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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – S2E1 – Shadows

One Word: odd.

But in a good way.

First Scene: Hydra Base, 1945. The S.S.R. obtains the very first 084. Peggy Carter herself leads the crew with some pretty awesome guns into the base, and basically makes an ass out of the Hydra officers.

I liked the beginning where the scorned, but kickass, Skye repelled down the rope and started talking like May (By the way, May is a way better trainer than the Ward ever was). Anyway, Skye and the team backed up mercenaries (undercover SHIELD apparently), when a mysterious bulletproof man showed up and hijacked a top-secret file on the very first 084.

Agent Carter

Director Coulson orders Skye to procure some information on this mysterious bulletproof man from the one and only, Grant Ward. Was it just me or did Ward have eyes like a serial killer? Claiming he was “enlightened,” and how everything became more “clear” made him sound more like a stalker than an ex-boyfriend (well, sometimes that’s both).

I loved when he started apologizing, Skye turned the clear wall opaque to shut him up. Even though he was creepy, he gave truthful information. He told Skye the mysterious man’s name is Carl Creel, who can turn into any material he touches. He also works for Hydra.  When they try to go after him, that stupid, ignorant General Talbot (who hates SHIELD with every fiber of his being), gets in the way. Creel attacks Talbot and Skye shoots Creel with electric bullets. Creel is put into government custody, and taken to the one place he wants to go: the storage container where all SHIELD items are kept.


When SHIELD goes in to retrieve the First 084, one of the mercenaries (Lucy Lawless) with them decided to touch the object in the case basically marked “never ever touch, you idiot.” Her hand starts to petrify and tightens the grip on the object. It starts sucking the life out of her (fun!).

The mercenaries abandon the team to get emergency help and they take off in a car. She decided that cutting off her hand is, apparently, the best way to go. Her partner starts cutting, and Creel hits the car. The woman and the partner are killed but the driver pretended to be dead to fool Creel. Creel takes off with the object and attention turns back to HQ.

Even though you see Simmons throughout the episode, it is just a figment of brain damaged Fitz’s imagination. #PoorFitz

Fitz & Simmons

All in all, I really liked the episode because it was like the first domino in a long line of dominos starting to fall. I demand more Peggy Carter crossovers throughout the season until her show starts. I mean, come on.

And what about Cap. Black Widow? Falcon? Something.

Anyway, just saying

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  1. Nice recap and welcome to the team. I like how Absorbing Man was portrayed. Except for the fact that he barely talk, I thought they really capture his essence from the comics. Also did they mention how long its been since last season, I kinda found it hard to believe that Skye Is all of a sudden a sharpshooting bad ass but overall a good episode and better start than last year.

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