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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- S3E9 – Closure

Previously on Agents of SHIELD, ‘Many Heads, One Tale’

Ros and Coulson’s romantic dinner of burgers and wine is interrupted by Ward, who decides to go through Ros to get to Coulson.

Mack enlists Banks and his HYDRA/ATCU knowledge in helping FitzSimmons attempt to stop Ward and Malick from opening another portal, but it doesn’t work out and FitzSimmons end up getting snatched and taken to Malick.

Zero Chill Coulson takes Bobbi and Hunter with him on a mission of revenge.

It’s cool that your girlfriend worked for HYDRA since she didn’t even know. Why not feast on burgers and a lush red wine to take those blues away? Fancy plates, fancy wine, candles: check. Ros lets it slip that Banks knows about her and Coulson, because she tells him everything; clearly they’re besties.

She opens his ketchup packet and they talk; about Malick, HYDRA, and how Ros plans to go back to ATCU—business as usual. It’s all fine and dandy until that rabid dog, Ward, snipes Ros, hitting her in the neck, from a long fucking way away. Did we know about that skill? It’s not enough that he killed Coulson’s girlfriend. Adding salt to the wound, that piece of shit calls Coulson to tell him killing her had nothing to do with Malick; it was personal. Oh, and some guys are coming soon to finish off Coulson.


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Coulson: the field agent

Coulson jimmy-rigs a flashbang, using candles and a can of air freshener. He easily takes out the flunkies sent to kill him, jumps out a window, taking out more, before being picked up by Mack.

Ward ain’t shit

Impressed with this new side of Simmons, Ward tells her he thinks she changed because of what he did to her and Fitz. He’s delusional and psychotic. He tells her he won’t hurt her, but he sure as hell won’t stop Mr. Giyera from using his flying tools. Killing Ros and taunting Coulson just isn’t enough.

What’s the 411?

Coulson needs to know what makes Ward tick, so he interviews the original team members.

  • Coulson asks May if Ward confessed any personal details; May, “nah, we just boned.”


  • Simmons admits she flirted with him because she was grateful he saved her life. Girl, stop lyin; you thought he was cute, too.


  • Fitz once caught Ward alone in his bunk looking at a picture of Fitz and his mom. He felt Ward was using him to replace something he lost.


  • Daisy admits she fell for Ward because they both had fucked up childhoods and Ward never lied to her; he only hid parts of himself. She tells Coulson she can understand how he would get taken in by Garrett and HYDRA. She says Ward kills because he feels too much. No, he kills because he’s psycho.


The big payback

Coulson’s grilling the team yields results; he tells Hunter and Bobby the three of them are going after Ward. Coulson and Hunter devise a plan to pose as robbers, kidnapping Ward’s younger brother, Thomas, to use him as leverage.


Coulson calls Ward to goad him, because he can be just as ain’t shit. He sends live video of Hunter with a gun on Thomas to make it clear they mean business. Thomas suggests he talk to Grant and keeps him on the line long enough to trace the call. How did he not see that coming?

Coulson being Fury

Looking for advice and guidance, Mack calls Coulson to let him know about FitzSimmons. Hearing the news, he hangs up on Mack and throws his phone. That conversation was over, I guess.

The devil made me do it

At Distant Star facility, FitzSimmons, with a team and Banks check out the terrain. Mr. Giyera makes Banks shoot his tac guys then turn the gun on himself, then takes FitzSimmons to Malick.

Brotherly love?

Thomas is told his rotten ass brother is the reason he got gripped up and tells Coulson they better kill Grant when they find him. He practically begs to not be turned over to Ward. See, even his brother knows he ain’t shit.

Squad up

Knowing SHIELD needs to get to the castle and wreck shop against HYDRA, Mack assembles a new team, including Joey and Lincoln.

Meet the Director

The new team needs a little encouragement, so Mack gives the best pep talk ever: “Either you step up and do the damn job, or the bad guys win.”

FitzSimmons feels

So they’ll stop torturing Simmons, Fitz volunteers to go into the portal and lead them back. Before the portal opens, Simmons tells Fitz to let them kill her, so they can’t open the portal. He refuses.

Fitz: “I lost you once, I can’t lose you again. I’m not strong enough to live in a world without you in it.” Simmons: “Come back to me.”

Ward’s best line

“Gotta say, I am impressed with this whole Furiosa vibe you got going on.”

Best line

“Just ‘cause you grow up in a family of abusive monsters, doesn’t mean you have to become one.”- Thomas Ward

The puppetmaster

Malick points out Ward’s petty, telling him closure is bullshit and holding on, trying to get it ain’t cute. He wants him to lead the expedition to Maveth, but Ward wants to wait for Coulson. Like any good bad guy, Malick manipulates Ward, by appealing to his ego; he tells him the best thing Garrett ever did was getting Ward to join HYDRA. And. That. Shit. Works. Ward suits up and heads into the portal.

Not one fuck left

Bobbi tries to talk Coulson down but he’s not trying to hearing it; he knows he should have killed Ward when he had the chance. They head to the castle where Malick plans to open the portal, with Coulson ready to jump for it. Closer to their destination, with the plane under fire from HYDRA, Phil jumps from the plane, free falling into the portal before it closes.

Agents of SHIELD S3E9
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This episode put me through the wringer. It’s two days later and I’m still reeling. I can’t believe Ros and Banks are dead, but those Whedons don’t give a shit about my feelings so I have to get over it. Before he was killed, Banks told FitzSimmons and Mack about Distant Star Pathfinder; the NASA program funded by Malick. What are the chances Will is in on the game?

Ward and the crew have 12 hours to get back to the portal opening. What happens if they don’t make it?

The FitzSimmons stuff is killing me. If one of them dies, I don’t know what I’m gon’ do!! Other than sob incoherently, that is.

Lincoln and Joey are suited up and ready to go and I am so excited. It hit me today that Joey melts metal, so he can take care of that punk ass Mr. Giyera. Next week will be lit!

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