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Any News on The Walking Dead is Good News

The third season of The Walking Dead just finished, and already we’re hearing some good things about the fourth season, which starts in October. is reporting that Chad L. Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green, who play brother-sister team Tyreese and Sasha, have been upgraded to series regulars for next season. You know what that means? We’ll get plenty more screen time of those two, and I’m all for it; if Tyreese can finally learn to shoot, he should be able to level up to somewhere near as badass as Merle (without the assholishness and racism that Michael Rooker so devilishly oozed out of the character), and Sasha should be able to aptly replace Andrea, without being anywhere near as annoyingly useless.

The Walking Dead Season 4


Also reported is that Emily Kinney, who plays Hershel’s oft-forgotten daughter Beth, has been upgraded to series regular. That’s great, too; hopefully it’ll mean we get to hear more of her singing.

Elsewhere in TWD news, AMC announced that a new line of The Walking Dead action figures is now available. This is the third series of TWD action figures from McFarlane Toys and includes five new figures: Michonne, Merle, Autopsy Zombie, and Michonne’s two pets. Now, if you’ve collected any action figures for the past 20 years, then you know McFarlane Toys is the premier manufacturer of collectible figurines such as these, and their The Walking Dead figures are no exception to that. These things are awesome.

The Walking Dead Merle Doll

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