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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S2E17 – Melinda

Previously on Agents of SHIELD, ‘Afterlife’ 

If I Could Turn Back Time

Flashback to when Agent May was married to Dr. Andrew Garner (guest star, Blair Underwood). Im really digging May and Andrew. Im hoping the writers keep him around longer. May is filled with bliss and ready for the next step in their relationship: having children. Agent Coulson arrives to pick up May for their next mission. Coulson, May, and some other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are in route to Bahrain in search of a woman with powers named Eva. If S.H.I.E.L.D. can reach Eva before the Russians, she could possibly be turned into an asset.


Upon their arrival, Coulson locates Eva to coax her into coming with him. The plan falls into chaos when several unidentified men arrive and take Eva, a little girl, and some of the agents as hostages to a nearby warehouse. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s tactical unit goes in. Coulson and May lose contact with all of the agents. It’s time to send in The Cavalry. Yes, this is the operation where May gets her nickname.


May goes in and discovers the little girl is Eva’s daughter, Katya. Not only does Eva have powers, but so does Katya. Katya’s strength grew by the pain of others. One touch by Katya and her victim is out cold. Katya moves in on May. May has no other choice but to kill the little girl. Coulson reassures May she made the right choice, and saved a lot of lives. May is devastated. She shuts down completely. May becomes distant and requests a desk job at S.H.I.E.L.D. Enter the emotionless Agent Melinda May we all know and love.

“I’ve been through a lot with Coulson. He doesn’t go off the reservation without a good reason.” – May
Secret Agent Man

Present day, Bobbi is trying to convince May that Coulson is hiding secrets from everyone. Bobbi asks her did she know Coulson was working with Deathlok and the Theta Protocol project. May’s responses were all no. Later, May meets with Simmons and asks her did she know she was working on Deathlok technology, or about Coulson’s project, Theta Protocol? Simmons has no clue. May wants answers, but believes Coulson has reasons for all his secrets. May wants Fury’s tool box open now.

Fitz is on the run with the real tool box. He finds the safest place to open a sophisticated piece of technology: a men’s public bathroom. Using a nifty gadget, Fitz opens the tool box and a huge array of touch screen holograms appear. Selecting one, Fitz contacts Hunter and Coulson via tablet. Fitz wants to rendezvous with them. 

We Are Family

Jiaying is working with Skye by helping her control her powers. Sensing a connection, Skye feels like she is home. Jaiying finally confesses that she is Skye’s mom. Its about time. She explains that after Cal put her back together, they made it their mission to find Skye. They became ruthless. What does she mean by ruthless? Im kind of leary of Mama Jaiying. At least Cal owns his devious, psychotic ways. For now, Skye must keep her family a secret. The others might see her as a threat. To express her gratitude to Cal for finding their daughter, Jiaying convinces Skye to have dinner with the two. Skye shows up for dinner to find an overzealous Cal with a bouquet of daisies and a bottle of champagne.


Gordon is comforting Raina. She is still having a pity party about the results of her transformation. I dont know what she is whining about. She got to transform. Did she not realize there would be consequences? Lincoln hears Raina complaining about her nightmares, especially the one about Skye happily having dinner with her father and there is a bouquet of daisies. Lincoln realizes Raina’s gift.


Score | 7/10Top Marvelicious Moments
  • Finding out how May got the nickname, The Cavalry.
  • Seeing May in her fight scene.
  • Seeing Skye use her powers to make music and not just for destruction.
  • Learning more about how the transformation affected Raina.
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