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Agents of SHIELD – S2E2 – Heavy is the Head

Previously on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, ‘Shadows’

Let me just say, first off, every episode should have at least one female character on a motorcycle just like May, in the beginning. Badass chick on a bike? How could you go wrong?

Agents of SHIELD S2E2 May

Anyway, the episode started with the car wreck from the last episode. Lance Hunter, the only surviving mercenary, tries to get out of the car when May arrives to help him. As soon as she got there, soldiers were minutes out and May left to track down Creel. This is where the badass chick on a bike thing comes into play. She is weaving in and out of traffic on Creel’s tail and finally got a shot, but Coulson tells her to back off, and she reluctantly listens. Back to Lance: General Talbot offers him a deal to give up Coulson, and Lance takes it on the terms that he get paid $2M and a proper burial for Idaho and Hartley (Izzy).

Agents of SHIELD S2E2 Lance

Back at HQ, Coulson starts using this awesome Minority Report-esq screen that is completely virtual and pops back into his desk when he turns it off. So cool. In the engineering lab, Fitz, “Simmons”, and Mac try to figure out a way to suppress Creel’s power (even though they have no idea where he is). Creel is held up in this small diner where we find out that the stone has affected him (duh!), then a waitress touches him and she turns to stone.

Creel gets back to his trailer and receives a call from Hydra. They told him to drop the object at a second drop site in exchange for medical treatment to help with the “condition” he has obtained from the object. Creel gets frustrated and throws his phone. Who shows up? Raina — the girl in the flower dress. Raina offers Creel a deal to help him in exchange for the object. She shows him an alien metal that could possibly help Creel. Creel takes the metal, refuses the offer, and pushes Raina aside. Little does he know there is a tracker on the metal.

Agents of SHIELD S2E2 Raina

Raina calls Coulson to tell him about the metal and the chip. She asks him if he is seeing the future like Garrett. Coulson hangs up and gets the team rolling.

Agents of SHIELD Lance with Gun S2E2

Creel meets the guy at a second location but doesn’t realize he is under surveillance by SHIELD. Sky and May start to prepare for the op when Hunter ices them. He runs to the nearest building where Triplett is surveilling. He ices him, grabs the big-ass sniper rifle to shoot Creel for revenge (very stupid idea to become the hero when a bulletproof man you are shooting at starts to come after you). Anyway, he starts running and Creel follows, forgetting the object. Raina picks up the object in the midst of the chaos and takes off.


Back at the lab, Fitz has a genius idea to use a previous invention to neutralize Creel. Before Creel can kill anyone, Coulson steps in and uses the invention. Creel turns into stone, which I thought was weird. He could have turned into glass or something way cooler than stone.

After that huge incident, Coulson has a talk with General Talbot and hands him Creel in exchange for leaving SHIELD alone. They come to some sort of understanding and Creel starts to unstone (is that a word?). Back at HQ, May yells at Coulson and he has another “episode” (he draws doodles on the wall that are supposed to mean something mysterious). Yea, I don’t know either.

The screen fades to a dark hotel room with Raina. She is there with a guy who tells her to touch the object. She touches it and symbols appear on the object; it was like she was immune to the side effects. He tells her that everything will be better when Raina brings him his daughter (who I think is Sky). I loved the intrigue in this episode and the many possibilities going forward. Until the next episode.

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