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All-New Ultimates (2014) #5

Previously in All-New Ultimates #4

All New Ultimates #5

Our team – minus Cloak & Dagger –  is busy fighting the gang members who’ve been infected with The Serpent Skulls’ drug. No matter how hard they’re beaten, they keeping come back for more. When things are finally under control, Detective O’Reilly makes it clear that she’s not really here for the Ultimates and would totally be okay with them and the gangs canceling each other out.

All New Ultimates Gang Fight

Meanwhile Detectives Brooks and Dennis are following up a lead on Scourge. A woman said she saw her neighbor leave his apartment decked out in Scourge’s gear. Seems pretty careless, no? She’s not lying, though. Scourge is waiting in a closet with a shotgun, but the officers are called away on something major going down at the church the Ultimates have been using as their headquarters. The confidential informant O’Reilly uses was one of the junkies Dagger blasted last issue. He snitched the location before getting the hell out of the way.

So, we’ve got the cops on their way to the HQ, the Ultimates are there after receiving texts from Bombshell that they need to meet, and Scourge is probably on his way because he heard the detectives who are on to him were headed there. What else?

Oh, yeah. The Serpent Skulls, including Crossbones, are already there because they used Bombshell to send the texts. She’s under the influence of the Diamond Dust from last issue. Before they used her to set up the Ultimates, they made her clean out her bank account because they’re assholes.


The Ultimates are just about to be done for considering Bombshell, still being controlled, is using her powers on them as well. And then Diamondback starts talking shit in her ear about how she killed Bombshell’s boyfriend Poey.

And then shit gets real.


Score | 9.5/10

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