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Agents of SHIELD – S2E3 – Making Friends and Influencing People

Previously on Agents of SHIELD, ‘Heavy is the Head’

Finally, we get to see Simmons and I love her new hair! Anyway, with all that girly stuff out the way, I will now get on with the recap.

So, it starts with Simmons and her cute little morning ritual. You know, exercise, getting dressed, etc. After getting dressed, she is walking down the street to a happy little song and then walks into a building with a very sweet security guard. She walks in, puts on her lab coat and right behind her is the ginormous insignia of HYDRA! Noooooooooooooooo! Working in the lab, she discovers that Hydra is looking into Donnie Gill, a kid who can freeze anything.


Simmons reports this intel to Coulson. Confused? I’ll explain.

Simmons is working for SHIELD undercover in Hydra. That’s why she left Fitz! It all makes sense. Coulson shows up with food that he cooked for her, telling her to make friends in powerful places to get more intel. As we learned last season, Simmons is a terrible liar so hopefully this ends well. After they received intel, the team started to try and track Gill. And who has the best Hydra intel? Ward. Skye basically kicks his ass (verbally) and then walks out.

Agents of SHIELD S2E3

Gill is in a house in Morocco, just a passing traveler trying to get away from SHIELD. Hydra shows up trying to recruit Gill. He freezes all of them, killing them. He finds out that more are coming and they (Hydra) are docked at Maribel Del Mar. He goes there and freezes all the water around the ship. He infiltrates and kills everyone on the ship.

Back at the Hydra lab, Simmons is brought into the head of security’s office. She is questioned because she did not tell the truth about knowing Gill. She is taken to Morocco as a test of loyalty to Hydra. She has to convince Gill to come back to Hydra.

At SHIELD HQ, Coulson instructs them to detain Gill or eliminate him. Everyone on the team leaves as soon as they find out where Gill is except for Fitz and Mac. Fitz is curious about “The Asset’s” identity, and then goes to where Ward is held. When he sees him… let’s just say it did not go very well.

He basically did to Ward what Ward did to him. He deprives Ward’s brain of oxygen, but before all the oxygen is sucked out, Ward tells them  there is something they should know about Gill. Apparently, Hydra uses brainwashing.

In the beginning of the episode, a young SHIELD agent was being tortured and being told to comply (just like Creel). Ward tells them Gill was already part of the Hydra program and that his brainwashing was deprogramed and he ran. Fitz and Mac desperately try to contact the team before his brainwashing kicks in again.

On the boat, Hydra sends in Simmons to convince Gill to comply. The head of security brainwasher dude tries to brainwash him through Simmons but it doesn’t work. By then, the team is already in position and Hunter is about to take out Simmons when May shoots him (payback for what happened while capturing Creel).

Simmons gets scared and runs before Gill can kill her. She meets up with the Hydra team and they capture Gill so they can trigger his brainwashing again. With his system rebooted, he complies with their order to freeze everyone inside, including May and Hunter.

Outside, Skye has a sniper rifle and is shooting down guards like nobody’s business. She fatally shoots Gill, and then takes a bad shot to maintain Simmons cover. With Simmons now safe, the team heads home.


The head of security and this Hydra brainwashing dude start to look at SHIELD as a threat. The young, now brainwashed, SHIELD agent says she is now happy to comply (creepy). They start to talk about Simmons and decide if she can’t be trusted, they will brainwash her.

Back at SHIELD HQ, Skye talks to Ward about what happened and what his true intentions are. He tells her all he wants is to tell the truth and then tells her that her father is still alive, and that he would like to take her to him if she will let him.

Good episode, but I hope the next one is juicer. More SHIELD, please!

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