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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S2E12 – Who You Really Are

Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ‘Aftershocks’

In Faro, Portugal, a group of friends are hanging out around a campfire on the beach. The friends are relaxing and enjoying the peaceful evening. Quickly, their evening is interrupted as Lady Sif emerges from the ocean. She says to the group, “Kava. I must find Kava.” No one knows the answer. She walks off down the beach. One of the guys offers help, thinking he may get to hook-up with her. She immediately knocks him several yards into the air, and he lands back with his group. Guess what, dude? She just not that into you. Sif continues to walk as if nothing has phased her. Someone in the group asks, “Lady, who the hell are you?” Sif replies to herself, “I do not know.”

Skye and May are in the training room working on their fighting skills. May tells Skye to quit holding back. Skye asks her, “You want full Mortal Kombat?” Skye is reluctant for fear of losing control. May explains that she must use her emotions during combat, but also remain in control.

Bobbi and Hunter are playing catch-up in the bed. Hunter shares with Bobbi that Coulson offers him a permanent position. They discuss past problems, including Bobbi’s dedication to S.H.I.E.L.D. Now that they work together, Hunter believes that things between them will be less complicated. The barriers that both of them have built since their break-up seems to be crumbling down.

Coulson and Mack are conducting inventory. Mack expresses his concern that Coulson has lost faith in him because of the disaster in Puerto Rico. Coulson reassures him that all is well. He wants Mack to take on a role out in the field. May interrupts to inform Coulson that they need to get on the bus. There is something that he must see.

Coulson arrives in Portugal, where Sif is being detained by the police. Coulson is warned of Sif’s aggressive behavior, and that the only way to calm her down was to tell her that Kava aka Coulson was on his way to see her.


Coulson meets with Sif. He informs her that he is not Kava, but that he is a friend. Coulson shows her a video on his tablet of the two of them working side by side. Sif tells Coulson that she has no memory of who she is except that she is from Asguard. She has no idea why she is on Earth. Coulson, who seems to have taken on the role of concierge to the Asguardians, says that he will help her solve this mystery. May informs the two that Skye found a video on Twitter. The video shows Sif fighting a normal looking man who’s as strong as she. She tells Coulson and May she has no memory of the fight.

The mystery man shows up at a hospital demanding supplies and fuel. His face is turning blue, and he is holding a weapon that looks like a small hammer.


The agents have gathered on the bus for Fitz and Simmons to go over the details of Sif and the mystery man’s brawl caught on video. They make their assessments that the man is definitely different. The team concludes they must get more evidence from the scene to determine who this man is.

Sif, May, and Coulson return to the pier in order to jog Sif’s memory of her recent fight. Their efforts were to no avail. Mac, Fitz, and Hunter are at the scene of the fight scoping it out. Hunter touches a lamppost and it falls over. Bewildered, they send samples of the lamppost to Simmons to analyze.


Coulson interviews a man who sells balloons about the fight. Coulson discovers that the stranger stole nitrogen. He then informs Bobbi and Skye to look for the strange man where they store nitrogen at the hospital.

Bobbi and Skye find the man at the hospital. He has just recharged a badge-shaped object with nitrogen and attached it on his shoulder. A fight ensues. Bobbi is thrown in the air and lands against the wall on the other side of the room. Skye pulls a gun. It shakes apart in her hand. Then the room shakes, shelves fall, and Skye falls to the ground. The man escapes.

Skye informed Coulson and Sif about the mystery man and his blue face. They deduced that he is Kree and up to no good.

Skye is telling Fitz about the gun and shaking room. She says that they need to tell Coulson, but Fitz insists that they should wait until he gets the analysis from her blood.

Skye, May, Sif, and Coulson discover that Kava means keys. They begin to search for the keys. Thinking of different kinds of keys, May finds a city named Chavez on a Portugal map. May said that Chavez means keys in English. They leave in search of the Kree. Skye asks to sit this one out.

Bobbi and Mac are talking secrets again. Bobbi wants to bring in Hunter in on the secret. Mac said that they could not risk it. Hunter may turn out to be on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s side which would be a conflict between them. Bobbi said that Mac was asking her to push him away.

May, Sif, and Coulson find the Kree, standing in front of a carved, wooden box. They shoot him with a net made to withstand his power. Returning to headquarters, they begin the interrogation. The Kree needs a weapon to restore her memory. He wants to earn their trust and ensures them that he’s not there to do harm.

Hunter and Bobbi are inspecting the Kree’s weapon to see how it works. However, during the discussion, Bobbi keeps giving Hunter the cold shoulder and finally says that she wants to slow things down. As Hunter walks off, Bobbi has a look of regret.

Coulson retrieves the weapon. The Kree says that it will only work in his hand. With a magnet-like force, the Kree gets the weapon and touches Sif. Her memory returns. Sif and the Kree discuss the history of Kree aliens. When the Kree recognized the ancient Kree signal from Earth, he came to help. The crate had enough diviners to create an army. When discovered by Fitz and Simmons, the crate was empty. Kree wants to get rid of anyone transformed. He calls these people,“abominations.” This frightens Skye. The whole place begins to quake. Everyone looks bewildered except May. She asks Skye if there is something that she wants to tell them. Coulson asks who is doing this. She replies, “I am.” Sif grabs her. Skye moves back. Windows shatter behind her.


Sif wants to take her to Asgard. Kree wants to destroy “the weapon.” Coulson runs with Skye. Kree knocks Mac out and Hunter. Bobbi and Kree go for round 2. Bobbi knocks the Kree down and uses his weapon against him.

May took Skye to cell that Ward was held. May tells her to focus and to calm down. Sif stabs through fake cell wall.

Skye grabs May’s gun and shot herself. Sif is in shock. Coulson explains that if you take Skye away from her people, it will make things worse.

Coulson take Sif and the Kree to a portal location to Asguard. Sif promises that she will get the Kree back to his planet. She warns Coulson about the dangers of leaving Skye with them. May expresses her concerns to Coulson. She reminds him that wherever Skye goes, death follows.

Simmons is upset that Fitz lied and did not tell her about Skye’s transformation. Bobbi, Mack, and Hunter are mad as well. Fitz tries to convince the others that they all need to protect Skye. Mack said, “No. We need protection.” Skye overhears their conversation and walks off. Fitz goes after her. Skye enters a cell with duffle bag in hand and no intentions on leaving.

Hunter talks to Mack and asks what’s up with Bobbi. Hunter reveals that he knows about the flash drive. He asks Mack, “Who is backup?” Mack puts Hunter in a sleeper hold and replies to himself, “ Damn it.”

Score | 7.5/10Things I liked about this episode:
  • Sif returned.
  • We finally get to see a Kree. Even though he was not completely in his true, physical form. I learned a lot about the Kree history.
  • Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13) made a guest appearance. I hope he returns. Like really soon.
Things I didn’t like about this episode:
  • Mac and Bobbi are driving me insane about their secret.
  • Not knowing the location of Ward is irritating me to the point of wanting to cause bodily harm. I’m rooting for him to change his ways and reunite with Skye. *Swoon*
  • I missed seeing the goofiness that Eddie McClintock brings to each of his roles that I’ve seen.

Hopefully, all my questions will be answered by the end of this season. Yeah right…

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