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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S3E3 – A Wanted (Inhu)man

Previously on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ‘Purpose in the Machine’

Lincoln is on the run after a nationwide manhunt has been issued for him and his face has been plastered all over TV; the ATCU don’t play. His running leads him to an old friend and even more trouble.

While Daisy, Mack, and Phil try to help Lincoln and get the ATCU to stop being so dramatic in their pursuit of him, Hunter and May fight their way into the belly of the beast—HYDRA.

Though Simmons is back, she’s not quite back to normal. Her time away has changed her both physically and mentally; sensitivity to sound and light are nothing next to crying at the drop of a dime. Visits to other solar systems really takes a toll.

Very Special Effects

In a field, surrounded by the ATCU tac team, Lincoln sends electricity into a transmission tower, creating a spark “rain” storm which gives him cover to escape. Not only was it cool, it was beautiful.

Her name is not Skye

For once, only one person called Daisy “Skye”, and she gets a pass because she was stuck in another solar system for months.

Badass Moment

While Hunter fights Richie, three huge guys approach May and come on way too strong. Refusing her no, they take her to another room, where she kicks the living shit out of them. She does this crazy scissor move, grabbing one guy with her thighs and somersaults him onto the floor. Like, what?! She’s incredible.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Coulson Being Fury

In a move right out of Fury’s playbook, Coulson orders Mack and Daisy to let the ATCU team take Lincoln… without consulting them. Didn’t anyone ever tell him teamwork makes the dream work? When Rosalind orders her men to instead take Daisy, since Lincoln escaped, he makes a deal with her, that he will give them the information they need.

Inhuman Nature

Lincoln believes he’s dangerous and it’s hard to argue that when sparks come flying out of his hand, but that shit is still cool. His best spark: when he shoots an electrical current into the floor, sending the ATCU team flying.


FitzSimmons Feels

Fitz takes Simmons out on the date that was supposed to be. Understanding sounds bother her, he rents the restaurant so she wouldn’t have any distractions. Still overwhelmed by everything, Simmons begins to cry. Later, she tells Bobbi she has to go back inside the monolith.

But we just got you back!


Best Line(s)

Rosalind: “Last time we met, you, uh, disarmed me with your evasive tactics.”

Coulson: “I see what you did there.”

Rosalind: “No, I gotta hand it to you, makes me wonder what else you got up your sleeve.”

Totally didn’t see that coming

Both Lincoln and Hunter accidentally killed people. Lincoln’s friend, John, had a heart attack after Lincoln used his powers against him. Though Lincoln tried to save him, John died. In order to get into HYDRA, Hunter had to fight his friend, Richie, who was pissed that Hunter made fun of him after his fiancée left him. Hunter killed him with three deadly hits with brass knuckles. Sorry, mate.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S3E3
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The underlying theme of this episode seemed to be betrayal. Wait, that’s every week when Ward is around. It sucks that both Lincoln and Hunter killed their friends; and they both seemed to take it hard. But while Hunter seems to be staying focused on “Mission Kill Ward for Hurting My Bae”, Lincoln is losing his way. All this running might make him run straight back to his old habit, drinking. Remember back when Coulson was etching into walls, running around the world for clues as to where the chamber he was obsessed with could be? Everyone was so suspicious of him, but he wanted their trust. It seems like we’re right back at that point. Yes, he’s the Director, but as a team, shouldn’t he let them know what he’s planning? Oh, right, he takes after Fury; what am I thinking? At least Mack and Daisy are working well together, and Bobbi is getting back into fighting shape. It’s great to see May kicking ass as usual. Then there’s FitzSimmons; man, they are so heartbreaking. With all she’s been through, Simmons saying she has to go back through the monolith is surprising. What did she see on the other side?

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