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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S3E4 – Devils You Know

Previously on Agents of SHIELD, ‘A Wanted (In)human’

Starring: Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennett, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Nick Blood, Adrianne Palicki, Henry Simmons, Constance Zimmer, Matthew Willig | Director: Ron Underwood


Lash is on the offensive and quickly dispatches more Inhumans before SHIELD could intervene. The ATCU arrive and the two parties form an uneasy partnership to stop Lash and to save/study new Inhumans.


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Dr. Garner and Coulson have a terse discussion about SHIELD’s use of untested Inhumans in the field; May returns to SHIELD HQ hoping Phil will lend a hand (HA!) in reining Hunter in before he does any real damage.

Fitz is increasingly on edge because Simmons remains mum about her experiences beyond our solar system. Leo discovers a file Jemma has been amassing and learns what and why she’s been researching on her own.


While trying to warn her friends about Lash, Alisha – last seen assisting Jiaying with her plan to kill all of humanity in the season two finale – now runs with SHIELD, and suffers the loss of one of her duplicates. The trauma of her murder places Alisha in shock, taking her out of action indefinitely.


Mack, Daisy and Bobbi openly admit their disdain for the ATCU (and vice versa). However Coulson and Price appear to enjoy their tête-à-têtes, making their respective teams basically pinch their noses and gag in disgust. The bosses’ peculiar dalliances serve purpose as the two agencies share intelligence (not an euphemism!) and hasten an end to Lash’s rampage.


May wants to end Ward and his operation once and for all yet she’s concerned about Hunter’s costly decisions to better ingratiate himself with Kebo and the others. The image of Bobbi broken and bloodied still racing through his mind, Lance is going full throttle to accomplish the mission as quickly as possible. May surprises Coulson when she revisits her old stomping grounds, asking for any assistance he could supply.


During the hunt for Lash, Mack and Daisy – with help from the ATCU – find and capture Dwight Frye (Chad Lindberg), a government bureaucrat who turned Inhuman and inherited possibly the world’s worst power: an allergic reaction to other Inhumans. Due to his extreme cases of spontaneous psoriasis, Frye aids Lash by compiling a list of Inhumans to eliminate. All in the hopes of restoring his Proactiv glow once more. Unfortunately for Dwight, Lash terminated his services before SHIELD and the ATCU could outsource them. RIP, Crusty.



Hunter’s timetable is rushed thanks to Kebo’s (Daz Crawford) eagerness to welcome “Richie” into the fold. As soon as Lance and Grant recognize each other, HYDRA thugs start dropping like flies. May saves Hunter’s hide from becoming a bullet-riddled bloodbag but Ward has another card to play: Werner Von Strucker.

Werner and a pair of mouthbreathers corner Dr. Garner with a couple tanks of gasoline in tow. Ward’s HYDRA wants to blaze a new trail across the world, but I don’t think he meant literally, guys. Although Garner may die if he doesn’t stand down, Lance doesn’t give a damn and rushes in with guns blazing. After dozens of bullets are shot, Hunter finally manages to wound Ward before he escapes through the window. May, understandably, is pissed.



Though currently strained, Fitz and Simmon’s friendship is still holding together well, at least in regards to how evidence should be bagged at a crime scene. Simmons remains secretive about her research and desire to return to the planet half a universe away. Eventually, Fitz’s inquisitiveness overrides his patience for Simmons’ recovery and it nearly explodes in his face. Thankfully for him, Jemma finally reveals her plan to reopen the portal and why she must go back to the (allegedly barren) planet. Of course, viewers have to wait until next week. DAG NABBIT!



Mack: I can’t see a damn thing.
Daisy: Do you want me to take point?
Mack, hesitating: I’m going, I’m going…

Price, remarking Coulson’s hand: Does it really have a laser finger?
Coulson: That’s classified.

Now that Price and the ATCU are aware Inhumans were around well before the outbreak, the conditions of the alliance with SHIELD could change as Rosalind is confident in gaining the upper hand over Coulson. HYDRA lives another day thanks to Hunter’s botched mission and it could have cost Dr. Garner his life. Keyword, could. Werner ran out of the shop with a panicked look on his face, so it’s possible Andrew has a few hidden skills up his sleeve? Overall, everyone has a beef with someone, causing personal and professional relationships to slowly unravel by the smallest of actions. It’s not the best of times to be a SHIELD Agent. Nonetheless, what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger – through Terrigen mists or cybernetics. Obviously.

Agents of SHIELD S3E4
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Trust is the theme that’s put under considerable strain in “Devils You Know”. Coulson must rely on the word of Price; Simmons remains cagey towards Fitz; May has to place her faith in Hunter in not messing up their operation. In the meantime there are rampant misgivings between SHIELD and the ATCU, especially after they attempted to seize Daisy.

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