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Arrow – S2E14 – Time of Death

Previously, on Arrow: “Heir to the Demon

The episode opens in an office building, where two men are breaking in, assisted by a puppet master with a very good grasp of timing. They steal something science-y out of a briefcase, and go to get the frak out of there. Unfortunately, they don’t stick exactly to their boss’ specifications and accidentally alert security to their presence. They get chased out of the building but manage to escape into a crowd using their talent for quick costume changes.

Sara, Diggle, and Oliver are training with fighting poles, shirtless of course. Eye candy for everyone! They start to compare war wounds, leaving Felicity with not much to contribute. Oliver is holding a welcome home party for Sara. Will that boy never learn?

Arrow | Wisdom teeth.Arrow | Still cute.Gifs source: Official Arrow Tumblr.

Back on the island, Oliver, Slade and Sara are trying to figure out how to get off of it. They hear a plane flying overhead, and rush to get its attention. As this is the island where nothing good ever happens, the plane is shot down in front of them.

The two robbers bring the thing they stole to their boss. You can tell that he’s a bad guy by how quickly he switches between calmly quoting Tolstoy, and viciously stabbing the guy to death with a clock hand.

The Lances arrive at Oliver’s party, sans Laurel. Sin doesn’t do a great job of pretending not to know Sara, but it’s only in front of Roy and Thea, and when have they ever picked up on anything.

Detective Lance gets called in to a murder scene, and Oliver and Sara show up not long after. Turns out that what was stolen was a skeleton key to break into any vault.

Detective Lance heads over to see Laurel. He tells her that if she comes and pretends to be part of a happy family, he might be able to get back with her mum. Before he can finish with his blatant emotional manipulation, he gets called in to a bank robbery.

Oliver and Sara go to intercept the robbery, but the terribly named Clock King hacks into their communication. He tells them that they can either chase the bad guys or go and save a bus from being hit by a train. Classic super villain move. Luckily, he doesn’t know that there are two of them. Oliver stops the bus in the nick of time, but Sara isn’t able to stop the bank robbers from getting away.

Arrow | Clock King

It turns out Sara is not just good at kickin’ ass and looking pretty. She’s also pretty good at analysing blood samples. They figure out that the Clock King is a guy legitimately called Tockman, and go to find him. It’s a trap, and he hacks into their computer system and causes it to explode! I feel like the Arrow writers’ knowledge of hacking comes purely from watching movies from the 80s. In any case, Felicity is not having a good day.

Sara invites Oliver to the Lance family dinner. This can’t end well. Laurel, smart chicken that she is, quickly deduces that Sara and Oliver are back at it, and storms out of there.

Arrow | Dinner

On the island, Sara is comforting the dying pilot as the boys rush to get a first aid kit. He tells her about his daughter, and asks her to take care of her. Is there any way that this isn’t Sin?

Felicity is at the bank laying the trap for the Clock King. The others arrive just before the bad guys do. Felicity gets shot in the arm pushing Sara out the way of a bullet, and then saves the day by hacking into the Clock King’s phone and making it explode. Seriously? (Any one else really feeling the Sara/Felicity ship right now? Don’t kill me Olicity fans, a gal can multiship!)

Thea gave Sara a job as a bartender. Probably not the best job for a vigilante who has to disappear at night an awful lot without any notice. Laurel swings by the club for some sisterly bonding.

Sin comes by afterwards to check on Sara. Back on the island Sara looks at the picture of the now dead pilot’s daughter. It’s Sin, called it!

Oliver heads home to meet Thea, but instead runs into his mother, who is meeting with Slade. This is one supposedly dead person that Oliver is not so happy to see alive and walking about.

Gif source: Tumblr.

Gif source: Tumblr.

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