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Arrow – S2E13 – Heir to the Demon

Previously, on Arrow: “Tremors

Arrow | Nyssa

This week’s Arrow starts off at the airport, where a mysterious (but of course very good looking) woman has just arrived in Starling City. Her passport sets off an alarm so she proceeds to beat the living crap out of all of the security guards.

Moira is at Queen consolidated getting coached on her mayoral campaign by none other than the The X-Files’ very own Alex Krycek. How does anyone think that it’s a good idea for someone who helped murder hundreds of people to run for office? Felicity pulls Walter aside to tell him that someone’s been using Moira’s secret evil money account, Tempest.

Oliver gets a call on his cell and rushes to see Laurel in the hospital. Her parents think that she over dosed, but she says that she’s clean. Laurel tells her dad that she saw Sara, and like the less-than-great father that he is, he tells her that she’s crazy.

Sara is in a sports bra doing Oliver’s climbing chin up trick. Damn guuuuurl! She is about to leave town but Oliver tells her stick around.

Non-island flashback time! It’s the happy family Lance, back before the boat crash! The sun is shining, birds are singing, and this has to be the most that any of them have ever smiled on this show.

Arrow | Kiss

Sara strolling downtown when she is attacked by the woman from the airport. Well, by her lips anyway. This is quite a shock to the watching Oliver (and the rest of us!) It’s Nyssa, daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul.

Arrow Nyssa Al Ghul

Felicity goes to visit Moira about the transaction on the Tempest account. Smart woman that she is, she’s put together Thea’s patronage. Moira tells Felicity that she can’t tell Oliver or he’ll hate the both of them.

Sara and Nyssa have a loaded conversation about love and duty and all that jazz. Sara tells Nyssa to do what she has to do.

Arrow | Hammer

Oliver is trying out some new shirtless training technique where he hits a tire with a hammer. You can tell that Felicity’s really cut up about keeping Moira’s secret because she’s not even ogling Oliver at all. Diggle comes back with Laurel’s blood report. No drugs, but there was snake venom in her blood.

Nyssa kidnaps Laurel and Sara’s mom from the hospital. Oliver and Sara chase after them on his motorbike but they get away, much to Sara’s displeasure.

Arrow Heir to the Demon

Sara casually comes out to her dad as she tells him about her mom’s kidnapping. You would think he would be used to getting surprises from his secretly not-dead assassin daughter.

Sara and her dad have nice chat as they wait for Oliver to lure Nyssa’s men to them. They beat them into submission but before the gang can get any answers they take suicide pills. Now that’s devotion to the cause.

At Moira’s launch party, Oliver pulls Felicity aside to ask her why she’s acting weird(er than normal). She tells him the truth about Thea, just before he has to stand up and endorse his mother. He has a little trouble in the start, but rallies and supports her at the end.

Detective Lance and Sara go to the building where Dinah Lance is being held. Lance grabs Dinah as Sara collapses. She drank a vial of the snake venom. Oliver attacks Nyssa, and gets her into a headlock. Sara struggles to her feet and tells Oliver not to kill her. He lets Nyssa go, and manages to administer an antidote to Sara just in time. Nyssa releases her from the league and disappears into the night.

Nyssa Al Ghul

Oliver goes to see his mom to give her a piece of his mind. He tells her that she is now his mother in name only.

Laurel is not reacting well to Sara’s return. She tells her to get out and throws a glass at her as she shuts the door. We flash back Laurel getting the news of the boat sinking.

Slade tells Blood that he’ll “take care” of Moira’s candidacy. That can’t be good.

Sara comes to see Oliver in in his lair. She tells him that she’s sticking around, which of course leads to a make out session.

Arrow | Make out

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