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American Horror Story: Asylum – S2E7 – Dark Cousin

Previously on American Horror Story: Asylum

You remember how Grace was left bleeding from her lady parts (either from sterilization or alien impregnation)? Well, this episode takes us back to her, and now she’s laying in bed bleeding out. Two nuns discover this–how nobody already knew is beyond me–and these two nuns try to save Grace’s life, while Grace hallucinates a vision of a “Dark Angel” (Francis Conroy); she’s the star of this week’s episode. Apparently, this dark angel is like the angel of death, and Grace is ready to go with her, but those nuns manage to save her at the last second.

Sister Mary Eunice goes to Dr. Arden with information of Grace’s near-death experience and is angry with him about his “handiwork” on Grace, but he says he didn’t perform the procedure. So, it turns out that those aliens “scooped out” Grace’s lady business (darn, I was really hoping they impregnated her). Dr. Arden doesn’t take too kindly to being confronted by Sister Stupid (Sister Mary Eunice), so he hits her across the face. That, in turn, is not something she takes too kindly to, and she throws him across the room without even touching him… you know, because she’s still possessed by a demon or the devil or some such shit.

A beaten man.

Next, we meet Miles, a patient at the hospital who has voices in his head. Miles is working in the kitchen when the voices tell him he “knows what he is supposed to do”. Apparently, what he is supposed to do is use the kitchen’s meat slicer to cut himself open and write on the wall. Sister Mary Eunice, rather the demon inside her, doesn’t like this name on the wall. She asks Miles about it, but he doesn’t know anything about any names or demons. He’s taken to a room to heal; he’s left alone, and that’s when the dark angel shows up put him out of his misery. While she’s there, Sister Demon (Mary Eunice) walks into the room, and the dark angel is surprised Sister Demon is able to see her; that tells Dark Angel that something ain’t right with Sister Demon–you know, other than her low IQ. What follows is a really eerie conversation between the two of them where Dark Angel lets the real Sister Mary Eunice out from under the demon’s spell, for just a moment, and Lily Rabe plays the scene really well.

“You seem less stupid than you used to be.” – Guard

Kit is still in the police station, from last time; you remember how Dr. Thredson tricked him into confessing to all those murders? Well, he’s still being questioned about that, but the pressure is getting to him. As the detective is telling Kit that he may be able to convince Dr. Thredson to change his diagnosis, Kit decides to take matters into his own hands and beats the detective about the head and face with a blunt object. I guess that’s one murder he doesn’t really have to confess to.

Off in Dr. Thredson’s horrible slice of the world, he still has Lana held captive in his basement cave/dungeon. If you’ll recall, he’s keeping her as a replacement for his mother, which makes it entirely too nasty that the first we see of them in this episode is him humping away at her disinterested body. Oedipus didn’t have anything on this guy. Afterward, Lana meets the Dark Angel and almost allows her to take her but changes her mind and wants to live, dammit! Then, Dr. Thredson appears to regret banging his replacement mommy because he comes back to her bedside and informs her that he has to kill her now. Well, Lana really does want to live, so she fights back, knocks him out, and escapes to the nearest street where she jumps into the first car that nearly runs her over–which just happens to be driven by a madman with a gun who just found his wife in bed with another man. The dark angel is riding in the back seat. You know what that means by now, right? That’s right, the guy plans to kill himself. While speeding down the road, he takes the gun to his mouth and pulls the trigger. Needless to say, that dude is dead. Lana, though? She’s fine… somehow; that woman really wants to live. Her tribulations don’t stop there, though; when she wakes up, she’s back in Briarcliff, with Sister Demon.

We flash back a little ways, now, to when Sister Jude discovered the investigator dead in his apartment. She’s panicking and about to call the police when she notices Sister Demon, the murderer of the investigator, has framed Sister Jude as the murderer. You remember the mysterious newspaper that was delivered to Sister Jude a few episodes ago? The newspaper with the information about Sister Jude’s hit-and-run 15 years ago? Yeah, that newspapers is there, and Sister Demon has made it appear as though the investigator was investigating Sister Jude’s past. Seeing this triggers Sister Jude to have a flash back that takes us back to her days as a singer in 1949; a singer who ruined her career with drinking (and that pesky hit-and-run). We see that Judy Martin, the singer, was kicked out of her band and drove herself right to Briarcliff where she became Sister Jude.

The only thing missing from this picture is a snot bubble.

Back in 1964, the still panicking Sister Jude receives a phone call from Sister Demon where Sister Jude uses rudimentary powers of deduction to realize a) Sister Demon set her up and b) Sister Demon is all possessed up by some hellspawn. Sister Demon lets Sister Jude know that not only has she set her up, but she also gave her a way out: a scalpel to slit her wrists. Sister Jude contemplates this, but decides against it–not before, however, we see a scene that makes us think Sister Jude did go that route. Anyway, she doesn’t kill herself, but she still receives a visit from the dark angel. The two of them have a conversation where we learn that Sister Jude was left at the altar by her fiance Casey, after she told him that he had given her syphilis which rendered her unable to have children. The conversation ends with Sister Jude telling the dark angel that she is ready to go with her, but she has to do one thing first. The one thing turns out to be a visit to the family of the little girl Sister Jude ran over 15 years ago. She’s about to tell the parents how she killed their daughter,  when–guess what–the daughter walks right in through the front door. You see, what had happened was the girl only suffered minor injuries and is completely fine. That means Sister Jude has been living 15 years in misery for–well, not nothing because a hit-and-run on a little girl is still pretty damn bad, but it’s not nearly as bad as if the girl had died. It’s all about perspective…

Meanwhile, Kit’s earlier actions apparently allowed him to escape from the well-oiled machine that is this 1960s police department. What does he do? Why, he goes back to Briarcliff of course! Wait, what? Why? Dude, run! He can’t do that, though, because he loves Grace, for some reason. So Kit uses the secret passageway he learned about before to sneak back into Briarcliff and into the kitchen, where he finds Grace sitting alone; Oh, and Dr. Arden somehow fixed Grace up good as new from her previous state of, you know, blood gushingness. You know, Dr. Arden is apparently a pretty good doctor when he’s not doing insane shit like creating monsters and letting them roam freely around Briarcliff. Speaking of those monsters, one of them followed Kit through the passageway and found his way onto the neck of one of the nuns. All this commotion brings one of the Barney Fife security guards running to the kitchen, after Kit kills the monster and becomes covered in its blood, of course. The security guard points his gun at Kit, and Grace jumps between them, for who the hell knows why. The security guard, predictably, shoots her. As she’s dying, the dark angel appears and takes her away.

Wings, bitch!

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