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America #2

Previously, in America #1

This is one of the best single issues of a comic book I’ve ever read.

I love the cover, because obviousfuckingly.

America #2

I love that the title page is America Chavez’s social media profile on a phone.

I love all the attitude America gives a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent when it turns out that Peggy Carter won’t be detaining her for punching Hitler in the face, thereby bungling Agent Carter’s months-long operation. Perhaps because, somehow, America was expected.

Try me Becky

I love that when America finally figures out how to travel through time and get back to school, she allows herself a few moments to grieve her recent breakup with Lisa. Because even though you just found out you can use your powers to time travel, and even though you just punched one of the most evil men to ever live, and even though you are apparently tapped by unknown higher powers to be amazing, sometimes you need to take the time to miss your boo.

I love that America ain’t got time for Alabaster Nonsense, especially when it takes the form of a gaggle of prep school kids on a college tour and they’re straight up sassing the welcoming hologram of Sonia Sotomayor. And she’s even quicker to check the preppie who interrupts Lunella Lafayette (a.k.a Moon Girl) while she’s giving a woke-as-hell lecture on how to live your best damn life despite the fact that most systems are designed for people like her (and you, and America, and me) to not be great.

Lunella is Dope

And most of all I love that America prayed to Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, the Patron Saint of Tejano Music and Fierce Matte Lipstick, for assistance as she took on the preppies, who turned out to be cyborgs trying to infiltrate the college’s computer servers.

Next up? America takes on a few misguided members of her fan club who thought kidnapping America’s ex-girlfriend was the best way to get her attention. Spoiler alert: They’re wrong.

More to Love

Leelumultipass Phi Teta Beta. Yes, please. And how great is it that their fighting style is dance moves?

Per Lunella’s assignment to figure out what’s stopping her from being great, America decides to partner with X’andria to unlock the key to controlling her time traveling power. I’m very interested to see where this goes – and to learn the deal with Professor Douglas – but I have a feeling those may take a backseat to the events in issue #3.

Excuse me while I go purchase ALL the Moon Girl comics and Juliet Takes a Breath.

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