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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S3E7 – Chaos Theory

Previously on AoS, ‘Among Us Hide’

Coulson’s decision to get into bed with Rosalind and the ATCU leaves a bad taste in Daisy’s mouth.

Fitz uses Simmons’ phone to recover data from her time away—and finds the vlog she kept while she was gone.

Realizing the love of her life is a scary monster that indiscriminately kills Inhumans (or whoever), May has one option; talk him down.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC


Andrew gets more than he bargained for when he goes through Jaiying’s things—like the Terrigen mist that envelopes his body. Why didn’t he close his eyes when it swallowed him? I wouldn’t want that shit in my eyes. The mist made him feel “unlocked”; he felt compelled to be around Inhumans. It wasn’t until he lashed out—get it?—and killed an Inhuman, that he realized his job is to sort the good from the bad.

Do the creep

Andrew tags along while Daisy and Coulson talk about her mistrust of all things ACTU and his willingness to give them an olive branch. The whole time they’re walking and talking, Andrew is all Creepy McCreeperton, with his shifty eyes darting between them. Daisy tells Coulson Inhumans aren’t monsters with a disease to be cured. People need time to get used to the change from the Mist. Dollars to donuts Andrew didn’t need much time. Daisy remarks, “Everyone deserves the chance to be who they are.” Andrew isn’t with that; some Inhumans may hurt themselves or others. “What if they can’t stop?” Coulson cuts in, “Take Lash.” If looks could kill…

Andrew's side eye

Coulson Being Fury

Coulson gets to get dolled up to meet with president and his advisors, thanks to Rosalind. He’s blinded by her sharp outfits and witty banter and is no longer keeping his team in the loop. He knows she doesn’t want to do it, but he asks Daisy to give Rosalind a tour of the quinjet while he picks out the perfect outfit. But she doesn’t want a new mommy, Phil!

Say it ain’t so

May doesn’t get on the quinjet good before she jumps right into scorned wife mode; checking Andrew’s flight logs and his pockets for phone numbers and receipts. He even had his blood work deleted. That lying bastard! May arrives at the Cocoon, just in time to save Joey. She nags Andrew about what’s going on with him, mentioning the Von Strucker kid, riling him up. He tells her to knock it off but she won’t let up. In a panic, he ices her.


FitzSimmons Feels

Fitz has become distant from Simmons, making her wish she hadn’t told him everything. She asks him to extract data from the SIM card on her phone, hoping it’ll hold clue to opening the portal. Going through it, he sees picture of the planet’s moons, vast wasteland, oh and Simmons booed up with Will. Just as he’s about to go cry in the car, he hears audio of her talking to him. He watches videos of her talking to him; remembering how they met. Videos where she tells him she’ll keep talking to him when the phone is off and she’ll always be with him; how she feels about him. Fitz cries. Just Fitz; no one else cried.

It’s only temporary

Daisy tells Lincoln Andrew may not know he’s hurting people because he may not know what he’s doing when he shifts. Lincoln pulls out the biggest pin and bursts her bubble. The changing from man to monster is temporary. Well, shit. Sorry, May.

Pot, meet kettle

May asks Andrew the $1,000,000 question: would he have hurt Joey. He answers the real question; he would never hurt Daisy. But Lincoln; oh, he got it coming; he has a dark side. Next time you change, Andrew, take a peek at your reflection. And didn’t you shoot your wife?

Seems like they’re ready

Sparks fly as Rosalind helps Coulson with his tie. Missing hands and phantom pain; is that code? Must be because she tells him holding on to the past is cool, as long as he looks at what’s right in front of him. Honey, he’d have to be blind. Daisy barges in and they jump up apart like to teenagers caught making out by their mom.

Why you bringing up old shit?

Bringing up that time your wife killed a kid, may not be the best way to make your point. Way harsh, Andrew.

And 1+1=2

Lincoln calls Mack for help; telling him Lash is in S.H.I.E.L.D., and he needs help to prove it. Lincoln tells Coulson and company that Lash has been using Jaiying’s ledger to track down Inhumans. And who was the last one with the ledger? And whose wife was checking his flight logs?

Best Line

“I am the cure.” ~ Andrew/Lash


Inhuman Nature

Since he made Lash come out and play, it’s only fair that Lincoln be the one to take him down. Gathering up electricity, he shoots a blast of energy at Lash. The only thing missing was Vegeta snickering in the background and a nimbus cloud.

It’s going down

Lincoln tries his best to take out Lash, but since fools rush in, Lash took his ass out instead. Mack saves him from a sucking chest wound, by putting four in Lash’s back. That doesn’t work out and Mack gets his head cracked for good measure. The boys of the ACTU save him by emptying their clips into Lash—which has A couple clothes lines here, a People’s Elbow there, and a figure-four later, and Lash clears a path, only to take 15 more from Rosalind. Dude is not even winded. Why do they keep shooting him when it doesn’t work??


Badass Moment

In full agro, deflecting all bullets, Lash grips Rosalind up by the throat and tosses her ass over a balcony. Guess who uses their powers to get her to safety; Quake! Rosalind better re-think calling all Inhumans monsters.


Grasping at straws?

Going through the pictures from Simmons’ phone, Fitz finds the picture of a symbol, carved in stone that looks similar to the patch on Wills jacket. Maybe whoever carved the symbol sent Will.

Tough choices

Rather than kill Andrew, May takes Rosalind up on her offer to put him in stasis at ACTU, so he can transition slower.

Something to talk about

Finding Simmons taking in the sunrise, Fitz tells her he may have found a way to open the portal. He also fixed her SIM card…and listed to her recordings…and watched the videos. He offers her a way out; she was dehydrated and out of her gourd when she said all that stuff. Nope, she meant it; so now what you wanna do about it?

AoS S3E7
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    Plot - 10/10
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    Dialogue - 10/10
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    Action - 10/10
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    Performances - 10/10


Week after week, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. delivers. Each episode is better than the one before it. This episode took me through so many emotions. I screamed, jumped off my couch, rolled on my couch, cried—I think I felt everything a person could feel. Even anger when Darth Ward and his secretive friend showed up.

I like how the show is making us view Inhumans. Not just Daisy who we saw change, or Lincoln who we met as an Inhuman, but also Andrew. Who didn’t want it and changed not from the fish oil, but because of the mist. It’s hard to think about what completing his transition means; Coulson loses a friend, Daisy loses a confidant, and May loses her love. Even though Lash was evil, it sucks that it ends this way for him. Or does it? Maybe we’ll see him once the transition is done. Blair Underwood did some back in the day, L.A. Law acting. And my, has he been working out.

I can’t wait to see where things go with FitzSimmons. It looks like they may get together, but what’ll happen if they rescue Will? Can someone get a happy ending?

It figures that Coulson would get together with Rosalind, in more ways than one; that sexual tension was almost painful. He better get it out of his system though, because with Ward looking to kill him, he’s gonna need to have his head in the game.

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