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American Horror Story Coven – S3E8 – The Sacred Taking

Previously on American Horror Story Coven, ‘The Dead’

War is Coming

Queenie is wandering around under an overpass with homeless people. One of them threatens to beat her with a hammer and rape her in every hole. *gulp* She does that thing she does and takes him down with a spiked 2-by-4. Madison and Zoe show up from absolutely nowhere and want to know what the hell she’s doing. Voodoo, apparently. She tells them they were never her friends and she’s found a new family now. Madison points out that they may have been mean to her, but Fiona slit her damn throat and you don’t see her jumping ship. Good point, Madison. Good point. Zoe tries to tell Queenie that a new Supreme is rising, but she accuses Zoe of being swayed by Fiona’s bullshit. Then she stabs the man who was going to attack her and rips out his heart with her bare hands. Marie needs it for a special recipe. Welp. Looks like she has really chosen her side.


Bad Mamas

Fiona has cancer cells along her spine. She’s in a lot of pain, feeling the pain of everyone she has ever hurt. Delia reacts harshly when Fiona tells her she’s dying. While in bed with The Axeman, he asks her to run away with him to spend the last month she has left with him. But she doesn’t him to watch her decay. She knows her cancer is spreading so quickly because one of the little “peckerheads” is coming into her own. She just needs to figure out which one it is.

Meanwhile, Luke’s mama is fucking batshit insane. She tends to Luke’s wound and then prepares an enema of household cleaners and orders him to take off his pants. He complies, gets in the tub, and prepares to flush out his evil ass. Ugh.

Nan can hear Luke’s cries, but Delia tells her to have a damn seat. Literally. Their coven is a hot ass mess and they don’t have time for Luke’s shit. No pun intended. Delia says it’s too tough about Queenie, but they have to get prepared to take Fiona out. That means Madison needs to stay out of sight so Fiona doesn’t know she’s back.

Zoe answers the door to find Misty Day freaking.the.fuck.out. Someone is after her and her friend. Through a flashback, we see that Myrtle Snow awakened from her dirt nap to tell Misty that there was a man circling her cabin with a gun. The man enters with a shotgun, but they escaped and hid in the swamp through the night. Delia comes into the hall and when she touches Misty, she sees how Misty was burned at the stake. She offers her sanctuary at the school. They head to the greenhouse where Delia is reunited with Myrtle, who has her full head of red hair back. Myrtle declares Misty their next Supreme.

Suicide Mission

Zach is doing Disney lessons on the laptop to learn how to read, talk, and stuff. Madison wonders why he can’t just watch porn and jerk off while they’re downstairs plotting Fiona’s death.

They all dress up in fancy dresses and veils to perform The Sacred Taking. It will ensure the survival of the coven. After the ritual is performed, Fiona needs to kill herself to bring forth the new Supreme and Delia has a plan to make sure Fiona does.

American Horror Story Coven

While Fiona is losing her hair and her insides in the bathroom, she hears music in her bedroom and finds Madison dancing in her bedroom. She taunts Fiona, telling her that it’s time for her go so she can be the new Supreme. Everyone knows what Fiona did and they will be ready to burn her at the stake unless Fiona ends her own suffering first.


Fiona starts packing when Myrtle shows up. She claims to have been resurrected by Madison, the new Supreme. Fiona is ready to take her ball and go home, off to die on an island with the man who loves her, but Myrtle tells her that she will get too weak, too sick for him to stay with her and Fiona imagines just that: The Axeman abandons her on her death bed.

While the teen witches wait for Fiona to off herself, Nan asks if they think she can be the new Supreme. Um, no. She stomps off to see Luke, while Hank watches from his car. She finds Luke bound and gagged in a closet.

Fiona goes out in true “I did it MY WAY” fashion by getting all dolled up before taking a bunch of pills. Myrtle assists and then snatches some of Fiona’s jewelry before heading downstairs.

Then Spaulding appears and tells her to wake the fuck up.

The Watcher

Spaulding belongs to a long line of Watcher and now that he has passed on, with a tongue, he tells her EVERYTHING. Then makes her take a spoonful of something to vomit up the pills.

Queenie brings Delphine a Jumping Jack with Cheese. They don’t feed her, all they do is bleed her for Marie’s poultice. Delphine asks Queenie to let her out, just for a bit, to stretch her legs. Queenie is feeling bad, but Marie LaVeau interrupts and chastises Queenie.

Delphine jumps so bad and tells Marie to shut her mouth and to bring her a clean glass. She’s not afraid of Marie. She doesn’t want to be in a world where a darkie is running things anyway. She’ll be dug up in another 150 years and hopefully the world will be back to the natural order. She refuses to give Marie any satisfaction. So, Marie cuts off Delphine’s arm. And says she was right. It barely gave her any satisfaction.

The Sacred Taking Marie

Luke’s mom calls the cops on him and Nan, but she’s shot by Hank. Nan is targeted next, and Luke gets knocked out pushing her to the floor.

The Witch Ain’t Dead

While Myrtle and the others wait to see who the new Supreme is, Fiona struts in and shocks the shit out of all them. She wants to meet The Swamp Witch. Nan comes in upset over Luke.

Fiona takes Misty next door, uses her powers to get the police back off, and then tells Misty to use her powers to bring Luke’s mother back. Zoe is leading Delia next door when Delia gets a feeling. She picks up one of the bullets and gets a vision. But she doesn’t see Hank firing the bullet. Meanwhile, Misty resurrects Joan, Luke’s mom and Fiona rolls her eyes.

Zoe goes to talk to Kyle and he tells her that he loves her. She loves him, too. They hug, and from the shadows, Madison cries.

The next morning, Delia expects Fiona to be angry, but she tells her that she’s proud of her. And that she admires the witches for having some balls, finally. Fiona touches the bullet that Delia found and realizes it’s blessed and that means one thing: witch hunters. Delia says she’s happy that Fiona is still with them because now they’ll need her more than ever.

Delia and Fiona

The doorbell rings and Fiona brings in a strange box left on the doorstep. She bring it in and finds Delphine’s head.


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