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American Crime – S2E5

Previously on American Crime, ‘Episode Four’ 

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Anne has to listen as the police question Taylor about his texts with Eric. It’s clear they believe Taylor’s request for rough sex means there was no rape. Afterwards, Ann interrogates Taylor as well, asking if he’d been with a boy before (he had) and why he texted rough fantasies. When he reveals he thinks about that kind of sex sometimes, Anne wonders if Eric knew they were just fantasies. It seems as though Anne briefly implies this was a consensual encounter.

Taylor has gone from trying to not feel like a victim, to feeling helpless for not being able to protect his mother from the crappy treatment she’s gotten from police and Leyland. When asked what he wants by his therapist, Taylor’s only response is a look of determination.

Does Taylor now regret taking his allegations to the police? That’s what it felt like after that look, but once Evy confronts him about how much his lies have hurt her, he tells her she can tell investigators he was drunk because he needed the liquid courage to have sex with Eric. Thankfully, in a very powerful scene, Evy tells the police she believes Taylor was drugged.

Surprisingly, Eric has no problem telling the police he’s gay and that there wasn’t a rape. I was surprised he was so willing to admit he’s gay, but I guess he had to in order to explain his semen on Taylor. Though, it also feels like Eric was relieved to just say it, even when he learns his little brother is disappointed in him.


The LaCroixs continue to worry that the cloud of suspicion will follow their son and tarnish his good name. They don’t seem to have taken any action to punish him for his involvement: serving alcohol, contributing to the photos of Taylor circulating, etc. Their concern that Kevin will not receive a fair shake because he is black is legitimate, but the way Terri tags every girl as a gold digger and the way she takes issue with his girlfriend because she is black and not rich is problematic.

Leslie not so subtly asks Steph to tell Dan that he should encourage the team to lie. Between that and the fact that their daughter’s views on love and consequences might be cause for concern, Steph tries to convince Dan they should start over in another town. Dan refuses.


When the police inform them that the D.A. will not be pressing charges, Taylor is relieved and asks if Anne will finally let it drop. She agrees, but most likely won’t keep that promise when she learns Leyland bullied another family whose daughter was being harassed by a teacher.

American Crime S2E5
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This is the best drama on T.V. There are so many layers to the stories and the performances are stellar.

Still not as invested in Principal Dixon’s storyline, but it is interesting to see him navigate the racial tensions between the Black boy and the Latinos who were beating on him.

I’m also worried that Taylor will end up doing something stupid because he’s so alone and vulnerable. The boy who stepped up to him in the bathroom (Luke) is creepy.

And poor Anne, taking on the burden of making Leyland pay for the crap they’ve gotten away with for so long.

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