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Will Someone on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Actually D.I.E.?

Ever since that one moment in “Spacetime”, fans have been losing their Marvel lovin’ minds about the possible death of one of SHIELD’s finest by season’s end. Though it appears the future Daisy saw early on in that episode didn’t turn out exactly as she predicted, the other portent she experienced was far more dire.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

If one recalls, Johnson’s vision involves a cross, a random container and what appears to be a SHIELD jacket floating in the cargo hold of a heavily damaged quinjet. Then, kablamo! Fireworks. So who do we believe is aboard this doomed aircraft floating around in the dark recesses of space?

Let The Official Project Fandom Agents of SHIELD List of Death (with odds) commence!

AoS Coulson

Phil Coulson – 1025 to 1

This isn’t happening. Phil’s life will continue to be threatened by some heinous characters and superpowered fiends, but he’ll always pull through. Plus it’s not like he can’t get a robotic replacement for nearly any part he loses in the process. Imagine SHIELD without it’s Director… as competent as Mack was in the big chair, he’s definitely not ready for the responsibility of supervising and coordinating the logistics of an independent intelligence organization. So no. Coulson is here to stay.

AoS Johnson

Daisy Johnson – 1,000,000 to 1

The Agent formerly known as Skye finally has the chance to lead her own squad of inhumans this week; hopefully it won’t be her last! Like Coulson, Johnson is staying put however she’ll likely take plenty more knocks on the head while taking on HYDRA. Daisy has been on a tear since SHIELD returned last month… rushing into skirmishes head first, bending rules, disregarding civil liberties and whatnot. She’ll face the consequences of her actions eventually, but they won’t be fatal. At least, not for her.

AoS Simmons

Jemma Simmons – 500,000 to 1

She lived on a desolate alien planet with a hunky astronaut for a lover – who was consumed by an inhuman parasite – for six damn months. Ain’t no way Jemma Gertrude Agatha Simmons (middle names are conjecture) is going out like that. Not when she’s finally wrapping her dainty science hands around a Glock.

AoS Mack

Alphonso Mackenzie – 250,000 to 1

No doubt everyone’s favorite axe man has been through a lot of scrapes in the last two seasons. Originally a character who was a staunch opponent of inhumans, Mackenzie’s view of the growing community has softened over time thanks to his BFF Daisy. Still, he remains fearful about coming toe-to-toe with a superpowered foe that would finally take him down for good and who knows… Mack’s time could finally be at hand! Or not. He’s not exactly teflon but the dude is made of iron. Alphonso will take a licking in the last few episodes, but he’ll likely keep on ticking.

AoS Peterson

Mike Peterson – 100,000 to 1

It’s been over a whole new generation of iPhones since we’ve last seen Mike “Deathlok” Peterson. Last time viewers saw Mike he was in bad shape: HYDRA was torturing and experimenting on him and Lincoln in the arctic, then Daisy came in and owned everyone. Disassembled and worse for wear, Fitz stated to Peterson SHIELD will install new prosthetics and that was that. More of a secret weapon than a secret warrior, Mike still has plenty of time to make an appearance this season and lord knows Coulson needs the extra firepower. Fun as it would be to see Deathlok again, guest starring for an episode or two just to blow up in outer space would be a waste of a long developed character. Besides, if it wasn’t for Mike, this group probably wouldn’t be together.

AoS Fitz

Leo Fitz – 75,000 to 1

Fitz has been in touch with his dark side for most of the season. His obsession to control the Monolith and rescue Simmons quickly turned to murderous revenge against “Will”. Leo isn’t even close to being unhinged, but getting in touch with his killer instinct has rounded out an already dynamic character. That all being written, Leo was supremely motivated to do whatever it took to save his one constant, Ms. Simmons. If her life is threatened by Hive once more, there’s no question Fitz would lay his on the line so she and the others could live another day.

AoS Morse Hunter

Bobbi Morse & Lance Hunter – 50,000 to 1

You can’t have one going through some strife without the other, be it in the pursuit of a formidable enemy or by their own hands. Although the pair are all but assured to lead the SHIELD spin-off Marvel’s Most Wanted as soon as this Fall, nothing is completely assured. That also goes for any potential appearances for the remainder of SHIELD’s episodes this season. They may be on the lam, but this pair could be the X factor Coulson needs to get the edge over HYDRA. Their deaths could be a real didn’t-see-that-coming moment for a show ready to raise the bar for its fourth season.

AoS Campbell

Lincoln Campbell – 25,000 to 1

At this point, Lincoln is a real wild card. The man is such an enigma, even he’s unsure about what he’ll do or feel the next day. It’s evident that Daisy means a great deal to him, but at this moment those two go together like a skunk dipped in perfume. Their rough patch seems to be behind them, however it would be awfully traumatic for Johnson if Campbell bit the bullet once he finally became aware that SHIELD is his one true family. His passing could become the focus Daisy needs to become more diligent and accountable as a leader.

AoS May

Melinda May – 10,000 to 1

Wait, May over Campbell?! Yep. There are a lot of factors that have occurred in SHIELD that could be spelling Melinda’s eventual demise. She’s groomed her own replacement in Daisy, the love of her life is now lost to her and despite accepting her past transgressions, that doesn’t mean she’s entirely at peace. We’re not saying we want May dead, but her loss would be a significant blow to the entire organization and radically change the narrative of the series.

AoS Creel

Carl Creel – 100 to 1

I know, what? “Why Creel??? He’s not even a part of the team!” True, but Coulson and Talbot have a fairly cordial working relationship now and both are on the same page when it comes to eliminating Gideon Malick. SHIELD and the ATCU could team-up once more at the eleventh hour to drop the hammer on Hive and his army of followers. It wouldn’t be too shocking a sacrifice, and it would fully redeem Creel who was a helpless victim of HYDRA like many other powered folks and SHIELD agents.

AoS Gutierrez

Joey Gutierrez – 10 to 1

Noooo, say it ain’t so! But he’s so awkward and cute and finally coming into his own and blah blah blah… who better to knock off than one of the more likeable characters on the show? Besides, it’s kind of in Joey’s makeup to look after folks. He’s a genuinely good guy and also a potentially formidable inhuman. If anything, Agents of SHIELD has the habit of wiping out beings with power levels that exceed Daisy’s. It’s a weak reason to off Gutierrez, but he’s also the new blood in the group, and they tend to go on the chopping block first.

AoS Rodriguez

Elena Rodriguez – 5 to 1

We’d hate to see you go, but hey… you can’t change the future on SHIELD! Not yet, at least. Though viewers barely got to know Elena, it’s not difficult to presume ‘Yo Yo’ would be the one to eat space dust considering the evidence presented in those five seconds. Of course that cross floating inside the quinjet could be from someone else, or from a character that hasn’t been introduced yet. This is exactly why audiences hate to be teased! It would be a grave disservice to an inhuman who left such a compelling first impression in “Bouncing Back”. The cross could be a red herring, then again…

AoS Koenig

Koenig – 1 to 1

Hear us out. The brothers/clones/LMDs haven’t been seen in some time now. What could they be doing at this very moment? They aren’t guarding any other old bases and secret installations since HYDRA gobbled most of them up. Seeing as Eric (RIP), Sam, and Billy are true believers it’s not impossible to believe they’d sacrifice themselves for the greater good. We all hope and pray that the Whedons, Tancharoen, and the writing staff have something very unexpected in store. Still, it’s awfully easy and highly amusing to visualize Patton Oswalt shooting off into the cosmos and pulling off a reverse Major Kong. Yaaaaaaaaaa hoooooooooooo!

What do you think, ol’ faithful reader? Who will be blasted to kingdom come? Did Johnson jump the gun in thinking someone will die? If Daisy saw the future doesn’t it mean she’s present for the explosion? So many questions! Leave your theories and speculations below!

As usual, Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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