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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S3E19 – Failed Experiments

Previously on Agents of SHIELD, “The Singularity”

Hive shares his origin story with a captivated Daisy, deepening their connection with the parallels of how they came to be. The Kree gripped him up a few thousand years ago, and experimented on him; using their blood to change his DNA, thus making him Inhuman. With the good Dr. Radcliffe in residence, Hive begins the next part of his plan for world dominance—doing the same damn thing the Kree did to him; changing humans into Inhumans.

Image: ABC

Image: ABC

With nothing to do but worry and wait, Lincoln begs to be of help in finding Daisy or fighting Hive. Nope, they don’t want or need his help and make no bones about letting him know. Why does everybody hate Lincoln? There’s some residual anger about how he dealt with Alisha, but it’s perplexing as to why? They’ve all done questionable stuff and they’ve all disobeyed orders. At least he’s honest about his motivations. And wasn’t Coulson all too willing to sacrifice Lincoln not too long ago and Lincoln went ahead with it, so he could be of help?

FitzSimmons continue their work on the antitoxin, but can’t agree on its use. While it is destroying the virus, Gemma thinks it will also destroy the host’s immune system first—and they don’t even know what it’ll do to Inhuman DNA. She’s such a buzzkill. Fitz suggests they don’t have another choice other than to use it, because they may not have another way to stop Hive. Who ever will they get to volunteer for such a thing? Eavesdropping, Creepy McCreeperton Lincoln volunteers for tribute with zero hesitation. Of course there’s some push back, but at this point, they should realize that not letting him help will be more of a problem than letting him.

Coulson has a Daisy sighting via facial recognition software. Mack thinks it’s a great opportunity to save Daisy; he wants to scoop her up and get her head straight. But Coulson thinks it’s a trap and is more worried about stopping Hive. Guys, guys stop arguing; you’re both pretty. Coulson sends May and Mack to Wyoming, with a team, to not save Daisy, but to kill Hive.

Daisy or Hive

Daisy drank heavily from the Kool-Aid Hive is making; must be all that sugar. She’s all about their connection and helping others see this new reality. She’s just as creepy as Hive. The first round of the experiment goes way wrong when the test subjects melt, ew, and Hive is more than a little pissed about the outcome. Lightweight blaming Hive, Dr. Radcliffe explains the experiment failed because he didn’t have the right ingredients: DNA from a living Kree. Betcha next time he speaks up about what he needs.


Together with Coulson, FitzSimmons and Lincoln discuss the pros and cons of taking the antitoxin; Lincoln is aware of the possible sacrifice he would be making by being the test rabbit, but Simmons reiterates that his immune system could be destroyed and he could die. And Lincoln makes a great point—she’s not the only doctor there; he’s one, too; and she’s being overly cautious. Her rebuttal: he’s being a lovesick fool. Oh, like Fitz when he decided to jump into a portal to save your ass? Or like Coulson when he decided to avenge Rosalind’s death? Or maybe like May when she decided to go after Andrew/Lash?

For the first time, the original team is unlikable as a collective. They patently ignore the things they’ve done and give everyone else shit about their actions. Over it! Fitz agrees it could be dangerous, but it could also work. Since he trusts Gemma more than Lincoln, Coulson puts the kibosh on Lincoln’s volunteer efforts and tells them to find another way.

FitzSimmons goes off for a coffee break to establish rules for their budding romance, leaving Lincoln alone with the antitoxin. If you don’t want someone to do something, don’t leave the antitoxin lying around. Geez. Of course he takes it and takes out the lab computers, the servers, and his immune system, too. Certain the antitoxin will work, Lincoln refuses an elixir that will help him. His immune system is not compromised and the antitoxin didn’t even work. This is why you let people help when they beg you.


Hive’s Inhuman army hang out at a dive bar in their abandoned town, throwing back a few beers, getting to know each other, and James wants to know Daisy a little better. No, sir, she’s with Lincoln and nothing has changed that. Talk turns to SHIELD, and she suddenly has an epiphany: she has to make her friends understand why she’s with Hive. If you can’t beat ‘em, make ‘em join your Inhuman ranks even though it could kill them and even if it doesn’t it’s mind control. Great plan, Daisy. Hive is worried about SHIELD, too, and whether or not Daisy will be able to defeat them when they come a-callin’. She tells him her plan to use them as guinea pigs and proves her conviction to his plans. This works out great because Hive used the sphere to call Kree reapers that have been orbiting the solar system just in case some shit popped off. Daisy’s mission is to get blood from the Kree and she’s so gung ho about it.


May and Mack share the details of their mission– get in, kill Hive, and get out without killing any other Inhumans–with the red shirts—er, volunteer recruits who are going to Wyoming with them. Introducing new characters at this point feels cheap and wrong; they’re marked for death, right? Mack is still up in his feelings about saving Daisy; he feels guilty because he didn’t know she was turned. That kind of talk will get him and possibly everyone else killed. As great as Mack is, he has a code that makes zero sense on most days. There’s no reason to feel guilty; it’s not like Daisy wants to be under Hive’s control. May goes undercover in the bar, pretending to be Hydra, so she can get info from the talkative James. Dude talks way too much, trying to impress her. He not only gives up Hive’s location, he tells her the plan.


Badass moment: The Kree waste no time on greetings and salutations; they take out Alisha and everybody else in their wake. One Kree goes after Hive and the other tracks down Daisy and the good doctor. Why bother discussing why you have to kill someone? Monologuing before killing someone is so 1987. Daisy tries hand-to-hand combat first, but after a good hit that knocks her off her feet, she lets loose with her quake, breaking the Kree’s arm, both legs, and spine. He’s still alive though, so it works; Dr. Radcliffe drains it. Hive fights his Kree, evading most attacks and using his hands for only defensive moves. Kree seems to be beating Hive, then again, Hive is barely breaking a sweat. It gets the best of…it and melts off its face. Again, ew. Seeing him occupied with feeding, May and the team take quite a few, well-aimed shots don’t even make Hive flinch. When he repairs his blown off shoulder, they realize it’s time to get.

Daisy and Hive

Mack interrupts Daisy and the doctor, hoping to save her, but she says she doesn’t need saving. She has a lot to say about SHIELD messing up both of their lives. Everything she says is mean and hurtful; questioning their friendship and talking about how Bobbi and Hunter left because there was no reason to stay. Damn, Daisy; that’s low. She gives him an out, tells him to leave but he takes off his weapon and keeps up with the crazy, savior talk. Why is he trying to talk her down? She don’t wanna come back, bruh. Seeing she won’t give in, Mack uses a splinter bomb to destroy the Kree body, pissing her all the way off. Daisy quakes him outside, disables his arms, and beats the hell out of him. May rolls up and shoots her before she can kill him. Emergency evac arrives and they escape before Hive can kill everyone. Hive has Kree heart, but not enough blood for the transformations. Daisy has failed him and her ties to SHIELD are too strong. This connection he has with her makes her feel like she has to do anything to prove her worth, even while nursing a bullet to the arm. Next thing you know, old girl is offering herself and her Kree DNA up for tribute, and he looks all too willing to accept.

Best line: “Only billionaires can build iron suits. Only the military can make super soldiers, which can only lead to a war of its own.” ~Hive

Second best line: “But Coulson knew that I was lost, so he’d offered up his team of misfit toys just to fill that emptiness.”~ Daisy

Low blow: “No, no, Mack, I cared about you, too. After what happened with my parents, I needed someone and you—you were almost like a big brother to me. But let’s be honest—you struggle to be a real brother to the one that you have.” ~Daisy


Another excellent episode. I loved the Civil War references and I’m eager to see if anything from the show ties into the movie.

Although I’m on edge, worrying about who will die this season, there was enough hypocritical bullshit from Team Reg to make me yearn for one of them to go. I’m used to Coulson being wishy-washy and problematic in his choices for the team, but the rest of them? I expected better. Why couldn’t they see that Lincoln felt helpless and wanted something to do so he could feel better about the situation? Daisy is officially as scary as Hive, but I still don’t want her drained. These next few episodes are gonna have my stomach in knots.

Agents of SHIELD S3E19
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