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5 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episode 167: AHS Freak Show S4E9 ‘Tupperware Party Massacre’

  1. Oh god, the discussion on “missing” lolololol

  2. I’m so glad I found this podcast. So far, I’m pretty disappointed in what we’re getting in the 2nd half of the season. The characters have been pretty consistent, but I’m nowhere near as invested in them as I was with the characters in MH and Asylum. The first two seasons were so full of mystery and suspense that I anticipated the next episode. Coven dropped that ball and FS is following suit, though this season is less messy than S3. What we’re being propelled towards isn’t all that interesting either which was Coven’s problem too. There’s been so much foreshadowing that nothing comes as a surprise. The freak show has been falling apart from the jump, so…ok? By episode 9 of MH and Asylum there were still so many great wtf’s that I had no idea where it was going to end. Not one thing has been surprising this season, from the deaths to Jimmy’s alcoholism. And speaking of Jimmy, there’s something weird about Evan’s acting this season. He’s not a bad actor at all and I think his performance as Tate (the original young psycho of the series) proves he has the chops. Even after 9 episodes of Dandy, I still find Tate to be the scariest of the two psychopaths. So I don’t agree that Finn is a MUCH better actor, but just the better of the two this season. I’m just hoping FS starts pulling some quality surprises and connections for those loose ends.

    • I need to go back and watch season 1. For me, I don’t feel like Evan Peters has done anything that really sticks out. At least for now, I feel like next year I’d remember the great scene when Dandy finally accepts who is or how quickly he flips his switch in a scene. But with Evan Peters, I have to say things like, “I need to go back and watch…” He was great in that scene with Dell in the alley.

      • Yea, that alley scene was pretty damn good. The majority of his drunk acting tho feels real amateurish. Sloppy drunk or not, someone should’ve told him to fall back a lotta bit on the hyperbolic drunkenness. Dandy is definitely the standout of the season not only because Finn is doing an amazing job and obviously having fun, but he’s the most compelling character with an arc that seems to be going places. I really hope he comes back next season.
        But, I remembered how good Evan was as Tate because I rewatched MH a couple of weeks ago and that’s when I noticed how off his performance in FS is. Tate’s a really well developed character, but it’s Evan’s insidious performance that pushes the character straight into villain territory. One second Tate’s emotions seem really authentic, the next it’s apparent that he’s totally devoid of empathy and it’s all a calculated act. Those moments were done in a subtle yet stark way and that’s what sticks out too me.
        I say that if Evan comes back next season maybe he needs to be in a villain role again. Though I did like Kit Walkah lol.

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