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All-New Ultimates (2014) #1

Before I dive into this review, I need to make a couple of confessions.

  1. I first heard of this All-New Ultimates when someone wrote an article blasting the fact that this new series had a young, black Spider-Man. Turns out, the author later said he was being sarcastic – and maybe he was – but before he recanted, his opinion caused quite a stir.
  2. I don’t know much about any of the characters in this new series. Of course, I’ve heard of them all, seen them represented in movies, TV shows, and cartoons, but they’re not characters I ever followed too closely beyond the basic. The first I’d even heard of Cloak & Dagger was in Brian K. Vaughan’s short series, The Runaways.

photo 1

Oh, I suppose I have a third one I should make: A lot of the backstory in this series went right over my head! Captain America is dead? Kitty Pryde was a national pariah, but it’s all good now after she saved the world? One thing I was aware of: This clearly takes place after the events in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the last few episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as the agency is now defunct. Unless they’re disbanded for a totally different reason in this series. Feel free to enlighten me in comments or on Facebook if you have the answers.

All-New Ultimates is heavy on the wit and snark we’ve come to expect from Marvel.

This series begins with our heroes figuring out the basics of their new group. What should they call themselves? How often should they meet? How should they communicate? Texts? Well, that could prove difficult for Cloak & Dagger. They don’t have too much time to figure it out before they find themselves pitted against Roxxon with his drug lab producing something deadlier than illegal narcotics and the Serpent Skulls. Kitty Pryde doesn’t have much to do – she’s lying low, not really appreciating that she’s now a media darling after saving the world.

Kitty Pryde


All-New Ultimates is heavy on the wit and snark we’ve come to expect from Marvel. In the panel below, I love Spidey’s reaction to finding out his young friend ended up in trouble after traveling to purchase some special Legos.

All-New Ultimates Spidey

I’ve given the first issue (there are currently three issues available and I’ll have reviews up for those this week) an 8 based on the sharp dialog and the kickass cliffhanger which finds our crew surrounded by the Skulls.

All-New Ultimates #1 Final Page

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