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Arrow – S2E11 – Blind Spot

Previously, on Arrow: “Blast Radius

Does Starling City have any well-lit public buildings? The infrastructure in this city is terrible, no wonder everyone turns to a life of crime. I digress. Sebastian Blood comes by the Mental Hospital to ask his aunt/mother what she told Laurel. He leaves and she receives a visit from his masked alter ego.

Oliver confronts some skeezy guy in a factory. He asks him whether he knows anything about the whereabouts of the guy in the skull mask, as Felicity listens in with a polygraph. He knows nothing, just like all of the other people that Oliver has terrorized of late.

Island Oliver is terribly whiny, how on earth did he get so many cool ladies to fall for him? Hanging out in the downed plane, Sara suggests that maybe they should take up Ivo’s deal and get the hell off the island. This goes down about as well as you’d think with a guy who has just had his girlfriend murdered.

Laurel is at work casually popping pills when she gets a call informing her that Blood’s mom has died. She tries to get the DA to do something, but he rightly tells her how crazy she sounds. She’s on her own on this one.

Oliver goes to meet up with Roy to question him, as subtly as he is able, to try to see if he’s been affected by the injection. It’s really hard to tell if Roy is being affected or if he’s just at his normal jerk levels.

Laurel arranges a meeting with the Vigilante. She tells him that he should look into Blood. Oliver tells the others about her suspicions. Hitting the nail on the head as usual, Felicity deadpans, “His last name is Blood; that can’t be a good thing.”

Roy goes to meet up with Sin. He casually punches through a wall to demonstrate his new found super strength. He tells her that he wants to start up his own vigilante business.

The Vigilante swings by Laurel’s to get her help. They head off to steal the file on Blood’s dad’s murder.

Back on the island Sara and Oliver are bonding by firelight, chatting about old times. When Oliver goes to sleep Sara grabs the radio and sneaks away.

Oliver and Laurel sneak into the file room as Felicity blocks out the cameras. Unfortunately for them, the security guards in this place actually know how to do their job, unlike all other city employees. The cameras get turned back on and cops arrive. They get out of there just in time, only to find the file empty.

Sin drops by the club to talk to Roy. She’s done some digging and found a possible dirt bag to go after. They decide to try to lure the guy out by pretending Sin’s a prostitute, so of course, she needs to borrow some clothes from Thea.

Sin is walking the streets dressed in a sequined shirt and tie, as prostitutes do. She immediately gets picked up by just the serial killer they were looking for. He pulls out a knife but Roy rips him out of the car and beats him to a bloody pulp. Sin tries to stop him but he hits her out of the way.

Arrow | Blood and Slade.

Slade is not happy with Blood killing his mother. He’s not a fan of sloppy work. He tells Blood to deal with the annoyance that is Laurel Lance.

Laurel comes home to find her place torn apart. The dirty cop that works for Sebastian is there to arrest her. Who would have guessed that a pill addiction could come back to hurt her!

Arrow | Laurel

Her dad comes to visit Laurel in lock up. She begs him to believe her about Blood, but given that she actually is guilty of popping pills, he finds it hard to trust her about other stuff.

Sara radios in to Ivo. He tells her that he was never going to hurt her, only Shado. This does not comfort her very much. He begs her to come back to save him from himself.

Roy and Sin take the serial killer to the hospital. The doctor says that he may live. Thea arrives to check on him, but Roy storms out of there to go cry in a corner alone.

Oliver takes Laurel home to her smashed up apartment. He goes to get a glass of water, and when he returns the guy in the skull mask knocks him out and takes Laurel. Oliver heads to the Starling Cannery to find her.

He gets into a fistfight with the guy in the mask, and stabs him in the leg with an arrow. Oliver is about to get shot when Laurel shoots the guy. They pull off the mask, but surprise surprise, it’s not Sebastian, it’s his cop friend!

Laurel’s boss swings by the station to fire her. Is there not a better time to fire someone than immediately following a kidnapping attempt and her shooting a guy?

Everything is talking as if there is no way that more than one person could have been behind that mask. Seriously guys, you have literally pulled the same trick with Diggle before!

Oliver visits Roy and Thea at the club. She tells him about Roy beating that guy half to death. Oliver goes to meet up with Roy as the Vigilante. He warns him that being exposed to the serum can have the side effect of making him batshit crazy, but that he is willing to train him to control it. This can only mean one thing: shirtless training montages! A girl can dream.


Deathstroke has returned.

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