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Agents of SHIELD – S3E11 – Bouncing Back

Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, ‘Maveth’

Daisy and crew head to Bogota, Colombia to investigate the disappearance of a weapons cache at the hands of an Inhuman. After capturing Elena Rodriguez, they realize she’s not evil, but uses her power to clean the streets of Bogota, like a one Inhuman crimestoppers team.

Gideon Malick cautiously triumphs over the return of “Ward”, while Mr. Giyera questions what it is and what it can do. “Ward” gathers his strength.

Even with a new director assignment, as head of ACTU, under his belt, Coulson is still bent on revenge. He goes to extremes to find Gideon Malick.

Inhuman nature

Elena Rodriguez believes her powers are a gift from God and she uses them to help the people and her city. Her powers work by bouncing her back to her starting point. Since they’re connected to her pulse, she can go as far as her heartbeat will take her. Mack spots her while investigating the weapons theft; she snatches his gun then snatches him.

Images: ABC/Screenshots

Images: ABC/Screenshots

Not one fuck left

Jonesing for info about Malick, Coulson collects Werner von Strucker, who has significant brain damage, so he can put him through T.AH.I.T.I. Poor kid. Coulson admits he has a problem with what they’re doing, because he knows what it’s like, but he’s gonna do it anyway. Von Strucker is stuck in traumatic event, so Coulson suggest Lincoln use his power to snap him out of it and access other parts of his brain. It works and Werner tells them how he got in touch with Malick.


Coulson being Fury

Coulson goes to the location Von Strucker mentioned. After a brief moment of elevator music, he threatens Malick and lets him know they’re tracing all of his locations. Malick is completely unbothered about losing a few million dollars or Coulson tracing him.

Squad up

Mack enlists Elena’s help in saving Bobbi and Hunter from crooked Colonel Ramos and his Inhuman Medusa henchman.

FitzSimmons feels

FitzSimmons are so damn awkward around each other; being way too formal for people who kissed each other with tongue. Fed up, Simmons admits she misses Fitz. He admits to some guilt over killing “Will”, but she’s not having it, since that wasn’t Will. She suggests that they start over and they re-introduce themselves.

preview-full-Creepy ass Ward preview-full-re-introduction

May’s best line “Some things you can’t move past. They scar you, change you permanently.”

Best line “How do you lose someone as big as Mack?” That was my question, Daisy.

The President’s best line “Isn’t Black Ops where you feel most comfortable?”


You learn something new every day

Simmons remotely modifies the containment module Daisy will use for Elena, explaining to Lincoln that since Inhumans’ powers are random, they found out a way to make those modifications in a jiff. Lincoln gives her a brief education on Inhumans: their powers aren’t random, but fill an evolutionary need; to create equilibrium in the species.

Badass moment

In the Bogota police station, Daisy quakes fools left and right. Elena helps her by taking the officers’ weapons before they can hurt Daisy.


It’s going down

Over the radio, Mack warns Daisy, Joey, and Elena about Medua Eyes’ power just as he comes around the corner. Too bad she doesn’t understand English. Elena gets the Inhuman lock band on him, but looks into his eyes, turns to stone, and bounces back into a wall. Joey pushes Medusa Eyes’ sunglasses into his face to keep them on and Daisy gives him a quake knockout.

preview-full-Yo-Yo meets Medusa

HYDRA can’t stop, won’t stop

Mr. Giyera tells Gideon about what went down in Bogota. As SHIELD is taking Medusa Eyes away, HYDRA shows up with their own quinjet and a magical machine that can cut a perfect, clean hole into a ceiling. While everyone stands around surprised, they zip Medusa Eyes up, up, and away.

Do the creep

Finally awake, “Ward” stays in its white room, catching up on its stories. A few steady meals of raw meat, gives it enough strength to talk shit about people not believing what it can do; but he’ll make believers out of them yet. I don’t know if I wanna see that.

preview-full-Creepy ass Ward

Secret Warriors

Even though she would be great for the Secret Warriors, Elena refuses to stay with S.H.I.E.L.D. so she can continue helping her people. Mack points out that it’ll be hard to have a team spread over the world, but Daisy counters that her team of hackers were spread out and worked together fine. With a little tech, say a S.H.I.E.L.D. smart watch, they can keep tabs on each other and squad up when necessary.

Agents of SHIELD S3E11
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Another excellent episode. So much happened, so many questions I had were answered; even though I still have some, I felt fulfilled by what I got here. I’ve given Mack a hard time; he’s so standoffish. It was good to see him let his guard down a bit. I know it wasn’t just me; Mack was crushin’ on Yo-Yo, right? I can see that happening. Though it leaves my Mack and Joey dreams in the dust. Ah, well.

Daisy sent Joey home to a “normal” life and Elena is back to her Crimestoppers gig. I can’t wait to see in what situations they band together. And how’d they get that tech so fast? Talbot will be back, working with or rather for Coulson in the ATCU. I’m happy to see him back.

It’s been announced that Ward is Hive from the comics. I don’t know much about that character, but I plan to read up over the next few days/weeks. I’ll say this, I didn’t think Ward could get worse. Hive is just plain creepy.

In the cold open, we see that three months from now, in space, Yo-Yo’s cross and chain will be floating in a pod, with blood floating near it; then a fireball and an explosion. What?! We just got her, we can’t lose her this soon! Or is that someone else?? And three months? In time for Civil War?

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