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American Crime – S2E9

Previously on American Crime, ‘‘Episode 8’

I’ve given up on wanting or expecting anything that even resembles a happy ending when American Crime airs its finale next week. And there are now so many stories that require tying up, I’m worried that the ending won’t be satisfying.

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

Sebastian’s attack on Leyland’s computer network reveals damning emails and other documents related to Taylor’s case. They make the board members look bad and opens the school up to litigation, so Leslie convinces the board that the best course of action is to dissolve the board and go into receivership. This keeps her on top for awhile.

Meanwhile, the basketball team is fractured, most likely beyond repair. Kevin confronts one of the boys who attacked Taylor and finds the blame being placed squarely on his shoulders. The guilt of what happened to Taylor and Wes drives Kevin to confess everything to his parents. They take Kevin to the police station to tell his story to their detective friend. Kevin will not face any consequences, yet again, because his father decides Kevin’s story should remain between them.

Steph also seems to be ready to take some responsibility for her daughter selling drugs to Taylor the day of the shooting. She goes to Anne and explains, then apologizes. But she warns Anne to tell Taylor not to mention anything about her child. If he does, she’ll say that Taylor did drugs on the night he was raped and confessed to making up the story.

Principal Dixon learns that the young black boy was attacked because he’d sexually assaulted Evy and they were protecting her. Evy reveals this to the counselor who butted heads with Dixon earlier in the season. She gets Dixon to question his handling of the situation, and implies that once he heard the n-word, he shut down from hearing anyone else’s side. She even suggests that it is his fault Evy didn’t feel comfortable to come to him with her story. Even though Dixon doesn’t seem to agree completely, this is what he tells the council at his hearing. Of course, after he admits on the record that bias may have clouded his judgement, the council hit him with questions about how he handled Taylor’s enrollment. Dixon is most likely going to be out of a job next week.

Eric gets most of his family back when Peter calls and says he wants to live with him and their father. Their mother has spent of all the money and spends her time accusing their father of being a pedophile and turning Eric into a homosexual. Please let this be the last we see of this awful, terrible woman.


I suppose something kinda nice happened this week. Evy visits Taylor in jail. She still has his back and he swears he’s telling the truth about the rape.

American Crime S2E9
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