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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – S3E1 – Laws of Nature

Previously on S.H.I.E.L.D

Quakin’ in their boots

It’s another lovely morning in the neighborhood… until someone unwittingly goes through The Mist. We knew those damn fish oil pills would come back to bite everyone in the ass. The remains of a Terrigen statue and spilled fish oil pills litter a nearly destroyed kitchen, as a path of destruction leads from the apartment to the city streets. This is exactly why I don’t take vitamins or supplements.

A panicked man walks the streets, melting metal, scaring the hell out of people.



The Men In Black surround him, with instructions to take him out if need be. Though he surrenders, he melts their guns and runs away. Hiding in an alley, he sees them get knocked back down the street. It’s QUAKE!! Miss Johnson if you’re nasty.

Daisy, Mack, and Hunter zip Joey to safety via a pod built with poly-tectic adaptive materials, which shoots through the sky to the new and improved bus. That was the coolest shit I’ve seen in a minute. The trio follows in a quinjet. The leader of the MIB, the Woman of Mystery, scolds them for allowing Joey to get rescued. From the crowd, Coulson takes her picture.


Taking care of business

On the bus, Daisy drops some mad science knowledge and $5 words to explain Joey’s new situation to him. Joey is understandably upset, but she talks Joey down with the voice of experience, as if she’s helped tons of people through the transition. I see you, Boo. I love this new Daisy; she’s shed the immaturity of Skye and has taken to her new role in S.H.I.E.L.D.; and it looks good on her. And I love that haircut!

Coulson tells Daisy that so far there have been only five sightings of Inhumans; all in the Continental U.S. He runs the photo of the Woman of Mystery through facial recognition software, to get a lead on who she is and where and why she’s taking Inhumans. Meanwhile, the woman in question is in a facility with an MIB, directing him to find out who got Joey, as they view the dead bodies of six Inhumans with holes in their chests.

Welcome aboard

As Joey’s pod disembarks from the bus, Bobbi introduces herself. She explains that the screen in his room will perform medical scans and quips that she knows he isn’t a fan of check-ups. When Joey tells her to stop acting like she knows him, she tells him all the personal details about his life that she found on his Facebook profile. And I made sure my Facebook privacy settings were still set to “Fort Knox”.

With some investigating, Hunter learns The MIB and Woman of Mystery are not HYDRA, but another well-funded group. They’ve pinged several aliases for her, for identities with MI:6, CIA, and the CDC. In order to find her, they need to trace the hardware they picked off one of the MIB. Hunter refuses to ask Bobbi to check out the hardware because once again, he isn’t talking to her. What gives with these two?

Daisy and Mack go talk to Joey, to give him more details about why he changed. He tells them to stop pussyfooting and just tell them. Daisy explains Terrigenesis to him and tells him he’s an Inhuman. Joey laughs it off until he finds out he can’t leave until he learns to control his powers and they decide he won’t use them unless necessary. In a nutshell, he can’t go back to his old life. Still not believing them, he grabs his stuff to leave; they show him newscasts of the destruction he caused and that he’s being sought. He’s freaking out; thinking about losing his freedom and dumb ol’ Mack goes and says the MIB will shoot him in the head if they find him. Great soft skills you got there, bruh. Joey grabs Daisy but he learned, you don’t put your hands on Daisy Johnson.

Coulson takes the MIB hardware to the lab. Bobbi mentions the fish oil was pulled from shelves to slow down the spread of The Mist, but some still got by. Good news: the chemicals in the water won’t hurt sea life or humans. Bad news: those with the alien genes will become Inhuman and the chemicals could be in other sea life. Well, damn. Fitz created a computer simulation to tell how widespread the problem will be. Coulson seems angry about Fitz out chasing leads to find Simmons—why doesn’t he understand why Fitz is so upset?

He loves her yeah, yeah, yeah

Fitz is in Morocco, looking pretty damn good with that stubble and dogged determination. Briefcase in tow, he demands to see a man about a thing. The henchmen say no, but Fitz says what’s in the briefcase will make the man say yes.

Back on the base, Bobbi calls Mack to the lab for a second opinion on the hardware she tested. Mack asks about Fitz and questions his looking for ways to save Simmons. See, this is why I don’t like him. He always has something to whine about. Good thing he looks good in that black tee shirt, or I’d kick him off my team. With his fine ass.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4A7097″ class=”” size=””]“This woman, you went to all this trouble for; you love her, yeah?” – Yusef  “Yeah,” – Fitz.[/pullquote]

Fitz is taken to see the man since they couldn’t get in the briefcase. He’ll open it if they give him the scroll he’s pretty sure they have. That’s a huge risk to take and not be 100% sure…just saying. Yusef, the ringleader, is like, “Open the case or you die.” His henchmen hit Fitz and homie spits out blood and says, “Spill my blood in the sand; I’m not opening the case until I get that scroll. So what you got?” Fitz has gone complete bad ass! I see you, too, boo. Yusef pulls out the scroll and Fitz opens the case to reveal splinter bombs. Aw, shit! He explains how they work and Yusef tries to kill him with one; too bad it’s really flashbang, sucka! Fitz escapes with the scroll.

Observing Joey, Daisy tells Coulson she needs Lincoln’s help with the new Inhumans. Even though he doesn’t want any parts of them, Coulson sends her and Mack to persuade him to help.

Having tracked the hardware back to DARPA, Bobbi finds out who the Woman of Mystery is, and finds a point where Coulson can get to her alone. Except she’s not alone. But Coulson doesn’t look worried.

Strangers on a train

Coulson and Rosalind simmer in sexual tension and trade witty, spy banter. It wasn’t just me who thought that was kind of sexy, was it? And then she ruined it by mentioning T.A.H.I.T.I. Why she bringing up old shit?

At the hospital where Lincoln works, Daisy and Mack ask Lincoln if he’ll help with Joey. He tells them to hit the bricks so he can have a normal life. He tries to leave and Mack stops him. C’mon, Mack; you don’t want none of that.

Rosalind tells Coulson she’s charged with neutralizing the threat Inhumans pose. She and Coulson go back and forth only to find out neither of them is harming Inhumans.


Hit ‘em with your best shot

Mack gets in Lincoln’s face like he can take him. Boy, bye. The lights flicker, but it’s not Lincoln. They leave the room to see the security guard held up by an energy ball. And. In. Walks. Lash. Holy shit!


Lincoln rushes Lash and they trade energy blasts. Lash gets the best of Lincoln, so Daisy quakes him. As he recovers, Mack unloads a clip on him. To get away, Lash cuts a portal in the wall and disappears. Yes, that happened. As Mack and Daisy go after Lash, Lincoln sees that a nurse saw everything; welp, the jig is up.

Roaslind and Coulson both get calls about what’s happening; she takes call in the other car. While one MIB goes through Hunter’s bag and removes stuff, Coulson tells another that his phone will keep ringing unless he answers it. The guy tries to get to Coulson’s phone, but Coulson TAKES OFF HIS HAND and hits the guy with it. Let me say that again: HE TAKES OFF HIS HAND AND HITS THE GUY WITH IT!! Hunter hits the other guy and activates the contraption. Rosalind comes back to find Hunter and Coulson have escaped.

In the darkened hallways of the hospital, the trio searches for Lash. He sneaks Mack and knocks him out. Lincoln and Daisy use their powers on him again, pushing him backwards down the hall. Lash fights against it to make his way to them, so Daisy quakes the damn floor! What did I just see?? He falls through, but escapes. The police arrive, so Lincoln, and Daisy and Mack go their separate ways.


Man on a mission

At the base, Bobbi is in the locker room waiting for Hunter. He says he hasn’t been talking to her because the groom shouldn’t see the bride on their wedding day. She says he read too much into her wanting her wedding ring; she wanted it back in case something happens to him when he goes after Ward.

Them’s fighting words

On TV, the President delivers a statement about Inhumans, as all of S.H.I.E.L.D. watch. President announces he established a special task force to catch Inhumans; Advanced Threat Containment Unit (ATCU). That nurse spills the beans about Lincoln; scaredy-cat snitch. Coulson gets the results of the Terrigen simulation: it’ll be worldwide, with multiple Inhuman within 17 months and 21 days. I say again, holy shit.

Quit breakin’ my heart

Fitz returns with the scroll to find Coulson waiting for him. Coulson lays into him about continuing his search to find Simmons. He mentions two important things: the Monolith was scanned but appears solid throughout and Fitz looked into Pym Technologies, though there no evidence to support Simmons shrinking. Fitz determines the monolith could be a black hole. The parchment will tell them exactly what the monolith is…DEATH. Coulson decides he’s going to tell Simmons’ family she’s missing. He urges Fitz to tell her goodbye, so he can get his head in the game. Fitz agrees and when Coulson leaves, he grabs a shotgun, goes to room with Monolith, shoots the lock, and beats the hell out of the monolith while yelling at it. Fitz is breaking my heart into a million, little pieces.

Simmons is running across a barren wasteland, hiding from something. She hears rumbling and growling, looks out to see a planet in the distance, and runs.


  • This was the best season premiere of 2015. No, I haven’t seen every premiere yet, and I don’t care. AoS continues to deliver the best of everything I could look for in a show. I was spellbound from start to finish.
  • I can’t wait for May to return, but this vacation was very much needed. I’m hoping she got back Dr. Feelgood; getting her head and her heart right. Please don’t let it be blind hope.
  • I like Joey and I hope he sticks around. I don’t yet know if he’ll be able to control his power, but I hope so, so he can join the team.
  • Game-score-10Where is Simmons? I’m wondering if where she is will tie-in with a movie later down the line. I love the references to Age of Ultron and Ant-Man in this episode. I hope they get her back soon, but I hope she isn’t the worse for wear. Could she come back with powers?
  • The Terigenis simulation says it will be on and poppin’ with a world full of Inhumans in about a year and a half. What movie comes out at that point? Depending on whether or not there’s a time jump it could be just about anything from the MCU. These, my friends, are exciting times.
  • I miss Ward and his evil ways.
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