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American Horror Story Coven – S3E2 – Boy Parts

Previously on American Horror Story, ‘Bitchcraft’

Rise and Shine

Delia wakes up the entire household, knocking on everyone’s doors, for the morning gathering. She questions why Fiona’s room stinks so bad. She seems to buy Fiona’s explanation that she’s been working on a pungent potion, but we see that the real reason for the odor is Madame Delphine. Seems you get a bit tart when you’ve been cooling your heels underground for 180 years. Fiona realizes that she’ll have to keep Delphine bound and gagged while she goes about her day because the moment she removed the gag, Delphine screamed bloody murder and Fiona slapped the shit out of her.

During the morning meeting we get Queenie’s backstory: She was a fast food manager until she stuck her arm in hot oil to punish a douchey customer. We also learn that Madison isn’t as torn up over the death of the frat boys as Zoe is.

Misty is alive, hanging out in the swamps. She revives two gators and uses them to kill two gator poachers.

American Horror Story Coven Misty


The morning get together is cut short when two detectives show up with questions for Zoe and Madison. After some pretty light grilling, guilt-ridden Zoe drops a dollar worth of dimes, telling everything including that they’re all witches. Fiona enters to calm the situation and sends the girls away. She pours water into two glasses, spits in them, and then compels the detectives into drinking it. The younger cop resists for quite awhile before finally giving in. She instructs them to drop the whole investigation and they agree.

Later, Fiona uses her magic and sharp tongue to lay the smack down on Zoe and Madison. She tells them they need to stick together when they’re all under attack and that the only thing in the whole wicked world they have to fear is her. She’s SUCH a badass. Jessica Lange has been KILLING it and it’s just two episodes in.

Doctor, Doctor

Madison and Zoe break into the morgue where the bodies of the bus accident are being kept. Poor Kyle is in several pieces. Actually, all of the frat boys are. Madison suggests, well insists, that they make the perfect boyfriend by sewing together body parts from all the boys and Kyle’s head.

American Horror Story Coven S3E2

Delia is at her doctor’s office with her husband. They’ve been trying to get pregnant, and it’s not working. When they’re alone, her husband questions why she won’t use magic to get pregnant. Delia refuses saying that once you start using magic like that, it takes over. And she doesn’t want to play God.

Delphine tells Fiona that when she woke up from the potion Marie Laveau gave her, she discovered her husband and daughters were hanged and that the potion she was given was not meant to kill her, but to keep her alive forever. Forever ever ever? Forever ever ever. She was buried alive so she could hear the world going on around her. She is shocked to learn from Fiona that she’s been underground for 180 years.

American Horror Story Coven S3E2


Zoe and Madison sew up their creation, chant some spell, but Zach doesn’t rise. Madison leaves, but Zoe makes up an excuse to stay behind a moment. When Madison gets to the car, she sees someone approaching so she takes off without Zoe. Inside, Zoe apologizes to Zach for all that has happened and kisses him. She’s later busted by a guard, but before he can turn her in, Zach rises and beat the shit out of him with his new arms.

Meanwhile, Fiona heads to a salon in the 9th Ward to get her hair did. When Marie Laveau walks in, the hairdressers leave. We learn that the witches of Salem were given magic by a slave (Queenie is a descendant of that slave) who brought the magic over from Africa. She was later the first witch accused and burned. Her descendants and witches have been at war ever since. Fiona wants to know how Laveau has managed to look the same all this time. She tells Laveau she has something she wants. Laveau says even if she gave her a unicorn that shit hundred dollar bills, she wouldn’t give her a damn thing.

Delphine on the Loose

At Hogwarts Witchwarts, Nan can’t take hearing all the thoughts in Delphine’s head so she lets her go. Before Delphine leaves she hits Queenie over the head, knocking her out.

Delia has decided to use magic after all and performs ritual that ends with her and her husband having sex on a pentagram. Never a good sign.

Laveau heads home to her minotaur – yup, he’s still alive, too – and unchains him. She tells him they have work to do.

Zoe drives off with Kyle who immediately starts freaking the fuck out. Turns out Misty is in the backseat and directs her to a cabin. At her home, Misty explains her power and how she was drawn to Zoe. Zoe recognizes Misty and tells her everyone assumes she’s dead. Misty volunteers to keep Kyle and help him heal while Zoe goes back to school, but she creepily gets Zoe to promise that she’ll be back.

Fiona finds Delphine on the street and Delphine is upset that her home is now a museum, a house of horrors. Fiona tells her she got everything she deserved. Delphine isn’t so torn up over her husband – she had planned on killing him anyway – but she’s sad about her daughters, even the ugly one.

They head back to the house after Fiona warns that if she runs off again, she’ll put Delphine back in the ground herself.

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