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All-New Ultimates (2014) #9

Previously in All-New Ultimates #8

All-New Ultimates #9 Cover

Shit just got real, y’all. I’m not even going to continue to express my disappointment over the new artwork (that gorgeous cover aside), because the story in this issue was everything.

Lana is still out of action, visiting her incarcerated mother (the previous Bombshell) and still mourning Poey. Seriously, I’m so over this already, but it’s a small part of the issue.

The meat of the story focuses on Scourge’s trial, which is about to start, and how most people condemn him as a racist vigilante, while others look up to him. It’s the others we need to worry about. A group of extreme right-wing racist meth heads who call themselves The Watchmen launch an attack on the prison bus transporting Scourge. Suspecting that there would be trouble due to the high emotions surrounding Scourge and his crimes, The Ultimates were already on the scene.

The Watchmen

Jail Break

Our heroes manage to capture a few of The Watchmen, but not before Dagger takes a bullet to the arm. Thankfully, Cloak has recently returned to the group after spending a few days ignoring them and Dagger’s calls, and agrees to rush her to the hospital. Knowing that they’ll have to answer a shitton of questions about who and what they are, Kitty Pryde suggests they see her personal doctor instead – the same one who treated Bombshell when she’d been poisoned by The Serpent Skulls.

This issue has a gorgeous cover and a jaw-dropping ending.

The couple agrees and takes off. Scourge still manages to get away because, as it turns out, he’s not about that white trash life and he considers his saviors just that. He shoots the few that got him out and books it.

The most shocking moment comes at the end when just as Cloak and Dagger make up, they’re both shot.

Scourge Kills

Cloak and Dagger Shot

Score | 9.5/10What the entire fuck? Are they dead? It certainly looks like it. That looked like two headshots. The Xs over their faces in the final frame would suggest they’re dead as well. That looks an awful like Crossbones and we know he’s still out there. Whoever it is isn’t the only thing The Ultimates have to worry about. There’s still the mystery person watching them from last issue (assuming that’s not the assassin) and now Scourge is back in play. Oh, and The Watchmen might want some revenge, too. Issue 10 can’t get here fast enough.

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