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American Horror Story: Asylum – S2E2 – Tricks and Treats

Previously on American Horror Story: Asylum.

And now…

The nympho-newlywed, Teresa, hauls ass through the asylum after she comes face-to-face with… is that Bloody Face? Remember Kit was arrested for being Bloody Face, the serial killer who skinned and decapitated women – including Kit’s wife. We know that Kit was really abducted by aliens. Is there really a Bloody Face at all, or are the aliens behind it and framing Kit for their work? OR was there a Bloody Face killing women, and Kit’s alien abduction and wife’s murder just got lumped in with his crimes? And if there IS a Bloody Face back in the ’60s, what’s he doing in the asylum in the present day? Is that Kit? Was being falsely accused and imprisoned in that nuthouse enough to actually turn him White Boy Crazy?

Thankfully for you, John Elrod will take over recapping this show for the rest of the season and he most definitely probably won’t over think the shit out of it.

Anyway, Teresa runs from the crazy killer who could be named Bloody Face now that I got a good look at him, and ends up back with her poor husband, Leo, who only wanted a blow job in an abandoned crazy house for his honeymoon and all he got was this lousy arm severing. She tries to pull him to safety in a room, but he’s too heavy and too busy bleeding out to be of any help. She leaves him as crazy killer approaches and then watches from a window in the door as he pleads for help.


Seriously? Do you SEE me? Do I look like I’ll help you?

He doesn’t. He stabs Leo and it is then that Leo realizes his second greatest mistake after marrying that kinky broad: taking his ass in that asylum.

In 1964…

Lana’s girlfriend, Wendy, has remorse for signing her over to the asylum. As well she should! Her fellow lesbians are trying to comfort her and back her up when she decides to recant her statement. Later, after her friends leave, and with a serial killer named Bloody Face on the loose, Lorna takes  a shower with all her windows wide the fuck open. Of course, Bloody Face shows up and kills her. SMH.

At the asylum, Sister Jude finds Lana’s notes during cell checks. Lana is documenting all the shitty shit happening in that shitty asylum. Sister Jude goes to Dr. Arden and she’s all, “Remember how I was like electroshock therapy is awful? Well, I’m flip flopping like a motherfucker. Can we please use that on the innocent lesbian journalist I’m keeping against her will? I don’t want her to remember she’s an innocent lesbian journalist I’m keeping against her will. Thanks!” He agrees because this place is just dripping with evil and corruption! Lana gets juiced.

Kit is brought into the common room to have a session with Dr. Threadson (Zachary Quinto). He sticks to his alien abduction story and Threadson diagnoses him with acute clinical insanity.

In the woods, Sister Stupid who isn’t allowed to call herself stupid is feeding Dr. Arden’s creatures. He won’t tell her what they are and then insists she eats a candied apple.

Back in the common room, Lana continues to write notes about what is happening, determined not to forget. Kit enters and she overhears his conversation with another patient in which he says he refused to act crazy in his session with Dr. Threadson, not realizing that talking about little green men is the definition of crazy.

Dr. Threadson confronts Sister Jude about all the crazy shit going down. She pretty much tells him to back the hell off. He’s there to evaluate Kit, not the way they run the asylum.

Sister Jude meets with a couple who’s concerned that their son is batshit insane. Dr. Threadson interrupts the meeting on purpose and offers his assistance. The parents reveal that their son sees things and ripped open one of their horses and ate it’s heart. Yeah, that’s crazy alright. They go to the boy’s room. He’s in a straight jacket and starts speaking in a foreign language and creepy deep voice. Dr. Threadson suggests immediate medication. Sister Jude is all, “Slow yo roll.”

Lana and the patient Kit was speaking to are in hot baths, tied down. The other patient makes a Clue reference and I didn’t realize Clue was that old. Anyway, Lana tells her they can escape, but refuses to take Kit with them when the other patient asks.

The nympho patient tries to seduce Dr. Arden, but he ain’t having it. She begs for some time in the sun, but he rejects her and calls her a whore.

Sister Jude and Monsignor Whatshisface (Joseph Fiennes) try to include Dr. Threadson on their exorcism of the horse killer, but he won’t do it.

Lana is taking notes in the common room again when the guards approach. Kit takes her notes and hides them in his clothes. She thanks him, but asks for them back. She doesn’t trust him. He tells her that the notes can’t be found on her. All the patients are ushered out to their rooms, presumably so they won’t hear any of the devil cleansing that’s about to go down.

The exorcism begins (Dr. Threadson is there after all), and the priest tells Sister Jude she should leave the room since it’s ‘no place for a woman.’

Dr. Arden calls a hooker to his house! He plays classical music, serves a fancy dinner, and chastises her for using the word ‘cock.’ Romantic! And confusing! Things get really creepy when Dr. Arden cuts into a bloody roast and talks about Bloody Face. Way to kill a lady boner.

The exorcism is going pretty much as expected. Lots of creepy shit. When the men leave the room after shit gets real, the possessed boy makes Sister Jude remember whoring it up in a club and then driving home drunk, killing a little girl on the road. The possessed guy makes the power go out. Patients are running amok. Before Kit and the other girl can escape, Lana screams to alert the guards. Lana is an asshole.

The possessed boy seizes and dies, and it appears that the spirit jumps into Sister Stupid and she passes out.

Dr. Arden terrorizes the prostitute after he makes her dress like a nun and she finds his secret box of kink. When he asks to see her ‘mossy bank’ I nearly throw up in my mouth. She bites him and runs out.

Sister Stupid is acting completely different now that the devil is in her. Less creepy and whole lot more creepy as fuck.

Lana’s reward for snitching out Kit and the other patient is that she gets to watch them whipped. Kit takes the blame for all of it and gets 40 lashes.

Lana is an asshole.

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