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Antebellum Marvel: The Amazing Spider-Man #530

Previously in Spider-Man #529

I’m traveling the road to Civil War with Marvel so I can be caught up by the time this storyline hits the big screen. Please do not comment with spoilers if you’re familiar with this particular story arc, but you are welcome to provide non-spoiler answers to any questions I may ask in the review.

The Amazing Spider-Man #530 Cover

  • Issue: The Amazing Spider-Man #530
  • Title: Mr. Parker Goes to Washington – Part 2 of 3
  • Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
  • Penciler: Tyler Kirkham
  • Inker: Jay Leisten
  • Colorist: John Starr

Tony and Peter

Who’s In It:

Tony Stark, Peter Parker, The Titanium

What Happens:

Tony presents Peter with yet another new suit and this one is super tricked out: Peter can wear it under his clothes and just THINK about it in order for it to appear. He can also change between his new Iron Man-like suit, the original suit, and the Venom suit.

Peter's New Suits

Aboard Tony’s private jet, he finally reveals to Peter why they’re headed to Washington: the proposed superhuman registration act, which would require superhuman to register their true identities in a government database. When they appear before Senator Whitmore, he brings up the fact that superhuman have caused $200 billion in damage. Tony counters with the number of instances in which superhumans have saved North America (47), and considering the defense budget for one year alone is $419 billion, Tony feels like the government is getting off cheap.

Peter points out that to have superhuman’s exposed would bring great danger to their loved ones. Bad guys are bad guys 24/7. Superheroes are only superheroes when they need to be. The rest of the time they try to be normal people and live normal lives. Peter eventually speaks a little too much power to truth and ends up proving one of Whitmore’s points. Stark pitches one last compelling argument: If you make it illegal for superhumans to remain unregistered, you automatically turn heroes and patriots into criminals… into bad guys. Whitmore takes this as a threat because he’s a douche.

Senate Hearing

While this is going on, the duo is being watched by a robot-like figure who is just waiting for the all clear to shoot his target. Peter finally stops ignoring his Spidey Senses and saves Tony just in time. While Tony runs to his suit (and safety), Peter automatically suits up (yay for upgrades!) and takes on The Titanium Man himself.

Peter vs Titanium Man

Score | 8.5/10Points of Note: 
  • Early in the issue, Peter asks where Tony was late at night and Tony refers to a special meeting – a long-term planning session. There’s an editor’s note to read The New Avengers Illuminati Special for insight into this highly classified meeting. From the small photo included I think I spotted Doctor Strange and a guy with something on his mask that reminded me of the tuning fork on Lockjaw’s head. An Inhuman, maybe?
  • When Tony mentions some non-specific other options if the SRA passes, the editors of the issue do some breaking of the fourth wall to argue amongst themselves about Tony’s methods and the possible demise of the Marvel universe. They’re taking this whole civil war business seriously.
  • As Peter is pleading for the privacy (and safety) of the superheroes an their loved ones, there’s a great panel that shows how both Daredevil and Hulk got their powers. It’s a reminder that accidents outside of their control changed them and they’re doing the best they can – to help others – without being asked.
  • I am digging the tricked out Spidey suit.
  • Not really much to go on here. I have no idea who would have sent The Titanium Man after Tony Stark – he does point out the person in the suit has a Russian accent. The fact that he said he was ordered to only kill Tony and to try and avoid collateral damage suggest the person isn’t that bad. Kinda. Right?
  • I’m still thinking that Captain America may side with the government (being a government guy) and hence the civil war.

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