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American Horror Story Coven – S3E4 – Fearful Pranks Ensue

Previously on American Horror Story Coven: The Replacements

New Orleans 1961

A little black boy is riding his bike home when a car pulls up behind him. Very close. As he speeds up, so does the car until he finally pedals off the street and down an alley. The men in the car jump out and corner him.

In Marie’s salon, the boy’s mother, Cora, is talking about how it’s Henry’s first day in his new integrated school. While she has faith in the future, Marie is casting a serious side-eye. Later, Henry is found dead, hanging from a tree. Marie practices some voodoo and summons bodies from their graves. Those zombies attack and kill the white men who murdered Henry.

Tea Party

Spaulding, the mute butler, is having a tea party in his private quarters. An actual tea party with dolls. Do I need to remind you all that he’s a grown-ass man? Anyway, he hears voices and walks in on the scene which ended last week’s episode: Fiona cutting Madison’s throat. She tells Spaulding that the coven didn’t need a weak Supreme like Madison. She also tells Spaulding that she has always enjoyed their talks and this pleases him. Then she adds that she has really enjoyed them after he lost his tongue. O-KAY.  After fixing her a drink, he cleans up Madison’s body as instructed.

Minotaur Attack

Fiona hears a crash and goes to investigate. She finds Queenie on the floor of the greenhouse. She’s covered in blood and crying. The minotaur rises behind Fiona.

Cut to Fiona waking up Cordelia. They argue while trying to heal Queenie. Cordelia points out that Fiona provoked Marie and that’s why it happened. Fiona counters, wondering what Cordelia was doing at Marie’s in the first place. She’s not happy that Cordelia went there for fertility help and claims it undermined her power.

When Queenie stops breathing, Fiona breathes life into her. She tells Cordelia they have to keep it quiet because they don’t want the council sniffing around. Delphine has been hiding in the closet and Cordelia orders her to keep what she knows about the minotaur to herself.

Cornrow City

Marie is doing Miss Cora’s hair when a package arrives. It’s the minotaur’s head. She screams and the minotaur blinks. It actually blinked, y’all.

Meanwhile, Kyle is banging his head against the sink. Zoe gets him to stop and goes to prepare him something to eat. She eyes a box of rat poison. When she goes to take him the food, Kyle is gone.

Baddest Witch in Town

Fiona prepares for Halloween and tells Delphine that the holiday isn’t how she remembers it. It’s all about jack-o-lanterns and candy.

American Horror Story Fiona

Marie prepares for a war, despite warnings from one of her coven. She reminds Marie that she made peace with Anna Lee in the ’70s and things have been good since then. Marie ain’t tryna hear it. Either she’s with her or against her.

American Horror Story Coven S3E4

Cordelia’s husband is out of town on business. Monkey business! He bangs some girl in a hotel room. Afterwards, she tells him that Halloween allows you to be who you really are. He says last Halloween he was a monster.

The Council 

Queenie wakes up and Delphine tells her she doesn’t know how to thank her for saving her life. Queenie is sure Delphine will think of something.

The Council arrives and Cordelia runs her damn mouth way too much. She starts talking about Queenie’s assault, which they knew nothing about. Then she starts talking about going to see Marie, which they knew nothing about. Fiona walks in and tells Cordelia to have a damn seat and stop talking.

American Horror Story Fearful Pranks Ensue

Fiona greats the Council: Myrtle Snow, Quenten, and Pembroke and we learned they were called by Nan because Nan can’t hear Madison anymore.

Everyone is questioned. The Council (mainly Myrtle) wants to know if Madison had been developing new powers. Nan tells them yes. And then they want to know who else knew about that.

USDA – A Stands For Assassin

Cordelia’s husband – who supposedly works for the USDA –  is eating soup with his lover. She admits that she is really starting to have feelings for him. He shoots her in the head.

Council Accusations

Myrtle questions why Fiona came back now. She’s been a pretty shitty Supreme, apparently. Not really doing her duties. This is the second time a witch went missing when Fiona was on the premises. In 1971, she was questioned by the council when Anna Lee went missing. Fiona, then, made everyone think Anna Lee had gone to see Marie Laveau.

When Fiona is announced Supreme elect, Myrtle tells another girl that she enchanted Spaulding’s tongue so that he cannot tell a lie. She does this right before he is due to be questioned by the Council about Anna Lee’s disappearance. Later that night, Spaulding is found in the bathroom with his tongue cut out.

In present day, Myrtle calls Spaulding to testify and tells him he can write down the name of the witch responsible for severing his tongue. He accuses Myrtle and she loses her shit. Via flashback, we see that he’d overheard Myrtle saying she’d enchanted his tongue. He confessed his love to Fiona and then cut out his own tongue.

Myrtle loses her shit. When she accuses Fiona of murdering Madison, Cordelia tells them that there’s no way Madison could be the next Supreme because she had a secret heart condition. Fiona is stunned.

The Walking Dead

Marie is doing her voodoo again and this time she is raising a shitload of zombies.

Nan is trying to convince Queenie and Zoe that Madison is dead. Zoe thinks they should be out looking for her, but Nan warns that Fiona told them to stay inside.

Spaulding is playing music and getting dressed up in women’s clothing. Tea party time! This time, the guest of honor is Dead Madison.

Cordelia and Fiona are at a bar. Delia wants to know why Fiona hates her husband, Hank. Fiona says it’s because he is full of shit and she doesn’t understand why Delia can’t see it. She also denies killing Madison. Delia skirts the question when Fiona asks who she thinks is the next Supreme. Delia throws up in the bathroom and after she washes her hands, a woman in black throws acid in her face.

American Horror Story Coven

At the school, the boy next door brings over treats for Nan. When the bell rings again, Delphine is greeted by three zombies and she realizes they are her daughters. She drops the bowl of candy and slams the door while zombies approach the house.

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