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Agents of SHIELD – S3E6 – Among Us Hide

Previously on AoS, ‘4,722 Hours’

Starring: Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennett, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Adrianne Palicki, Henry Simmons, Blair Underwood, Luke Mitchell, Daz Crawford | Directed By: Dwight Little


Coulson red cards Hunter and May takes over the task of finding and killing Ward. Bobbi is finally giving a chance to jump back in the field; Mack and Daisy (with a punch-happy Hunter) tail Banks to find out if he’s Inhuman. Coulson and Price play nice while touring the ATCU, and Melinda learns the awful truth about the identity of Lash.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC


First seen in The Avengers as part of The Council, Gideon Malick (Powers Boothe), an opportunist so ruthless, no doubt he’d sell his own mother out to earn a favor for future use. Right now it appears to be on the side of HYDRA, only because he has someone they would happily pay for.



Since fouling things up during the undercover operation and getting on May’s bad side for probably the rest of his natural life, Lance is told to ride the pines by Coulson. Hunter can’t stand being on the sidelines and tries to help out his teammates any way he can. Normally they’d welcome any assistance with their respective duties but knowing that Lance is even more of a loose cannon than he usually is puts all of them on edge.

Hunter is on an island and he’s begrudgingly taken in by Daisy and Mack to drive them around town to surveil ATCU Agent Banks (Andrew Howard). Even though he’s on the hot seat, Hunter doesn’t go by-the-book and tags Banks to acquire a DNA sample. No med kit? No problem! He’ll punch the blood out!

Despite Hunter’s personal and professional setbacks, he remains one of the more well-rounded and exciting characters on the team. Lance has always been a square peg in the round hole that is SHIELD; he freely admits his emotions do get the better of him – a through line that bends and shapes its way in “Among” – but thrives in those circumstances unlike his associates who tend to keep cool demeanors.


Relations between SHIELD and the ATCU appear to be favorable yet both Coulson and Price (Constance Zimmer) remain cautious about showing off their respective base of operations. Price again tries to cut their meeting short as her home was (allegedly) broken in, but Coulson doesn’t buy it for a second. Phil continues to play hardball with Rosalind despite her appearing to genuinely share her personal side with him. Eventually, Coulson is given a tour of the ATCU facility and witnesses firsthand their storage process in action.

While the relationship between the two seemingly grows, Daisy and Phil’s appears to be fracturing as she watches him and Rosalind get chummy inside ATCU HQ. First she steals Fitz’s tech, then she uses it to go peepin’ and creepin’. No wonder Phil’s hanging out with another brunette.


Thanks to Hunter, Fitz starts to think Jemma’s desire to reopen the portal to save Will is really bad idea. He’s aware of Simmon’s burgeoning feelings for Will but he’s honor bound to help the guy who kept his best girl alive. Still, something about the guy based on her info doesn’t sound right so Leo’s begun an investigation on his own. Fitz claims the Monolith simulations are unsuccessful, but it smells like a ruse to delay his search for everything he can find on Will.


Now the lead in Operation: Kill Ward Dead, Agent May (aka Frowny Spice) enlists Bobbi (aka Leggy Spice, formerly known as Gimpy Spice) to be her wingwoman and find Werner (Spencer Treat Clark) before HYDRA has a chance to silence him for good. Unfortunately for the impressionable young lad, he sought help from family friend Gideon Malick. Yeah, good idea kid. It was nice knowing you.


The pair were the most successful of the unusual match-ups that occurred in “Among”. Though extremely capable field agents, their philosophies for defusing a tense situation clearly clash, as evidenced by Morse’s preference for subterfuge over swift kicks to the face. Taking a page of Hunter’s book (irony!) May flat out tells Bobbi they don’t have time for her namby pamby bullshit. Though abrupt in tone, Melinda admits her admiration of Morse, as she’s trailed her career since she was a recruit. Bobbi expresses her apprehension in returning to action, however when the urgency is cranked to an eleven, Morse and May quickly get on the same page to acquire Von Strucker.

The ladies make short work of the nameless henchman and manage to capture Ward’s blockhead lieutenant Kibo (Daz Crawford). Sadly, Werner took a knife to the ribs to prevent HYDRA secrets from being shared with SHIELD. The gullible dummy did have one very important piece of intel to share with Melinda before his last breath, and boy was it a doozy.


Not to say I told you so, but I knew something was amiss when Werner ran outta the convenience store like he stole a box of Red Hots. Surely there was no viewer who expected a) the reveal to happen so early in the season b) to be THAT person. I mean, wow. Seeing as the next episode appears to be mostly flashbacks hopefully explaining exactly how Lash became Lash.

AoS s3e6 garner


Hunter: He’s the competition. If your girlfriend’s ex wants to visit from Phoenix, you do NOT buy him a plane ticket.

Fitz: That’s really specific.

Hunter: …hm?

AoS S3E6
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The 50th episode of AoS, “Among Us Hide” provided everything the series is known for: a balance of action and drama with generous amounts of humor. Hunter’s usual smarminess combined with his very physical comedy was a great foil to the seriousness of May and Bobbi’s mission which further progressed a HYDRA storyline that’s slowly losing steam. The mystery surrounding Will continues although it’s on the back burner for the moment. Meanwhile, the revelation of Lash’s true identity was a major game changer for the future of the team and potentially SHIELD itself. Not only could it destroy the Secret Warriors program before it begins, but relations with the ATCU could be in serious jeopardy if disclosed. If AoS can keep this pace, it’ll be one of, if not the best genre show on television. No question.

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