commit to one another. It wouldn’t surprising if their coupling was the result of an extended version of the Florence Nightingale Effect. The two pretty much admitted they fell in love when Sousa was receiving physical therapy from Violet; it’s a plausible theory though one that could considerably diminish what appears to be a great thing.

You can’t live on love alone, you crazy kids!

In any rate, the SSR is in dire straits. The War Department is watching their every move. Carter has been clipped, Thompson is being a dick (as usual), Frost and Chadwick have gone rogue, Dr.Wilkes is fading away yet again and the Council of Nine continues to amass power. The agents definitely need some backup and it appears from the preview of next week’s episode, they are NOT going to like who they’ll have to rely on.

Carter s2e5 Dottie

uh oh.

Agent Carter S2E5
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It took a while but the supporter characters have proven themselves worthy of more screen time on Carter. It was a welcome sight indeed to witness Rose kicking as much ass as Peggy and Samberly getting a chance to prove himself in the field. He did fumble at the start but he finished strong and that’s what counts! It was an excellent blending of lead and supporting characters in “Atomic Job”.

More Rose and Samberling, please!

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