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American Crime – S2E4

Previously on American Crime, ‘Episode 3’

After the revelation that there was blood and semen not belonging to Taylor on his clothes, everyone goes on the defensive. Leslie instructs Coach Dan to speak to his team of liars and find out who’s responsible. The team shows signs of turning on each other while Eric looks stunned… and guilty.

Image: ABC

Image: ABC

At home, Kevin is getting a hard lesson in how black people have to respond to accusations and how fortunate he is to belong to a family that can afford legal representation. His instinct is to help his friend Eric, and his team, but Terri rightfully points out that if he’s not sure the team is innocent, he doesn’t need to stick his neck out.

After attacking his brother, and knowing that it’s only a matter of time before the police collect samples from the entire team, Eric gets drunk and takes a bunch of pills. Once his stomach is pumped, he tells Coach Dan that he and Taylor met to have consensual sex, and once everyone finds out he’s gay, he’ll lose everything.


The police show Anne text messages between Eric and Taylor, texts where they were clearing flirting and planning to meet for sex. She confronts Taylor, in front of his girlfriend, and he admits that he went to the party to hook up with Eric – not to be attacked.


Watching Leslie at work is fascinating. She quickly adjusts to each new development, and immediately sets a plan in motion to deal with it. Going forward, Leyland will be treating Taylor’s accusation as a planned encounter for rough sex.

American Crime S2E4
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Given Eric’s violent outbursts, I believe that Taylor was raped. Now that he’s back at his old school, I’m curious to see how he’s treated once it gets out – and I assume it will.

Lily Taylor is consistently fantastic as Anne. It was painful to watch her confront Taylor, and my heart broke for him that she did it in front of his girlfriend (though she tell her to go home three times).

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