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Arrow – S2E12 – Tremors

Previously on Arrow, ‘Blind Spot’

A man who held up a convenience store across the street from a police station (duh!) in being taken into custody. He sets off the metal detector, put claims it’s just his fake knee. After an old-school pat down, an officer takes him to his cell. There, he tells his cellmate that he needs to go to a specific rooftop at midnight. Then he proceeds to pull blades from under his skin! Yikes! There has to be easier ways to smuggle in four blades and brass knuckles, right?

Arrow S2E12 Bronze Tiger

Arrow tries to help Roy now that he’s all juiced up and tells him about his friend who was also injected with the super serum. He had to put him down so, act accordingly, Roy.

Flashback to the island and Oliver and Sarah are trying to find Slade. She is still warning him against telling Slade the truth. “Nothing good can come from telling him you’re responsible for the death of the woman he loved.” Listen to the woman, Oliver! They track down Slade before he can blow up the ship, which is their only chance off the island. He’s hellbent on revenge, though. Oliver tells him Shado loved him and if he does it, she’ll have died for nothing. More lies! But it works.

Oliver’s mommy has a date. Turns out, it’s not a date. Her ex and some dude want her to run against Blood. Huh? Thea convinces her that she needs to try to save the city she almost destroyed. I’m thinking the voters might remember the whole “tried to kill the city” part. But whatever. She decides to run, but tells her ex they have to be careful because there’s a doctor out there who knows that Thea is Malcolm’s daughter. Here’s a tip: People with paternity drama should not run for office!

Laurel’s father reaches out and wants to take her to dinner, but tricks her into going to an AA meeting. Or maybe it’s NA. She ain’t about that life and leaves. Then, because things will always get worse before they get better, Laurel learns that she’s getting disbarred. So she goes out drinking and makes a hot ass mess of herself at the club. Thea calls a cab for her and Oliver makes a mysterious phone call to someone stating that Laurel is in trouble.

Bronze Tiger’s great escape was so that he could steal something that could “kill thousands of people” for some shady guy. First, he steals blueprints of Malcolm Merlon’s house so that’s where Arrow and Roy go – naturally.  Tiger gets away with the prototype for the earthquake machine, but Oliver gets away with one of the thug’s watch. Fingerprints!


Arrow S2E12 Tremors Roy and Oliver

Felicity figures out who the baddie is, and Oliver learns where his ship is docked. Probably at the docks. Arrow and Roy save the day, but in the midst of it all, Roy learns of Arrow’s true identity. Felicity and Diggle welcome Roy to Team Arrow!

Back in jail, Bronze Tiger is approached by a mysterious woman: Amanda Waller. She’s putting together a squad. Awww shit!

Laurel stumbles her drunk ass into her apartment, falls to the floor, and sees Sarah standing over her. Now we know who Oliver called!


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