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All-New Ultimates (2014) #8

Previously in All-New Ultimates #7

First things first: Look at this gorgeous cover. Look at it.

All New Ultimates Cover #8

I wish I could say I felt the same about the art inside, but I don’t. I guess I’ll need to get used to the fact that new artists may come in for new arcs and just ride it out.

You know what they say about fish and houseguests: after two days they both start to stink.

Since their former HQ was destroyed, the Ultimates (minus Bombshell who is still in mourning over losing Poey) have been staying at Jessica’s (Black Widow). You know what they say about fish and houseguests: after two days they both start to stink. And it doesn’t help that couple Cloak and Dagger are constantly fighting. Thankfully, Miles has an idea on how they may be able to score new digs: after Miles saved his life, J. Jonah Jameson offered his help in any way that he could. They decide to come up with a list of what they’d expect in exchange for his help and Miles is tasked with approaching him to see if the offer still stands.

Before they can do anything else, a new team of mercenaries attack Hell’s Kitchen to get the group’s attention.

Femme Fatales


A mysterious new villain sent the crew to get the Ultimates’ attention, but not kill them. During the battle, Minoblast disobeys orders and decides to terminate our heroes. Thankfully, Cloak steps in before Dagger can be killed. The fallout from this is another a fight and the two break-up.

The Future Foundation (Machine Man, Falcon, Sue Storm, and Iron Man) arrive in time to take the Femme Fatales into custody. Iron Man warns the Ultimates to get officially sanctioned by local law enforcement. Whatever information the Femme Fatales were sent to get, they achieved it for all but two of the Ultimates: Cloak and Bombshell, who wasn’t there.

New Villain

Score | 8.5/10Iron Man’s warning, plus their lack of funds and accommodations, really illustrates how the teens may mean well, but they still have a lot to learn. It doesn’t seem as if the action is going to slow down long enough to allow them to figure things out either. I like that aspect of the story where you’re reminded that they may be superheroes, but they are still teenagers. The breakup of Cloak and Dagger speaks to this as well. Unable to accept Dagger’s desire to split as lovers, but still remain a crime-fighting duo, Cloak decides to end all attachments with her and the group. With Bombshell also considering giving up her other identity, I have no idea what this means for the group, but add to that the new villain, and I’m intrigued.

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